My Week in Square Photos | Jan 09-15

Week 2 of 2017 is done and dusted. It was a slow easy going one for me, as I was off work all week. I didn't do anything too exciting but it was nice to just take things at my own pace, and have a little freedom. Days off call for breakfast in bed, so the above picture was a regular scene this week. I ate this in my lovely warm bed while the snow fell outside, so much better than having to face out in to the freezing cold when it's still dark! I am so going to miss these days off next week!
I was totally in love with this new shirt I got in Dorothy Perkins so I uploaded not 1, but 2 selfies of it! #noshame. I haven't worn shirts in an age though so I felt kinda sophisticated hehe. They all seem to be so long but this one is the perfect length, I love it! 

I was also trying out my new foundation this week, the Estee Lauder Double-wear. I heard such great things about it and it really is pretty great, flawless and so long lasting!
One of the great things about being off work is having more time to plan my outfits and even take a flat-lay of it haha. Really trying to up my Instagram game as you can see. I don't usually wear pink but I'm obsessed with this knit, from Dorothy Perkins (that shop is killin' it for me!) once again.

Another selfie, what is going on?! I guess that new foundation made me a whole lot more confident haha. This is me all wrapped up for the first snow day of the season, when I say snow day - it didn't even whiten the ground, but was baltic. Those layers were so necessary.
Friday evening prep for a fun weekend. This Make-Up Revolution palette is my absolute go-to because it has all the colours I would ever need! You can't get in the mood for the weekend without a little bit of highlight for #datglow and pumping out some LittleMix. Anyone else love those girls?

A little selection of some books I want to read. Well, I have just finished 'The Sky is Everywhere'  (review coming soon!) and I have read 'The Fault in Our Stars' when I got it first but the rest are on my to-read list! Have you read any of these?
On Saturday, the boyfriend and I went on a little road trip into the 'wild west' haha. Seriously though, I love taking a trip in to Connemara, I didn't get any pictures to do it justice as I was being in the moment. But it is stunning, with tall mountains looming over gorgeous lakes. Nothing but rushes and stone walls. We went for miles without seeing a house, it was the perfect escape.

On our way home we stopped off in one of the towns along the coast in Connemara called Spiddal. We went in to a hotel for dinner and I got the most delicious teriyaki salmon with vegetable noodle stir-fry. If I could have this every day I totally would.

So there we have it, my week through my Instagram photos. I am officially addicted to Instagram guys, there are so many accounts I adore (which I should do a post about!) and I honestly don't know how they do it. I'm so bad at establishing a theme, but whatever, I still love it! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever it is you're up to! Catch you back here on Thursday for a new post.

Sinéad x

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