"Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel"

Oh Pinterest, you have an amazing ability to verbalise my thoughts. This quote pretty much sums up my life these past couple of weeks. I have been so indecisive, constantly torn between my heart and my head and finding myself doing something I've never done before - writing pros and cons lists, numerous times and they haven't really helped any time. There is annoyingly an even number of pros and cons. Every time I think of a pro I immediately think of a con, and vice versa. 

How does one make decisions when the mind is so muddled?

One of the main cons is 'What would everyone think?' This is the main thing holding me back and I am so angry with myself for worrying about this because I was really getting over having a mindframe that worries about what people think, which I mentioned in this post. I just know that so many people would judge me and think I am crazy because I already know their thoughts on it.
But the heart wants what the heart wants, that's what they say right? and I can't help but feel in my gut that if I did go somewhere with this it could be amazing and I could be really happy. But then there are so many reasons why it wouldn't work. Ugh.

I know I'm being very cryptic but I hope you guys know what I mean and can empatise with my dilemma and what is going on in my mind/heart.  I'm not entirely sure why I am writing this blog post, it's not very beneficial to anyone, I have no lesson or advice. These are just some feelings and I do love to write about my feelings on here.

Please do let me know if you understand what I am talking about. Do you have any advice for me? Should I go with my gut or listen to logic?

Sinéad x

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