Thankful Tuesday #4

Hello, hello my friendies! I have to start by saying, how bloody cute is this picture of Nicky looking out through the glass door at me?! Whenever I don't know what to take a picture of to accompany a post, I turn to Nicky as he always provides the sufficient prettiness needed. This week has been a long one but I feel like a lot has happened and it's been a fun one. Here are some little things that made me happy throughout the week...

  1. The absolute best thing that happened this week was I won a €100 voucher for New Look! It was my local shopping centres 25th birthday so there was a giveaway every day for 25 days, I definitely won the best prize, I was then put in a draw to win a €2525 gift card for the entire shopping centre. I wasn't able to attend the event where this was drawn but my mum went for me, and she got one of the 5 golden tickets, but sadly the €2525 wasn't in her envelope, but we did get another €25 which is pretty awesome! Can't wait to update my wardrobe a little.
  2. I had a lovely day off on Tuesday. I love those days where I do lots of stuff. I took Nicky to get micro-chipped in the morning and it went great, he didn't even feel it, he did poop in the reception though *awks* I then visited my gran and auntie, went shopping with my mum, then went to my bf's house and played some tennis as it was beautiful out. It was just a great day.
  3. Finishing at 6 instead of 8 two evenings this week was pretty blissful, it's nice to have that little extra time to do stuff. Same again this week so I am happy out, still wish I didn't have to work until 8 on Saturdays though, now that sucks!
  4. There was a fundraiser for MS in my local pub on Saturday night so I went along with my family. The place was packed with lots of neighbours and familiar faces which was nice. It was pretty cool to get out with the family, it had been to long! My dad won a bottle of whiskey but he sold it to someone as no one in my house drinks whiskey, ha!
  5. Seeing my ex at that event was strange but kinda good. We were together for 3 years and I hadn't seen him since we broke up like 2 and a half years ago so it was such a shock to see him. It wasn't great because we caught up or anything, it was actually pretty awkward as we completely avoided all eye-contact through the night. But it was good because it reminded me of how much things have changed since then and how much more god damn happy I am with my life right now. Maybe harsh, but I am so glad that's all behind me and I am with someone so much better for me now, and so much hotter too *wink* *wink* haha.
Yeah, it was a good week looking back, it was actually pretty eventful! Hopefully this coming week will be just as good and won't drag on too much! How have you all been since I last caught up with you? Let me know in the comments what's been happenin'

Sinéad x

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