September Round-Up

30 Sep 2015

Tomorrow is OCTOBER GUYS! I really love October because I feel like it is officially Autumn. The leaves are full on orange, the nights are getting shorter and HALLOWEEN! Much excite. Right now, I want to reflect a little on the month of September and what better way to do that than have a little mooch through my Instagram since I was using it heaps throughout the month. I'm also recapping on all my posts I published this month so feel free to have a look through them and leave me some much loved comments! Finally I'm going to share a small selection of some of my favourite blog posts I've read this month, I hope you get a chance to hop on over and check them out too!


Top - Bottom, Left - Right
1 | The start of Autumn meant the leaves are slowly beginning to change colour. I love me some orange crunchy leaves beneath my feet.
2 | Gradually growing my Wet n Wild lipstick collection. I love these, so cheap and cheerful. My favourite shade is 'Rosebud' but it's *momentarily* lost :(
3 | Getting back in to smoothies this month. I've been enjoying summer fruit or tropical fruits with orange juice and a dash of natural yoghurt.
4 | Nicky is obssessed with the two teddies in my room. I'm supposed to take them off him in-case  rips them but he just has too much fun with them I can't bring myself to do it! haha.
5 | Haven't bought a magazine in months and I have no idea why. Cosmo was such a good read this month!
6 | Discovered the Shea Butter flavoured (is flavoured the right word because you don't eat it? haha) yankee candle. This is perfect for a bedroom. Diviiine. 
7 | My niece bought a new rabbit this month and she called him Cotton-Tail. Don't ask, I've no idea where that came from either.
8 | Cheeky mirror OOTD head to toe in New Look!
9 | Walk in a forest I had never been to. It was gorgeous with so many cute streams flowing through. Felt like I was in the Tarzan PS1 video game, just me? Ok.
10 | New Primark cup for my smoothies and a white background = Instagram worthy shot!
11 | The sun shining down on the glistening waves on the 'wild Atlantic way' ;)
12 | Trying out some new tan since my Cocoa Brown bottle broke (cries) LOVE it. Used it all over my body with some moisturiser and it works so well.

Why don't we become friends on Instagram? You can hit me up at dreamingagainblog ;)

WHAT I BLOGGED IN SEPTEMBER (I blogged a loooot)


NYC Photo Diary // Part 3 on 'Jesska Denise'
Thoughts When Getting Your Hair Cut on 'The Cornish Life'
Tag Rage || The Furry Friend Tag on 'Crumbs In The Bed'
Monday Lunch...Focusing on the What Part 2 on 'Tea In Your Twenties'


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GIVE-AWAY | Halloween imPress Nails

27 Sep 2015

Hey everyone! Eeeek I have some very exciting news today! I am running my first ever give-away. Halloween is just around the corner so to celebrate one of my favourite times of the year I am giving you the chance to win these fabulous Halloween edition fake nails from imPress nails. 

ImPress nails are my all time favourite false nail brand. You simply peel off the back of them and 'press' them on to your nails. No glue involved means no mess which is always good for a slob like me! These stay on so well and have been known to last an entire week on my nails. I couldn't believe it.

So if you want to be in with a chance to win the lot, and get in to a truly Halloween festive spirit just read the following rules and complete the rafflecopter below. 

  • Open to people from the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom only.
  • Following me on Bloglovin', Instagram and Twitter and Tweeting about the giveaway are Mandatory to enter.
  • Liking my Facebook page, and leaving a comment on this post are not mandatory but will give you a greater chance of winning.
  • Any damage to items during postage is not my responsibility and they will not be replaced
  • Competition closes on 12/10/15
  • Winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Meet-Up Problems & Liebster Award Q&A

26 Sep 2015

Hey everyone! So I just felt like writing a casual little chatty blog post today. Y'know a little bit of word vomit never hurt anyone. It's drizzling outside my window and I'm sat in the warmth of my bed on fresh white sheets reading some of my favourite blogs and chatting on twitter. I love this. All I need to do now is light my new shea butter candle melt and maybe grab some naughty treats because I'm pretty hungry... Better not get them on the new sheets though!

I got an invite to a Cocoa Brown launch party which would include chats and beauty tips from Marissa Carter (creator of Cocoa Brown tan) and another woman who is an Xfactor make-up artist. The event is on Sunday in Dublin and I really want to go!

It's such an honour to be invited when tickets cost €52 and it's the first thing like this I've been invited to as a blogger. I would also get the chance to meet some other Irish girls I've met through blogging, and that alone would be a great reason to go. The problem is, it's not that easy for me to get to Dublin! It's two and a half hours on train or bus which isn't that bad. But I don't really want to go alone, I know I'd have loads of people to chat to at the event but getting to and from alone makes me a bit worried, but I'm also thinking I should just bite the bullet!

The annoying thing is I will be going up to Dublin the following day with my boyfriend to see Lifehouse in the Olympia and we will be staying the night. IF ONLY the event was a day or two later, it would be perfect. Since it's on Sunday, I would have to go up and down to Dublin twice in the space of three days and let me tell ya, travel is expensive! Ah well, hopefully there will be another opportunity to meet fellow bloggers soon.

I thought I would answer some questions I got asked by the lovely Sinéad over at the The Travel Bible in her latest Liebster award post. Since I've done this post once or twice ageees ago I thought there was no point making another one and nominating other bloggers, but I still really want to answer Sinéad's questions so here we gooooo...

1. What was the last photo you took on your phone? 
I couldn't tell you how many versions of this photo are on my phone. I was trying to capture it for Instagram, as ya do! and it is veeery hard to get a shot of a dog wrestling a teddy!
2. If you could be best friends with anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Well they would need to be someone loyal, funny, with similar interests and always makes time for us to hang out. Hmm I can't really pick a celebrity because I don't know if they'd make a good friend or not. I'm going to cheat on this question and say anyone with the aforementioned qualities - I'm not fussy really haha, but it's surprisingly hard to find someone like that!

3. What have you found most rewarding about being a blogger? 

I find it really rewarding when other people enjoy my content. Having people actually care about what you got to say is an amazing feeling. For example how Sinead nominated me to do this post despite her having to nominate people with less than 200 followers because she wanted to hear my answers makes me feel like I matter and my opinions and thoughts matter. 

4. Who is your celebrity style icon? 

I don't really follow any celebrity style. I just wear what I like and what's 'in' at the moment. I get more inspiration from other bloggers and their outfit of the day and fashion posts!

5. What was your favourite country you've been too? or your favourite holiday? 

I haven't been to very many places, so I don't have a whole lot to choose from but I did really love Italy. The scenery, the people, the food, the buildings, everything is just beyond beautiful. I've been to Venice and Verona as well as Lake Garda and they were amazing. It's a country that has so much to offer and so much to see. I definitely want to go back again to see Florence, Rome, Sorrento and Tuscany. 

6. What's your favourite place to visit in your local area and why?

Hmm I really like going for walks with Nicky and being outdoors. There are some lovely woods not too far from me with lots of walkways through them. It's somewhere I enjoy going to clear my head and to just unwind and breathe in some fresh air.

7. What is your favourite music genre?
I actually don't really have a favourite genre. It's more about how the music makes you feel I think! Like when I'm chilling out I like something slow or easy listening, when I'm on a night out I want some house or dance music y'know?! It really depends on my mood. I do generally love soft rock like Coldplay, Kodaline, Snow Patrol, that kinda feel!

8. Any weird habits? 

Apparently I chew really loudly which is such an annoying habit for other people to have to deal with haha. It's mostly just when I'm chewing gum, I really get in to it y'know?! haha. 

9. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I don't remember ever knowing what I wanted to be! There was a short period after being in a school play where I was hell bent on becoming an actress because everyone kept telling me how good I was. But soon my realist side kicked in and I decided teaching was more likely. Hmm what if hey?!

10. Would you rather have lunch with Kim Kardashian or Barack Obama?

Haha umm. I don't really like Kim K to be honest and I feel like she wouldn't have much time for a little peasant like me on a lunch date. Barack Obama would be pretty awesome but I think that would be really intimidating and I wouldn't really know what to talk to him about since I'm not exactly in to politics. So y'know I'm going to say Kim because I'm sure she'd have lots of beauty and fashion tips to share, and she could show me how to take the perfect selfie! hahaha oh God, what kind of person am I?! who needs to discuss world peace when you can learn about much more important things with Kim :P

Once again, thanks to Sinéad for nominating me, sorry it took me so long to get around to it! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! What have you got planned for it?
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A Blogger & Her Pets | Anna International

24 Sep 2015

Hey everyone! Time for my weekly animal appreciation post haha. If you are more of a cat person you will be happy to know that the series is finally featuring two adorable felines. Dog people, don't  be disappointed because the lovely Anna from 'Anna International' also owns two equally adorable pooches. Anna's cat's names are Tarquin and Julian (epic names right?!) Her dogs are the lovely 10 year old Billy who she adopted from a pound when he was 5 as well as Toto, a gorgeous 4 year old black pug, who technically belongs to her boyfriend! 

So without further ado lets find out a little more about Anna and her furry family.

1. You own two cats and two dogs, what are the main differences between the species from your experience? Do they all get along well? The main difference is that dogs need people - they want your love and attention all the time. Cats want it on their terms, the rest of the time, you may as well not exist (as long as the feed bowl is topped up!). Luckily my cats are both pretty affectionate so we get lots of cuddles. As for getting along well...wouldn't say they're best friends or anything, but they all tolerate each other, and Toto and Tarquin have been known to snuggle occasionally. Tarquin is more into it than Toto though - her face is usually hilarious when he rubs himself on her! 

2. Billy is a rescue dog, is it important for you to get pets this way rather than a puppy farm etc, would you recommend it  to others? I would never buy a dog from a puppy farm, ever. They are horrendous places that care only for the money and not about the animals at all. Rescuing dogs is a great thing to do - so many wonderful animals are homeless through  no fault of their own and deserve a lovely family. I will say that they can be harder to deal with though, especially older ones whose behaviour is already set. I wish that I could have got Billy as a puppy so he would have no need to be terrified of other dogs from his years in the Italian dog pound - it really upsets me that he gets so scared.

3. What is something cute Toto does that makes you laugh/smile everyday? Toto is completely crazy, she makes me laugh constantly! Just her face is ridiculous! I'm not one of those people who is crazy about pugs, I was not that keen on them at all 'til she came to live with us, but I love her now, her facial expressions are hilarious and she looks so funny when she goes to bed at night, wrapped in her blanket, like a miniature nun. 

4. I love the story of how you found your cats Julian and Tarquin,  would you like to share it with my readers?! Sure! Actually, I didn't find them, it was a friend of a friend, driving home from work when a kitten ran out in front of his car (Julian). He stopped and found a box of five more by the side of the road, and a couple were climbing up a nearby tree. He tried to get them down, but they just kept going higher. Eventually he put the rest in his car, and drove to B&Q for a ladder to get the other two out of the tree, one of whom was Tarquin. It actually took him two tries so they were up the tree until the next day! The local RSPCA were full, so he had to re-home them all, and when he said he had two left, that might be put to sleep if they weren't rehomed, well, the rest is history. 

5. Out of all your pets who most likes to cuddle and who is most independent? Billy is funny - he doesn't like to sit on your lap, but he likes to be right next to you, touching you if he can. He loves it if I put my legs up on the sofa, he leaps up behind and curls up in the space behind my knees with his snout peeking over. Toto loves to be on top of you, preferably as close to your face as possible. Which is dangerous because she snorts a lot. Julian is most independent - he's got himself a new girlfriend a few doors down and we don't see him all day now - he still comes in at night to sleep on the bed in the spare room though - it's got the fluffiest feather duvet, he loves to roll about on it. 

6. If I went to visit you where would I find each of your pets?  I've got an old Queen Anne chair next to my desk, which Billy, Toto and Tarquin fight over for most of the day, so as to be as close to me as possible. Julian will be on the bed in the spare room. Unless the fire is lit, then they are all stretched out in front of that.

7. Tell us a bit about your blog and share your links! My blog is all about my life in our new home in Yorkshire, doing up our house, DIY projects that I've made, and things I've cooked, as well as documenting our travels both at home and abroad. If you like home decor on a budget, you should have a read!  Blog || Facebook || Pinterest || Twitter || Instagram

Don't you just love how all the animals have such unique personalities. It sounds that they really make Anna's house a home! I hope you enjoyed hearing about them and be sure to check out her blog, it's brilliant!

Previously in the series:

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Words on Wednesday

23 Sep 2015

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing good! So in my spare time I quite enjoying doodling away in my notepad. Usually I find a typography image on Pinterest and try to copy it. I am by no means an artist, but it's something I find really therapeutic. I am a big lover of quotes so writing out some motivational words can really help me sometimes when I'm feeling a bit pessimistic. Since I have a couple of these in my notebook I decided I might as well put them to some use so I thought I would scan them and put them on my blog on the occasional Wednesday. Who knows maybe the words might help some of you guys too. 

I drew this one a couple of months ago now but I was reminded of it yesterday when I went and played some tennis with my boyfriend (he is hugely in to tennis) I had never played it before, apart from the odd volley over the clothes line as a child but I actually really enjoyed it yesterday! He said I was surprisingly pretty good. Not going to lie, I might have framed the ball a couple of times and nearly put it in someone's back garden haha. But nonetheless, I really enjoyed it!

It got me thinking, imagine if I had the potential to be a really epic tennis player or piano player, or maybe even a ballerina (LOL I doubt it! I have the grace of a sloth haha) but you get my drift? I could go my whole life never knowing if I don't decide to give it a try. Even if I'm not that great, there is always the potential to improve if I enjoy it. I mean, everyone starts somewhere, even the legends!

So from now on I am going to try my best to try new things and who knows maybe I will find a new passion. 

Let me know in the comments about your hobbies and passions. Is there something you tried on a whim but turned out to be really good at and love?

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Shoe Bargain of the Century!

21 Sep 2015

Throughout the past week I have found any excuse to ask just about everyone I've been talking to "Guess how much I paid for two pairs of shoes?" and pretty much everyone guessed at least €20. When I'd tell them €12, yes TWELVE EURO they're usual response was "Ah Jaysus!" I've felt so smug and proud of myself and since I ran out of people to brag to, I thought why not go and tell you all so you could all say "ah jaysus" or "for feck sake" except in your national slang hehe. 

So here they are! I picked them up in New Look last week. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I really like them. I like chunky, edgy kind of shoes like these and I think they could be dressed up or down, adding a little bit of cool to any outfit. I like thick heels like these the best because I am like a flamingo when I try to walk in stilettos! I definitely see myself wearing these a lot throughout the year since they have a closed toe. And hey, even if I only wear them once or twice at €7 and €5 it won't be to much of a loss to my pocket. *Happy dance*

Let me know in the comments if there are any bargain finds you enjoyed bragging about!

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Bedroom Inspiration

15 Sep 2015

All items from Dunnes Stores
Mmm Interiors. There is something about looking at beautiful interiors and décor that makes me so happy. For the last couple of months I have been trying to put more effort in to transforming my room in to a beautiful little sanctuary for myself. I've been doing this by gradually adding little bits and bobs but really, it's a long way from where I want it. The picture above is a little mood board (is that what you call it?) of the aesthetic I have been going for in my room.

I'm after a pink and turquoise theme with white furnishings. Turquoise is my favourite colour and one I never seem to get sick of so it seems like the best bet. I'm on the look out for some nice affordable cushions to throw on my bed. I also have a shelf area that I really want to get right but I can't seem to find the right items to put on it. At the moment I have a white flower in a turquoise vase which I love, but I'm thinking some nice white frames, maybe a candle or two, a light and even a jug like the one above would be a nice touch. I would love to get a new pendant ceiling light too because the one I have is so lack lustre. Some nice trays and bowls would be pretty cute for my desk and dressing table too for storing some jewellery or whatever really!

I often see nice things in shops that I think might be nice in my room but I always worry about not being able to get things to go with it so I never spend too much on anything. I thought by putting this post and mood board together it would help me envisage the general look I want for my room so I'll try and stay on track and buy items that suit that look. Also, I thought it might be fun to share the kind of interior design and decor I like and would want in my room.

I would love to here from you in the comment section. Let me know what's your favourite style of interior decor at the moment. Are you happy with how your room/house is looking at the moment?

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Weekend Scenes #1 | Barna Woods & Dinner

13 Sep 2015

Hey everyone! So I want to document more and more of my life on here and since most of the more interesting things in my life happen at the weekend I thought I would start doing some 'Weekend Scenes'  posts every now and again. This weekend all I had was my crappy phone camera, the quality is horrific, I know! haha. So much so I wasn't even going to put them up but then I got thinking - when I'm reading other blogs I actually don't mind if the pictures aren't 100%, I'm more interested in getting to see what people are up to (maybe I'm just nosy!) so I said I would go ahead and post them. Besides, I love storing memories here. 

The weekend was pretty fun! On Friday night the man in my life and I went out for some drinks, I only managed one cocktail and one Orchard Theives before I felt sick #lightweight! The following day, we got some lunch followed by a walk around Barna Woods to get in our exercise and some fresh air to work up an appetite for dinner that night. In the evening we went to watch the Man-U game in this really funky bar. I hate soccer so I nearly fell asleep if I'm honest but there were so mepretty interesting things in the bar to look at that kept me awake, like those close ups of people haha. We then got some dinner. I had an ah-mazing chicken breast with crunchy-balls-of rice-with-bacon-bits in (I'm sure they have a fancier name, but as if I would remember!) It was very yummy. 

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Today, I'm chilling at home with my family, that's all I ever do on Sundays!

 Let me know how your weekend was in the comments. Did you get up to anything exciting?

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Indian Summer Scenes

12 Sep 2015

There's something so lovely about those unexpected summery days when it is meant to be Autumn. Feeling the warmth of the sunshine on your face instead of trying to shelter yourself from a chilly breeze. Going for long walks in the evening, and feeling the crisp air on your cheeks while breathing in the smell of hay being cut in the nearby fields. My favourite thing to do though is to sit outside with a nice cuppa, leaving my phone inside. It's nice to just tune out from everything, sit and live and think in that moment. Listening to the birds sing or watching a bee make it's way from flower to flower. 

I don't know what I'm going to do as the winter draws in and the days when I can do this get fewer and fewer. My little tranquil space will be covered in rain and frost! I guess, being indoors by the fire with some blankies and hot chocolate will be my little winter haven! Meanwhile, I thought I would take some shots of my garden in these last few sunny days of the year before it gets too cold to spend any time in it and all the greenery and flowers die away. I'm really loving this little Indian summer we're getting at the moment, here's to it lasting as long as possible!

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A Blogger & Her Pets | Sammi, Pippa & Harvey

10 Sep 2015

Hey everyone! It's Thursday which means it's almost the weekend, yay! It also means it's time to meet my next blogger who's going to tell us all about her furry friends. This week I am talking to the lovely Sammi from 'Sammi Loobas' about her gorgeous Pugs X Shihtzu  Pippa (3, the black one!) and Harvey  (2, the fawn one!) So if you want to hear about these cute little creatures put your feet up and enjoy!

1. How/Where did you get Pippa and Harvey, were there any reason for choosing this particular breed? We got them both off of Pre-loved, about a year apart. Pippa was our wedding present to each other, my husband had always had dogs growing up, and we wanted that for our children. We'd been looking at smaller breeds basically because our house is small, and we had small children, and we thought they would suit us best. We got Harv almost a year later, as we hated leaving Pippa alone when we went out!

2. Do your two dogs get along well? What are some differences in their personality? Amazingly they get on incredibly well, despite being complete opposites! Harvey is the most affectionate little creature, he loves his snuggles and is a complete attention hog! Pippa is very independent and as stubborn as they come. We get cuddles from Pips usually after a long walk when she's sleepy. And that's it. As such, she's a lot harder to photograph than Harv! I usually have to catch her while she's taking a brief moment to catch her breath, or she's just a black blur across the screen!

3. Do your dogs prefer to lie in by the fire or be out running through the fields? They have their lazy days, but ultimately they want to be outside, and - to our shock - they share our love for long walks. They can ramble with the best of them, and as our boys get older, we're going on longer and longer walks, and it has not phased them. We'd read all these things about only walking pugs as far as you'd be prepared to carry them home!

4. What's the funniest/cutest thing either Pippa or Harvey have done? Harv is the clumsiest pooch I've ever known. If he's not running into glass doors, he's falling asleep on the windowsill and rolling off. And he never learns! Pippa is such a mother, she hates when we're out and the boys wander off too far ahead - especially if she's on the lead and can't reach them. She likes to know where everyone is, which I think is adorable.

5. Do your dogs know any tricks? They know one trick. They'll get up on their hind legs and spin in a circle. They do it every time we get a chew out, and it's still cool to watch.

6. If you could get any other animal or dog breed what would it be? I always wanted a dalmatian growing up (I blame Disney), but I think after having our two petite doggies, that would be a shock to our system!

7. Tell us a bit about your blog and share your links! I have a Lifestyle blog over at Sammi Loobas. I mostly blog about family, food and films, but anything goes! My links are below:

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New Season Fashion Wishlist

8 Sep 2015

Autumn is officially on it's way and I honestly couldn't be happier! 'Summer' here in Ireland is a bit of a joke since it's still pretty cold/wet so when Autumn arrives, the expectations of good weather and the subsequent disappointment of shit weather are no more. Also, the shops start introducing lovely Autumn/Winter clothes with beautiful coats, knits, scarves all in darker and more muted colours (which is more up my street). Really, the shops start selling clothes that we can actually wear here instead of shorts and strappy neon tops!! Much excite.

So along with the arrival of a new season comes my lusting for some new items to add to my closet. Mostly I really want to get a nice sophisticated winter coat, the ones I have are parka types so I want a nice dressy one. I also want to get some new boots. I pretty much get new ankle boots every year and wear them to death so they are definitely worth buying. I also, really really want to get a nice new bag, a black leather satchel kind is what I'm dreaming of. I get sick of my handbags so quickly and I don't love any of the ones I have right now. I'm loving those tight ribbed high neck tops at the moment too and would love to add some to my autumn wardrobe. I'm also a big fan of stripes so I'm keeping an eye out for stripped tee's and t-shirt dresses. Black skinny jeans would also be a perfect addition to my wardrobe, they would be very versatile and get lots of wear. I think those sleeveless blazers that have come on the scene lately are so cool and I would love to add a nice one to my wardrobe. Generally I'm really excited about the heavier materials and the darker greys, burgundys and khaki's of the season and I can't wait to pick up some things over the coming weeks.

I put together a little collection of some of the clothes I am loving in the high street at the minute to give you an idea of what I am drooling over!
1. Grey Flecker Jersey Blazer - Next
2. Zip Knitted Jumper - Boohoo
3. Grey Check Fringed Scarf - Miss Selfridge
4. Khaki Lace Hem Top - River Island
5. Stripe Rib Knit Jumper - Boohoo
6. Black Ripped Jeans - River Island
7. Patent Tote Bag - Asos
8. Suedette Chelsea Boots - New Look
9. Ribbed Side Split Jumper - Topshop
10. Monochrome A-Line Skirt - New Look
11. Khaki Sleeveless Blazer - New Look
12. Jacquard Weave Dress - H & M

Let me know in the comment section what it is you're hoping to add to your Autumn wardrobe! Also, if there are any online shops you would recommend, help a girl out ;)

Hope you're all having a fantastic week! I'll chat to ya'll on Thursday in my next post.

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A Blogger & Her Pet | Kirsty & Millie

3 Sep 2015

Hey guys and dolls! It's time for my second instalment in my 'Blogger & her pet' series. If you want to find out more and have a peep at last weeks blogger and her lovely pooches click here. This week I chatted to Kirsty from Think Like Kirst  about her gorgeous long haired chihuahua named Millie. I think Millie is so cute and I'm always very interested in long haired chihuahua as my dogs daddy was one! Right, that's enough of the chit chat, here's what I asked Kirsty:

1. What's your favourite thing about having a pet? They love you unconditionally and are always there for you.

2. Millie is such a cute name, is there any reason behind it? Millie was named after Millie Mackintosh from the TV series Made In Chelsea. I was (still am) kind of obsessed with that program and Millie was the best out of all the guys and girls on the programme at the time. She was so sassy but lovely, and a bit girly and - over time, Millie has become a sassy little lion but still lovable and very girly. So I guess that was the right name for her after all! 

3. If you could describe Millie in 3 words what would they be? Crazy, energetic and loving.

4. How is Millie doing now that her best friend Meg has passed away? Do you think you will ever get her another companion? Not too bad -she's always had another dog around since we've had her, so now there's just her I think she gets a bit lonely. Meg was Millie's best friend and one of the only dogs she ever loved. They used to lie on top of each other or chase each other round until one got fed up. Millie was forever teasing Meg! I do think we will get another one but not just yet. The house feels weird with just one dog.

5. Are there any rules Millie breaks a lot?  Not really, just barking at the new bird, eating the pretty plants and she's also a blanket stealer! But if she ever does something really bad, she lies on the floor with her paws over her nose which makes it hard to be mad at her for a long period of time.

6. What are Millie's favourite activities? Running up and down the garden with a toy in her mouth and not giving it back, sleeping, walking, shopping (going to Pets At Home & her secret hiding place aka. her bag), cuddles and playing hide and seek with my pillows. She also does the occasional modelling with my clothes and loves hiding from the camera!
7. Tell us a bit about your blog and share your links! I own a lifestyle and fashion blog, mixed with a bit of music, a bit of Disney and a few Millie related posts. If you like that kind of thing - come over and say hello on Think Like Kirst. You can also follow me and check out more of Millie’s adventures here:  Twitter | Bloglovin' | Facebook | Instagram 

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August According to Instagram

1 Sep 2015

It's the first of September already guys, it's officially in to the final few months of the year! What better way to begin a new month than reflecting on the one that has passed. Remembering its highlights and documenting it forever. I have been addicted to Instagram lately so I thought some of the pictures from my feed throughout August would make a nice summation of all the little things in the month.
Top - Bottom, Left - Right
1 | A delicious steak burger dinner complete with carmalised onions (my favourite topping) 
2 | Snuggling in the duvet with some coffee and a good book - 'To Kill a Mockingbird' to be precise. 
3 | Some warmer weather this month lead to yummy brunches outside in the garden.
4 | Pretty flowers in my garden. I'm going to miss these colours in winter.
5 | Watching the rain come across the sky in the comfort of my cosy room.
6 | Little selfie in the wild grass with my best friend.
7 | The cutest little ivy covered cottage in Cong.
8 | Scrumptious home-made mushroom soup at my cousins house.
9 | Picking brussel sprouts from our garden with my mam.
10 | Craving taking photographs with this bad boy.
11 | The inevitable shameless selfie. Love this lipstick, Revlon balm stain in 'Crush'
12 | Cider with my man on a Friday night - it doesn't get much better than that!

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How has August been for you? Have you had any major events and adventures or was it a quiet one like mine? Do you have anything planned for September? I always feel like it's a great month for new beginnings if you're starting back at school or university! I would love to hear from you all in the comment section.

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