Staying Upbeat as the daylight lessens

6 Oct 2016

At this time of year most people are celebrating the beginning of a new season. We are done with the heat of summer and are excited to pull out our snug knits and scarves again. However, for many people including myself the reeling in of Autumn and Winter can cause higher levels of sadness, and anxiety and  can lead to a loss of energy and motivation. I mean who doesn't find it being dark by 4pm at least a little bit depressing?! Seasonal affective disorder is very much a thing. In fact it's proven by medicine that the lack of light can cause you to feel down! 

I thought I would share a list of the things I've learned to do to help me stay upbeat as the clocks go back.

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A New Season Begins

2 Oct 2016

Well hello there October... you have came around rather fast... it scares me how quickly time is moving, it feels like it should still be the beginning of 2016.

Like many people, I love to embrace Autumn for everything that it is and since October is basically the pinnacle of Autumn I have decided to really push myself to write lots of blog posts this month with a running theme of Autumn/Winter throughout them.  

I think every season marks a new start in a way and I am taking this fresh start to pay more attention to my blog and write more posts. I heard about blogtober, where people write a post every day of the month and I considered that for a minute but then thought 'hell no' that would be like my Everest since I have been really slack lately so don't be expecting that haha. I will be trying to do 2-3 a week though which I will be super chuffed to achieve. 

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