Touring The Guinness Brewery | Dublin

Hey everyone!
Last week the bf and I stayed in Dublin for the night to go see the Bryan Adams concert (ah-mazing!) We thought, why not be tourists in the city whilst we were there and visit the Guinness Brewery which is kinda like a museum to Guinness. It's a 7 story building with each floor dedicated to something different, like how it's made, how it was/is transported, and how it has been advertised over the years, there were lots of fun things to do like photo booths and learning how to pull the perfect Guinness, there is a craft to it y'know! There were different cool bars and restaurants with plates containing Guinness as an ingredient!

The top  floor was definitely the best. It was a glass circle with a bar in the middle. It provided a 360 view of Dublin from above.  On the glass, it had different things written. For example, when you look out towards Phoenix park it had a little excerpt about the park. It was fun to read all the things and learn a little along the way. 

Anyways I will stop rambling on now and share the pictures with you so you can get a glimps to what it's like!

It was a pretty cool place to visit. Guinness is a massive symbol of Irishness so it was nice to learn a little bit about it. It was full of tourists there, so if you're visiting Dublin you should definitely pop in and soak up a bit of the Irish culture! Let me know in the comments if any of you have been here before, or even if any of you who aren't Irish have visited Dublin in general!

Sinéad xo

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