A Photo an Hour

Hey everyone! So I've read so many of these 'photo an hour' posts throughout my years blogging and I've always really enjoyed them. I think it's fun to see how someone spends there day, maybe I'm just nosey! I've always wanted to join in on the fun and do one of these posts myself but being the perfectionist I am I felt like my phone camera was far to crappy to produce pictures that are blog worth and I obviously didn't want to go logging my camera around. This week when I got my new phone, the Galaxy S7 which has an amazeee camera, I thought why not! 

I was off work on Sunday and it was a gorgeous sunny day. I pledged to make the most of it and having to take a picture every hour that would be somewhat interesting also pushed me to make the most of the day... So here it goes!....
9 AM 
The morning was spent with a cup of coffee in hand, chilling in the sun room, checking social media and just taking it slow, unlike most other mornings of the week!
10 AM
About an hour later I made me some delicious omelette with ham, mushroom tomato and cheese.
11 AM
After a quick shower it was time to bring Nicky and Lily for a walk. It was such a beautiful morning. They were pulling me so hard that I definitely got my exercise in!
12 PM
When I got back I changed out of my comfy walking clothes and into something more dressy. I also slapped the above products on my face to help make me look in some way decent and cover the horrific break-out party currently underway on my chin.
1 PM
Just chilling outside in the sun. I love living in the Irish countryside, there is no place in the world I would trade it for. 
2 PM
At 2 pm I had Sunday lunch with my family. Followed by my mums home baked apple tart and ice-cream - I swear this is the best apple tart in the world guys. 
3 PM
In the afternoon my sisters family and I went to a fair in a nearby village. It's an annual event we all go to. There lots of rides and amusements, sheep competitions, a dog show, lots of fancy hens and other crazy birds on show, a vintage show, and lots more family activities. It's always a bit of a laugh. We spent most of the afternoon there as you can tell from my next two photos...
 4 PM

5 PM
6 PMHome from the fair and I was major hangry! That's what y'get for having dinner so early on a Sunday. I was craving a burger so made myself a scrummy chicken burger and proceeded to take this ridiculous selfie, I'm looking at this now wondering WHY?!
7 PM
I needed to run to the supermarket to pick up a few bits and these flowers were naturally the most photogenic thing in the shop so I had to take their picture to cover that hour of my day...
8 PM
Back home to cuddles with my doggies. this is what most of my nights consist of. I stopped taking the photos at this point because nothing happened and I barely moved from this spot. Just watched TV, had some laptop time and took an early night.

A good day was had :)

Sinéad xo

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