Massive Holiday Haul!

Hey everyone! So today I hit the shops to buy some bits for my trip to Prague next week. I probably have way too much as I'm only staying for 5 nights but shopping for trips is half the fun if you ask me! We rarely get hot weather here in Ireland in summer, the jokes goes that we just get warm rain, so I love buying some shorts and tee's for the sunshine which I'm hoping I'm going to get! keep your fingers crossed for this poor pasty Irish girl...haha. I got everything in Penneys (Primark) and New Look I actually didn't even look anywhere else as they had all I needed for super affordable Prices! I thought I would share with you the few bits I picked up. So in true blogger style, I laid everything out and took some snaps.

All of the above items are from New Look. I adore the blue strippy dress on, it's so flattering on the figure, I can't wait to wear it. The t-shirts were two for €15, I love the colours and they're a little cropped which is cute, I could totally wear them at home too so they won't go to waste! Finally, I got a standard pair of denim shorts in New Look, I love these ones and they were only €15...can't go wrong!
These two little outfits I got in Penneys. This is my first body suit and I love  it, it's going to go with so many things, I've already worn it with some jeans. I love the black shorts I got to go with it, super cute and will match any top, perfect if it's too hot for the denims to go with my New Look tops. The patch work shorts caught my eye as soon as I came in the door and I had to have them, they were only €6...ah I love Penneys! I found this cute red top to match which I love too! I'm probably most excited about the sun hat (€5) I'm gonna rock that shit rain or shine haha! Finally I picked up a pair of sunnies even though I have like 6. But I like these ones because they aren't black or brown like all my others.

In New Look, I also picked up a nice stone colour bomber jacket, I thought it was nice and summery to throw over if it's chilly, I got this in the teenagers section for €30 but whatever....age 13 fits perfectly ha! I also got the white sandals in New Look for only €20, they're super comfy and look really pretty, I'm sure they will last me for many summers to come. Finally, I bought some Sketchers Go Walks a couple of days ago for my trip because I know I'm going to need something practical and super comfy for all the walking and exploring I will be doing, these are like cushions I swear! 

So that's pretty much all I'm bringing with me clothes wise to Prague, I will through in a cardigan and I'll wear a long sleeve top and jeans on the trip over so if it turns out to be cold (I will go crayyy if it is) at least I won't die ha!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the things I picked up! Also, I'd love to know if you're going anywhere this summer...if so, do you love shopping for trips as much as me?!

Sinéad xo

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