Thankful Tuesday #6

Hey everyone! So you may or may not have noticed that I missed last weeks 'Thankful Tuesday' whoops! Well what can I say, it was bound to happen eventually, I find it hard to keep up a blog series streak of more than 5 posts, I either completely forget or just don't feel like blogging, this time it was a little mix of both. Nevertheless I am back with a new post sharing my little joys of the past 7 days!

  1. Beautiful sunny days - This weekend the forecast for Ibiza was 18°c and it was forecast to be 22°c here. Ahhh it was SO good to finally feel some heat from the sun and to be able to go outside without sleeves. Long may it last! What I would do to live in a climate where it was like that most of the time..
  2. A little Penneys Splurge! - Is there anything much better than buying a load of stuff in Penneys (Primark)? You get so much for your money. I haven't bought much there in ages because I hadn't seen anything nice in it in ages but this time I sure did and my bank balance suffered just a lil'
  3. Family Sunday - I used to always spend Sundays with my family. My sister and her family would come over for dinner and we'd spend the whole day altogether. Lately though, since I started working I seem to have been spending my Sundays with the bf or doing something I couldn't do whilst I was working, like y'know trying on lipsticks in boots or something equally as important. This Sunday was different though and I got to spend it with the whole clan, my sister, nieces, mum and I went in to town together in the evening which was nice and hey I still got to hit up Boots so it was a win win!
  4. Strolling in the woodland - Today (Monday) the weather was once again beautiful so the bf and I went for a stroll in a nearby park and woodland. It was lovely, guys I know this is weird but I really freaking love being around trees ha! We sat on a tree stump for awhile and took in the nature around us, how pretty are all the white flowers?! (which he insisted were garlic, um I'm not convinced!) I then got a 99 cone and sat in the sunshine watching all the families have fun *creep*!
  5. 4 days off work! - I am SO happy to have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. It's like a little holiday, honestly I think everyone needs these breaks every now and again! I am going to Dublin Tuesday night to see Bryan Adams in concert and maybe get a few beers after, super excited for that! I hope to take pictures for a blog post too, so keep those eyes peeled!
So I think that's it for my little happy's of this week! Some very small things that give life the sparkle. I think it's those small things that life is really about, don't you?! I would love to know how your week is going and if you have anything exciting planned :)

Sinéad xo

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