Simple ways to feel beautiful

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within"

Looking and feeling good is something that has always been important to me. I know that sounds a little vein but I'm just your typical girl who loves make-up, nice clothes and all the things that make you feel great about yourself. Being nicely 'put together' just makes me feel so much more confident in myself and there ain't nothing wrong with that! 

Living a busy life where I have to work for 9 hours most days can make it a little bit more challenging to keep myself looking and feeling great on a day to day basis. If I didn't put in the effort I would most likely feel like a tired old slob and that's never good! So I have created a list of the simple things I do to help me feel more radiant, alive, confident and beautiful on the inside and out.

Invest in a nice perfume

If like me, you spend most of your time in a uniform for work or school a good perfume is essential! Since you can't wear nice clothes having a pretty scent will instantly make you feel a bit more glam. Find a good one that you truly love and save up for it. Some of the best ones are super expensive but I honestly think they are worth the feeling and confidence boost they give. This time of the year is perfect to buy one as a lot of the Christmas gift sets are on sale! Right now I am loving this Jimmy Choo one.

Look after your nails

Your nails are one thing that are constantly in your sight so if they look yucky chances are you're gonna feel kinda yucky. I have the worst nails, they don't grow a millimetre without breaking! I just try to keep them filed and clean. When I wear nail varnish I redo it as soon as it chips...there is nothing more annoying than chipped nail varnish! For special occasions where I want to feel a little bit more feminine I love a good falsie, these Elegant Touch french manicure ones are my go-to's.

Dry shampoo to the rescue

I've only recently started using dry shampoo but it has become a life saver. There is nothing that makes you feel more shitty than having greasy hair and not having time to wash it. A little spritz of this and some sprucing up really helps me feel a little less manky.

Have some 'me time' 

I really think it is so important to put some time in the day aside to spend on yourself. This might be harder for those of you who have children but if you could manage just a half an hour it would be great! It can be anything from working out, reading a book or cooking something just for you. I feel like doing something for you makes you feel a little more important and pampered which really helps me feel more confident in myself.

Treat yourself to something luxurious

Every now and then I like to treat myself to something nice. Whether it be a fancy new mascara some expensive skin care or that designer bag I've been lusting after for ages. Why not splash out occasionally on something that makes you feel great?! You may feel guilty about the price of some luxury items but once in a while is no harm and the joy it brings you is probably worth it!

Wake up at least an hour before leaving 

This is one I struggle to do more than the others because I love my bed so much! But there is nothing that makes you feel as crappy as going in to work half asleep and unsatisfied from rushing a breakfast. You feel so much better if you're fully awake and energised before you start the day.

Smile more

Yes I know this is cheesy but we all know that there is nothing more beautiful than a smile. People love happy people and if you are always smiling people will look at you and think you are beautiful! More importantly, spreading smiles and positivity will make you feel more radiant and beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside too.

There are no doubt numerous more things I do to feel more beautiful but they are just a few that spring to mind. I hope this post inspires you to put a little pep in your step if you need it! I know it's so easy to get stuck in a rut where the only time you put in an effort is for a night out or a special occasion but for me, it's so important to feel confident in myself on a day to day basis! I would love to hear in the comments some simple things you do to increase your confidence every day? 


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