Hi! I'm Sinéad. I'm 23 and I've recently graduated as a secondary school teacher! I live in a rural village in the beautiful west of Ireland with my family and my little pooch Nicky, who you'll be seeing a lot of on here as he is the most photogenic creature walking the earth. I'm you're average early twenty year old woman who has no idea how to do adulting but is giving it a good old try and figuring things out on the way.

I started this blog in June 2013. I don't remember deciding on the name 'Dreaming Again' but I think it is apt for what my blog has become. Like a dream, it is a place I come to in order to escape the real world. To lust over pretty things, to express my opinions on different topics, to share lessons and experiences, to make all kinds of lists, to reflect on the past, appreciate the present and to dream about the future.

I want to document the crazy, unpredictable, terrifying and wonderful years that are my 20s.

I hope you like it here as much as I do.

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Almera Baynos said...

Nice title for your blog and love your pictures (nice photography). All the best for your blog :)

Almera |

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