Thankful Tuesday #5

Hey everyone! Hope you're all good and are having a nice week. This is going to be a really quick Thankful Tuesday because honestly, I couldn't think of all that much to talk about, there just wasn't all that much that happened this week that I can say made me super happy. It was a quiet week. But there were definitely a handful of things that made me super cheery!...

  1. WE BOOKED PRAGUE! Eee I am so excited about this (as you can see from the all caps ha!) On Saturday night Eoin and I booked 5 nights in Prague. We knew we wanted to go on a city break instead of a sun holiday and I'm not sure why but we had our hearts set on Prague. We got flights and 4* hotel b&b for €380 each which is pretty decent! And at those rates we could definitely go somewhere else towards the end of the summer. After booking we shared a bottle of wine and got a little tipsy (well I did at least) I was a little high on life with travel excitement and alcohol haha. 
  2. Discovering new beaches. On Thursday evening after work I picked up Nicky (my dog) and we went in to Eoin's place to go for a walk. We went on a little adventure behind his house which involved crossing a train track, jumping a gate, walking down a narrow over grown road which led to a long pebbled beach with a collapsed pier. It felt a little abandoned but super lovely. A nice escape from the city. Also, I've never seen such big rocks on a sea shore before. I really love going on those little explorations when the weather is nice, there are few things that make me happier.
  3. A stroll with mum Sometimes there is no better way to unwind after a long day than going for a walk around the village with your mum. Seriously, fresh air and the chats are all you need in life really. And it's always nice to spend some quality time with mother goose. 

See I told you this was a short one! But there is always something that makes life work living in every single day, ya just gotta open your eyes and appeciate the small things! Let me know in the comments iif any of you have been to Prague, I would love to hear some recommendations on things to do. Knowing me I will have each day planned out to the minute because I don't want to miss a thing! haha. 

Sinéad xo

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