This sounds like a very harsh title but bear with me - it's not! What I mean is no one apart from your family and very close friends really care about what you're doing. 

For the longest time I have been so worried about what other people think about me. Sometimes, people I rarely speak to or random Facebook 'friends'. I would think carefully about everything I post to Facebook in fear of what others might think. 

I used to be so worried about what old school friends might think about what I've been doing with my life since we left school, what I'm working at, who I'm dating etc. 

Nearly every decision I made in life was somewhat influenced by how it would look to other people, would they judge me for it? Would they be talking about me and my decisions? I cared far too much about what these people, people I didn't even really care about, would think. 

Then on one faithful day I was watching Doireann Garrihy's snapchats (add her @doireanngarrihy) she's a radio host and literally the funniest gal I know, such a down to earth babe. She was talking about a piece of advice that her father gave to her when she was worried about what people would think about her. He said, I'm paraphrasing - 'Love, no one gives a feck about ya, they're too busy thinking about themselves'

That clicked with me - it's so true! No one really does care about what you are doing, yeah maybe they will think about it for a fraction of a second and pass their judgement, but then they will carry on with their own life and their own business and probably worry about what people are thinking of them. It's silly really.

So here's to doing whatever the hell we like and being confident in our own decisions and situations because once you're happy and not hurting anyone, then what else matters really?

Sinéad x

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