Sunday Morning Chats

31 Jul 2016

I woke up this morning with an urge to write, not about anything in particular but just to let the words flow out on the page. I used to occasionally do these kind of random blog posts without any definite topic but it must be over a year since my last one like that! So here goes!

I am happy to report I have an extra long weekend off! I'm off Saturday to Tuesday, waheyy! I think it must be my first time having 4 days off since Christmas, apart from when I went to Prague but that's not the same as being off at home and honestly I did so much going and walking in Prague that it wasn't exactly a relaxing holiday. 

My mini break didn't get off to such a great start because I felt SO emotional Friday night, it was weird I wasn't happy or particularly sad I was just so overwhelmed with feelings about everything, I had such a big cry in bed before I went to sleep. Then the next day my time of the month came so I guess that explained everything haha and apart from a few lady cramps I've been feeling great!

I hadn't planned on doing anything exciting for the four days, but then crazy old me who loves to treat myself decided to book into a hotel my cousin manages in the coastal town of Kilkee, Co.Clare. And let me tell you, I am so excited! As a child from the ages of about 7 to 12 I went here every summer with my family sometimes for 3 nights and sometimes a week! This was my absolute favorite place as a child. It was like my paradise. I remember all the stories I used to write in school would be set in Kilkee. Some of my most memorable moments as a child were in Kilkee. So I can't wait to go back and see it with my adult eyes, it probably won't live up to how I remember haha!

Initially I wanted to stay two nights; Sunday and Monday but since I had left it to the very last minute the Sunday night was all booked out (duh Monday is a bank holiday!) So I will just be staying on the Monday with my mum. We're planning on driving around and exploring the area because the coastal landscape is absolutely stunning down there. I will bring my big camera to take some killer photos of course! I especially want to go see the Cliffs of Moher which are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland and I have never seen, them. I hear they're breathtaking so I can't wait to see them. Apart from that we're just going to relax, have some dinner and a couple of drinks. Hopefully it will be fun!

Right, I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday! I am just chilling at home with my family. Sunday's are family days for me! We're going to have dinner together and maybe go for a walk in the park!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Let me know if you're doing anything fun :) 

Sinéad x
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My fear of missing out on fate

27 Jul 2016

I have this stupid fear, of missing out on fate which doesn't really make since considering the definition of fate is 'an event predetermined by a supernatural power', so technically you can't miss out on what's 'meant to be'. Maybe what I'm experiencing is fomo (fear of missing out!). But every time I do something or go somewhere and something amazing happens, maybe even life changing I believe that it was fate and it was laid out for me. The problem is I then find myself terrified by the fact that if I had decided not to go there/do that then it wouldn't have happened.

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