10 Things I wish I was better at

1 Things Starbucks baristas should be better at - spelling names!

What's the story friendies?! Hope you're all keeping well. I feel like I used to keep in regular contact with my blogger pals but in the past few months I've been SO bad. I have pledged to start trying my best to reconnect with you all again. It basically means, I need to find a way to make more time to interact with everyone. I am so busy so it's pretty tricky. When I was thinking about how I would love to improve my time management I was inspired to do a new post in my '10 Things' series. There is probably a million things I would like to be better at, I mean have any of us perfected anything? Well, actually I seen Bryan Adams sing Tuesday night and I think he may have perfected that art, one word - FLAWLESS. Haha anyways I'm totally digressing...On to the 10 things I wish I was better at...

  1. Tweeting
    This seems really silly and unimportant in the vast list of all the things I could be better at but as a blogger I really wish I was better at Twitter. Like, I never think to tweet throughout the day and I rarely think to tweet about a blog post, ugh! I know I could get to know so many fellow bloggers. Must. start. tweeting!
  2. Going to bed early Oh guuuys I am so bad at this, as I'm writing this it's 26 minutes passed 12 and I swore I would be in bed by midnight!
  3. Getting up early I don't start work until 11 so I usually sleep in until 10, shhhh I hear you judge ha! Every night I set my alarm for 8.30 or 9 which isn't early for most people, I still can't manage it!
  4. Exercising A brisk walk or climbing two flights of stairs and I'm out of breath about to have a cardiac arrest...
  5. Reading I'm a qualified English teacher and I just feel like that means I should love reading but, I really don't! I feel like a shit teacher because of that...haha!
  6. Applying for jobs Speaking of me being a teacher, well yeah! I'm qualified for almost 2 years but still haven't got a full time job in the sector because I suck ass at looking for vacancies and applying myself. I know I need to push myself to succeed but I find it so hard to put myself out there! Maybe, I'm just lazy hey! I'll get there...
  7. Booking appointments I haven't been to the dentist in over a year and I probably really need a check-up and I've been dying to get my nails done but I always just put these things off. Someone help me change my ways!
  8. Restraining myself from yum food I just want all the yummy food, always, end of.
  9. Switching up my style I have the same style now for months and I'm trying to break out of it for summer y'know, stick on some fedora hats and off the shoulder tops but eh I've come so used to my style being 'me' and feeling like nothing else is right, when really it would be fun to change myself up a lil'
  10. Following TV shows Hmm I honestly, don't really wish this as I think it would just waste my time being addicted to a tv show but I do feel a little left out when everyone's talking about PLL or AHS and I have never watched an episode, I just have no interest in all that, I can't commit! Saying that...I won't miss an episode of 'Home & Away' haha!
So what d'ya think? Do you agree with me and also suck at any of these things? If so please let me know in the comments just so I don't feel so bad about my own pitfalls haha c'mon help a girl out ;)

Sinéad xo

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