Prague | A Fairytale City

Hey everyone! So first things first this post has to come with a very strong *photo heavy* warning but you see I was in Prague last week for five nights and when you see these pictures you will realise why it was so hard for me to put my camera down. This city is beautiful beyond words, with every street and every building more breathtaking than the last. It's one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and lays claim to the largest castle in the world which sits nicely on a height over the city. This along with the magical Charles bridge made for a beautiful scene, one which I visited over and over and sat and took in for ages on the trip. We even stood on the bridge for like an hour one evening watching it get dark, and the lights come on around the city.  

There was what felt like a million steps (you'd wanna be fit) up to Prague Castle, but the view from the tap was more than worth the trek. There was massive courtyards around the castle, which inside and out was simply stunning.

On the opposite of the river Vltava to the castle, the main tourist attraction is the old town square which contains the astronomical clock, which hoards of people would gather around every hour to hear it ring. The buildings, churches and palaces all around the square are so unbelievably beautiful. I fell in love with this place, I could sit in it for literally hours doing nothing and be perfectly happy.
These photos are only a small fraction of my trip to Prague, we did so much walking every day so I didn't bring my camera as it was too awkward. I really wish I got some shots of the city at night as it is another kind of beautiful. Especially when we went on a jazz boat down the river for 3 hours one evening. It was so exciting and overwhelmingly beautiful, floating around under the Charles Bridge with the lights of Prague castle shining above us in the distance. It's a memory and a feeling I will never forget. Prague in general is a place I will never forget because of it's sheer beauty and I'm kind of sad now looking at these photos because it is over. 

If you love travelling and like seeing new cities especially ones steeped in so much culture and history, I don't know how you could pass this Czech capital out. It has to be up there with the worlds most stunning cities and if you ever get a chance, go see it with your own eyes and feel it. 

Sinéad xo

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