10 Things That Never Live Up to Expectations

What's up guys?! I've decided to start a new blog series called '10 things...' This is going to be totally casual with no regular schedule, I'll just upload one when I feel inspired too! I just thought it would be a fun little way to share my thoughts on different things and have a little chat with you guys, I'm going to be keeping it nice and light hearted. I feel like my blog is missing a little bit of fun so I'm hoping this might fill the gap. I just want my personality to come a cross a tad more on my blog!

So this weekend, I had two days off and I always have such grand plans to make the most of my time off but alas, I got super lazy and did sweet damn all apart from stay in bed until noon and watch crappy tv. This is entirely my own fault but I was disappointed and grumpy and thinking of all the things I hold high expectations for that don't quiet come true 90% of the time. 

  1. Fancy Restaurants. The thought of going to a super posh restaurant is always so exciting and you expect the food to be out of this world, but it never is. In fact, the portions are often too small, and you're left wanting to pop in to McDonalds an hour later!
  2. Concerts. I haven't been to many concerts and there is a reason for that! Getting to see Ed Sheeran in person performing live sounds well and good but then you get there, are miles from the stage, are looking at Ed on a screen and everyone around you are pushing and screaming. Also, it feels like it's over in 30mins after all the hype!
  3. Boys & Dating. So you go on a date with a guy who is gorgeous and seems totally into you. He says all the right things and you plan a second date only for him to ghost on you and you never hear from him again. Bye bye to the fairytale ending you had envisioned!
  4. Painted nails. I always have such high hopes when I paint my nails. I think they're going to look super pretty and I'll feel like I can take on the world with my glossy new nails. However the polish is usually gloopy, I get it all over my fingers, it smudges after 2 minutes and I end up enraged and pulling out the remover. Story of my life!
  5. Getting your hair done. I always go to the hairdressers thinking I'll come out a new woman. I'll look so much more trendy and confident but half the time I come out with half an inch cut off or some barely noticeable highlights. 
  6. Nights out. You get your best heels on, and your eyebrows are on fleek. You plan to dance the night away in a haze of happiness but you end up unintentionally being sober for the night and sitting in the corner having a boring time. 
  7. Being outside when the weather is nice. So you're in work looking out at the sunshine wishing you could make the most of it, you think you could go to the beach or even have a picnic. Then when you are free, you go for a short walk, sit outside for a bit, realise there's nothing to do so come back to your laptop. 
  8. Shopping trips. We've all been there. Planned on breaking the bank in the shopping centre in a bid to update your wardrobe but you just don't see a single thing you fancy so go home empty handed and devastated.
  9. Massages. You think it's going to be the ultimate relaxation, you will be immersed into pure luxury and forget all your problems. But being in your birthday suit in front of a stranger is actually kind of awkward and you can never fully switch off your mind to totally relax.
  10. Plans with friends (sometimes) So we've all been there. College is finishing for the summer and we plan a huge house party followed by a night on the town. We all have great intentions but none of us actually push for it to happen. It's sad really!

So there we have it, 10 things that never seem to live up to my expectation. I would love to know if you can agree with any of these or what are some things that you find always end up to be a bit of a disappointment? Let me know down in the comments!

Sinéad xo

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