Massive Holiday Haul!

27 May 2016

Hey everyone! So today I hit the shops to buy some bits for my trip to Prague next week. I probably have way too much as I'm only staying for 5 nights but shopping for trips is half the fun if you ask me! We rarely get hot weather here in Ireland in summer, the jokes goes that we just get warm rain, so I love buying some shorts and tee's for the sunshine which I'm hoping I'm going to get! keep your fingers crossed for this poor pasty Irish girl...haha. I got everything in Penneys (Primark) and New Look I actually didn't even look anywhere else as they had all I needed for super affordable Prices! I thought I would share with you the few bits I picked up. So in true blogger style, I laid everything out and took some snaps.
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Touring The Guinness Brewery | Dublin

21 May 2016

Hey everyone!
Last week the bf and I stayed in Dublin for the night to go see the Bryan Adams concert (ah-mazing!) We thought, why not be tourists in the city whilst we were there and visit the Guinness Brewery which is kinda like a museum to Guinness. It's a 7 story building with each floor dedicated to something different, like how it's made, how it was/is transported, and how it has been advertised over the years, there were lots of fun things to do like photo booths and learning how to pull the perfect Guinness, there is a craft to it y'know! There were different cool bars and restaurants with plates containing Guinness as an ingredient!

The top  floor was definitely the best. It was a glass circle with a bar in the middle. It provided a 360 view of Dublin from above.  On the glass, it had different things written. For example, when you look out towards Phoenix park it had a little excerpt about the park. It was fun to read all the things and learn a little along the way. 

Anyways I will stop rambling on now and share the pictures with you so you can get a glimps to what it's like!

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Photo Diary | When the sun shines...

19 May 2016

Hi everyone! So I don't know about where you are but the weather has been so gorgeous here lately. This happens very rarely here in Ireland, so when the sun does make an appearance we all want to make the most of it! This leads to massive depression when you have to work on such lovely days, seriously it nearly killed me! But I did have Sunday off so I headed to the beach to chill out and soak up the gorgeous atmosphere. It was like being on holidays! I took my 'big' camera along to take some shots so I thought I would share them with you all on here.

How do I get in line to do that wind-surfing (or whatever it's called) thing! It looks like so much fun doesn't it?!
Sinéad xo
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Meet Lily

15 May 2016

Hey everyone! So if you'v been following me for awhile you may remember my 'Meet Nicky' post which I shared way back in September 2014. Looking back at this post makes my heart burst because I see how much Nicky has grown and how adorable he was as a puppy. I love that little doggy so much. I thought that I have to do the same for my new little 4 month old girl chihuahua, Lily. It was my mum and dad who made the spur of the moment decision to get her (well they've been thinking about getting one for ages) and she is honestly such a sweetie, I'm so glad they were crazy enough to want another dog! haha.

At first, Nicky was so put out as he is not used to being with other dogs, seriously he was being a little pedo and trying to hump her haha. He wouldn't eat, drink or do anything he was just following her, totally fascinated. He has definitely settled down now thank God and they have so much fun chasing each other around the garden. Lily, despite being teeny tiny is not one bit shy or scared she is well able to stand up for herself when Nicky gets on her nerves. She's so nosey, sussing the whole place out, she slept without a whimper on her first night and is so friendly and playful with us all, such a confident little thing.
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10 Things I wish I was better at

13 May 2016

1 Things Starbucks baristas should be better at - spelling names!

What's the story friendies?! Hope you're all keeping well. I feel like I used to keep in regular contact with my blogger pals but in the past few months I've been SO bad. I have pledged to start trying my best to reconnect with you all again. It basically means, I need to find a way to make more time to interact with everyone. I am so busy so it's pretty tricky. When I was thinking about how I would love to improve my time management I was inspired to do a new post in my '10 Things' series. There is probably a million things I would like to be better at, I mean have any of us perfected anything? Well, actually I seen Bryan Adams sing Tuesday night and I think he may have perfected that art, one word - FLAWLESS. Haha anyways I'm totally digressing...On to the 10 things I wish I was better at...

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10 Things That Never Live Up to Expectations

1 May 2016

What's up guys?! I've decided to start a new blog series called '10 things...' This is going to be totally casual with no regular schedule, I'll just upload one when I feel inspired too! I just thought it would be a fun little way to share my thoughts on different things and have a little chat with you guys, I'm going to be keeping it nice and light hearted. I feel like my blog is missing a little bit of fun so I'm hoping this might fill the gap. I just want my personality to come a cross a tad more on my blog!

So this weekend, I had two days off and I always have such grand plans to make the most of my time off but alas, I got super lazy and did sweet damn all apart from stay in bed until noon and watch crappy tv. This is entirely my own fault but I was disappointed and grumpy and thinking of all the things I hold high expectations for that don't quiet come true 90% of the time. 

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