My Week In Square Photos & 140 Characters

Hey Friends. So one of my all time favourite bloggers Sophie Rosie has been doing this blog series 'My Week in Square Photos & 140 Characters' and I am in love with the idea. Basically she shares some of her Instagram photos and Tweets from the past week and talks a little bit about them. I think this is a great way of encouraging you to Instagram and tweet more often and it's a pretty cool way to recap on the week on your blog. 

So I have decided to take a little inspiration from her and to start a similar series on my blog! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy Sophie's!
I was off work all week as I had holidays to take and thought why not lengthen my bank holiday weekend! This meant I had lots of time for chilling in little cafes - one of my favourite things to do! I went to visit a new cafe open in a nearby town. My friend has started working there and I had been promising to pay the place a visit. I had the yummiest chicken falafel and flat white (my coffee of choice these days!) 

The week on Instagram would not be complete without a cheesy selfie! This weeks offering was a classic mirror selfie haha. I was wearing my dungarees which I haven't worn in ageees. I'm not sure if they are still in style, are they?! Can you spot the little Nicky in the background? ;)
Ugh Dunnes Homeware why are you so God damn gorgeous?! I love looking at all of their stuff and always promising myself I'm going to redo my room. How on trend is this rose gold and grey display. Seriously, everything is just Instagram goals haha! I really want the plant pot on the top.
This photo is a bit of a cheat as it's a throwback to the week before when I went to Co.Clare, you can read all about that little adventure here! But I am still not over the beauty of Fanore beach. It has the goldest sand I've ever seen and the sky was so blue I felt I was in Australia, especially with all the surfers. There was lots of doggies enjoying the beach too, this guy was a particularly friendly character.
 This happened this week, as it does every week and every night to be exact! I've never seen a dog who loves sitting on my lap as much as this little girl. She would stay on top of me asleep for hours. Cute or overly needy? I can't decide. I've also really gotten in to Peppermint tea lately, It settles my tummy and helps me unwind before bed!

This week PMS struck BIG TIME. Ugh is there anything worse than period cramps? I've been so lucky that I haven't gotten it bad for ages and when I do get them bad it's on days when I don't have to do anything. Thank you God I wasn't working..I couldn't move! I spent the evening in bed building a dream home on the sims. I only have time to play the sims when I'm sick haha. 

Ok so this tweet needs little explanation! I haven't been watching the X Factor this series but whenever it is on my eyes are all on her. She makes me wonder if I'm entirely straight #girlcrush.

Ever since I've upgraded to my Samsung Galaxy S7 I've been so in love. It's such an amazing phone and I'm always stunned by the photo quality. I'm so glad to have it to take blog photos because even though I have my big DSLR it's not very practical and I never bring it anywhere. I love this for taking Instagram pictures and it means I can do posts like these without having crappy photo quality. 10/10 would recommend! 

Sinéad xo

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