Thankful Tuesday #8

Well hello everyone! So the time has come again to grab a cuppa, sit down, reflect on the past week and think of all the little lovely things that have happened. All the small things to be grateful for. We all have bad weeks from time to time or even just boring weeks where nothing great or exciting happens but there is always something to be thankful for and that's why I love writing these posts every week because it forces me to find those thing.
  1. Our Anniversary So this Sunday marked 1 year since the bf and I first met, not technically our anniversary since it wasn't like we became a couple straight away but it was lovely to remember how we met (that story is for another day) and how I've just had the best year ever. Vomit inducing I know but what ya gona do! We didn't do much to celebrate, we just hung out, had some chocolate cake and giggles which was perfect.
  2. Finding the perfect gradual tanner Ya gotta love those times when you discover a new beauty product you adore! Like most of us I always love the idea of having a nice sun kissed glow but I hate the mess of fake tan and gradual tanner always seemed to be more effort that they're worth, that's until I found Dove's summer revive gradual tanner. Agh it's so lovely, smells gorgeous, doesn't streak and leaves a fab natural glow. Goodbye Caspar. Hello sun kissed Sinéad!
  3. First Dates Marathon Who else loves a bit of first dates?! The Irish version started  couple of weeks ago and I didn't get to catch the episodes when they were on TV so Saturday night after work I sat back and had a lil' guilty marathon. It's so funny and really interesting seeing how people interact. I can't imagine having a first date broadcast to the nation so fair play to them ha!
  4. Snuggles with the pups! If you've read this blog post you will know all about the latest little addition to the clan, Lily! Now the evenings are full of cuddles with not just one but two doggies, in fact as I'm writing this Lily is sprawled across on my lap whilst Nicky lies next to me with his head on my feet. This is my favourite time of day!
So there we have it, a handful of little things that made me happy this passed week! I'm so excited for next week because I'm off on my holidays, eeeek! What have you all been up to? If you go to uni have you finished up for summer yet? Let me know in the comments!

Sinéad xo

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