How I'm Getting My Blogging Mojo Back

17 Apr 2016

I have been blogging for a long time now. 2 years and 10 months to be exact. For the majority of the first 2 years I have been posting very regularly, always thinking about what to blog about next and planning upcoming posts. Blogging was at the forefront of my mind. It was something I loved oh-so much. Something that allowed me to express myself in a way that I didn't feel like I could in real life. It was awesome because people actually cared, people were listening, commenting and following me and it felt so good. I felt accepted and like I mattered and since I was in between college and working, I didn't have much else to occupy my mind so it honestly kept me sane. 

But over the past number of months blogging has been on the back burner due to a combination of reasons. Firstly, I felt like I didn't have anything to say, I felt so uninspired and like nothing I would write would be good enough or that no one would care.

 I was also looking at other blogs that were a million times better than mine and I felt like I couldn't possibly compare. I didn't have the beautiful background props, the latest high end make-up to talk about, I wasn't travelling the world, I couldn't take a good outfit post, I didn't have a rose gold iPhone and all that other stuff that it seemed like you needed in order to be a proper blogger.
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How I clean my make-up brushes

15 Apr 2016

For what feels like a life time I have been searching for a way to clean my brushes that is quick and easy and doesn't take me an hour, leave me with wrinkly hands and hating myself. I have tried so many different brush cleansers, soaps and baby shampoo but they all have been pretty rubbish in completely removing the make-up grime from my brushes, especially my foundation brush! I would rinse and rinse but the water would never run clear. It meant that I used to put off washing my brushes to avoid the frustration which is pretty unhygienic isn't it?!

Then I randomly spotted this Real Techniques deep cleansing gel in the Chemist one day. I was instantly interested because all my brushes are RT and I have yet to be disappointed by the brand so my hopes were high for this and I splashed out the €9 for it. 

Thankful Tuesday #3

12 Apr 2016

Hey everyone! I'm super sleepy right now as I write this post so excuse me if I start to ramble! I've had a long day at work, I'm usually off Mondays, but I'm off tomorrow (Tuesday) instead so that's something to look forward to! I don't have a whole lot planned for my day off. I've booked Nicky in to the vets to get micro-chipped in the morning, it's not supposed to hurt at all but he's such a sensitive soul, I've a feeling he'll be depressed for the day after it! I'll keep you posted!

So what are the little things I have been thankful for this week? 

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15 Things my bf says that shows he doesn't understand women

10 Apr 2016

My boyfriend and I have a lot in common, we have some similar interests and have good conversations. I would call him my best friend because I share so much with him. But sometimes I am reminded that he is a different species...and as they say men are from Mars, women are from Earth. 

Sometimes, he says things, or asks me things that are to me so utterly silly and I just can't understand how he doesn't get it. Things that a female bestie would never question! Some of these things make me shake my head and giggle so I thought I would share them with you all so you can have a little giggle too...
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My Go-To Healthy Breakfast

8 Apr 2016

Hey Everyone! As promised in my last blog post I am going to share with you my go-to healthy breakfast. 

For so long now I have been looking for a breakfast that is healthy, fills me up until lunch time and tastes good. I have tried various low fat cereals, containing nuts and fruits and all things that sound great but they have either contained a heap of hidden sugar, tasted like cardboard or would not satisfy my hunger at all. 

Last week I decided that I would take my hunt for the perfect breakfast a little more seriously so I went to the supermarket especially to find something I thought would be good. 
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Thankful Tuesday #2

5 Apr 2016

Hey everyone! Another week has been and gone, I hope you all had a good one! Mine was mostly filled with work which wasn't exactly the most fun but hey, it's gotta be done! I'm enjoying doing this blog series because it means I have to look for the little things that I am thankful for each day, which is a great way to stop me from focusing on the negatives! The weather was so changeable this week one day would be bright and sunny with the following a complete wash-out. Irish weather is cray-cray and it's impossible to plan much!

Anyway, on to the little things I am thankful for this past week...
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