Thankful Tuesday #7

Oh wow, what.a.week. Isn't it funny how some weeks go by more or less event-less and you struggle to put together a couple of things that stood out in the week that are worth talking about. And then other weeks are so jam packed with fun and exciting things that you don't know where to start. This week, the latter is definitely the case. So much so that I couldn't even just put one picture!


  1. Bryan Adams Live - On Tuesday, the bf and I took the bus up to Dublin and checked in to a hotel in order to attend the  Bryan Adams 'Get Up' concert in the 3 Arena. Ugh it was so amazing. I know I'm not exactly his vintage but I love him so much, he is a fabulous singer and really knows how to put on a show. There was a great mix of sing-a-long rock and roll tunes a-la 'Summer of '69'a, 'Run to you' and '18 til I die' but what really got me were the heart wrenching and tear jerking Romantic hits, who doesn't love a bit of 'Heaven' or 'I do it for you'. He has so many amazing tunes.
  2. Touring the Guinness Brewery - The morning after the concert, despite being so hungover after a night out in Dublin we thought it would be a good idea to go to the Guinness Brewery, I thought the site of a beer would make me wanna puke but I got through it and even managed to drink like a quarter of a pint which I was shown how to pull myself! It was cool to see the history of Irelands no.1 drink and all the work that goes in to producing it. It was a super cool place with a 360 view of Dublin city from the top floor, you'll see more of that in my blog post coming soon ;)
  3. The soaring sunshine - Agh the weather was fantabulous this week! Blue skies, 20+ degrees, this does not happen often and everywhere looks so beautiful when it's sunny. I didn't get to enjoy much of it with work, annoyingly it wasn't as nice when I was off earlier in the week and in Dublin but still I had a lovely Sunday, chillin' at the beach, taking some shots with my camera (another blog post on that comin' your way too!)
  4. I GOT A NEW PUPPY! - Ok this is getting a little ridiculous now but I do have a full post about this which you can read here. On Friday evening my parents picked up a gorgeous little black chihuahua, she is so playful and hopefully will be a great companion for Nicky, after a family vote we are calling her Lily after her mother :)
  5. My Granny's 90th Birtday - On Saturday evening I went straight from work to my granny's house to celebrate her birthday with all of my family. It was an amazing night with so much food! Yum! It was lovely to see all my extended family, she got such a great turn out. I felt so happy for her. If I got to 90 and was healthy and had produced such a big loving family, I would be one happy woman. 
Ah what a great week looking back. There were some low points like losing my phone in Dublin and having to miss our bus home to look for it, but I did find it and got a later bus home! Still, a nightmare! I also found out one of my besties in work will be leaving next week. Massive sad face. But I'm trying to focus on the positives of the week and that's why I love writing these posts, because they help me do just that :) 

Sinéad xo

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