June Favourites

30 Jun 2015

Hey everyone! I can't believe it's July tomorrow! I know, I know, we all say this in every monthly favourites but really, this year is flying by so quickly. It's the middle of summer already, I really wish the weather would start catching up with how it's meant to be haha. I hear there's a big heat wave in Britain at the minute? I'm so jealous of you guys. It's pretty warm here like 20-23 degrees but it's so overcast and I just want it to be all bright and pleasant and get to wear my new sunnies! Speaking of which... lets move on to my June Favourites!


Silver Shoes - I saw these on sale in Tesco for only €9.50 and I thought they were such a bargain considering they were €20 to start with! I tried them on and they were SO comfy but I couldn't decide whether or not to buy them because I wasn't too sure about their sparkly-ness. However I have worn these so much already that I know buying them was a good decision.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan MouseThis is my sisters bottle, she gave it to me last week to try out and see if I like it before purchasing it myself and man do I like it! I never use fake tan but this summer I've gotten more interested in the possibility of bronzing myself up so I have been looking out for a good fake tan. This applies so easily and evenly. You have to take a shower 1-3 hours after applying it depending on how deep you want your tan. I leave it for just one hour and it gives me a gorgeous, natural looking golden glow. I will definitely be buying my own bottle!

Maybeline Dream Fresh BB CreamI bought this for my holiday to Italy because I really didn't want to be using heavy foundation in the heat and this looked like a lovely light alternative with a spf 30! I have been using this all the time throughout June, I love it SO much. Since my skin is being really good lately (praise the lord!) this is all the coverage I need. It makes my face look very radiant and fresh and I feel like it's so much better for my skin than wearing foundation. 

Soap & Glory Clean on Me, Flake Away and The Righteous ButterI got the travel/trial size versions of these to see what they were like because I really didn't want to fork out lots for the full size incase I didn't enjoy them! I'm not really a body care person but I'm trying to be better. These are gorgeous and smell DIVINE. It sounds stupid but I actually prefer showering more since buying these, they make it so much more luxurious. The smell lasts on my skin and it leaves it so smooth and silky. I lurve!

Wet n' Wild LipsticksWet n' Wild has only recently arrived in Ireland and I was very eager to try some of their products out since it's as cheap as chips. I started with the lipsticks. I bought 'Mauve outta here' a gorgeous purply-pink 'Barbie' colour and 'RoseBud' (which I couldn't find for this picture, forever losing lipsticks me!) which is a lovely muted, neutral red. These are only around €3 but they are really good, long lasting and non-drying despite being matte.

Primark SunniesI love these half frame sunnies from Primark that I got for only €3.50. Funky sunglasses are SO in right now and even though these are on the safer side I love them and feel 10x cooler whenever I stick them on.


Hilary Duff 'Breathe In, Breathe Out' - Ok I don't know about you but this girl was my childhood Idol. I was in love with her from about the ages of 9 to 13. So when I seen that she was back on the scene with a new album I was very eager to check it out and I am so happy to say that she did not disappoint. I love how Hilary is one of the few child stars who didn't go all cray, cray. Her music isn't entirely different to her past but it is a bit more grown up and edgy than her previous stuff. This album has got a dance-pop feel. I'm not the best at describing music but I would listen to this getting ready for a night out. Have a listen if you haven't already, the whole album is up on Spotify! My favourite tracks are 'Tattoo' (written by Ed Sheeran) and 'Confetti'. 

'My Mad Fat Diary' - MMFD came back for it's final season this month! YAY! Although, I'm so sad that it's going to be over soon. I really love this TV series. It's one show that manages to be so deep, talks about issues we all struggle with, can be difficult to watch sometimes but can also be so so hilarious and uplifting. 

So there we have it, some of my favourites of the month. Let me know if you are loving any of these things too in the comments section down below. Also, let me know if there are any products you think I would like and try out. I would love to do some more monthly favourites but I don't try a whole lot of new things every month that I could talk about. So I am definitely open for suggestions of some new things to try! I would also love to hear what your favourite music and tv show is at the moment!
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My Current Feelings Towards Blogging

29 Jun 2015

It's 2.10am and I have no idea why I am still up but I'm just not tired and catching up on some of my favourite blogs is a far more appealing option than bed right now! I'll regret this in the morning no doubt and I will be super mad I didn't get into bed when I could. 

I have been thinking so much about blogging lately which may surprise you as I have been a bit dormant around these parts, only posting twice this month which is unusual for me. I have been thinking about how much I really love blogging, how it allows me to be so creative and have so much fun but at the same time I'm at a complete loss as to what to write about.

Whatever ideas I do come up with I either think they would take far too much effort or just wouldn't be 'good enough' for the blogging world. I guess I see so many amazing bloggers and blogs out there who treat blogging so seriously, who carefully plan out what they are going to post about, how they are going to promote it, how to get more traffic to it and how to ultimately grow their blog. Seeing all of this makes me think that this is what I NEED to be doing too. 

Being influenced by others can be a great thing. It inspires me and motivates me but sometimes I wish that I could do whatever the heck I wanted without worrying whether or not it's good enough to put out in to the amazing 'blogging world' or if anyone else would do it / find it interesting. For example, right now I'm thinking I shouldn't write this blog post because some of the rules of blogging are - 'make drafts' (this will be only written once), 'post at peak times' (um 2am is hardly the height of activity) and 'have something important/useful/interesting to say' (I don't even know what  this post is about) otherwise there is absolutely no point in writing this because it won't 'grow my blog' in any way. 

But maybe there is a point in writing this? These are my thoughts and feelings and that's what should be put on a blog. A blog is PERSONAL so why shouldn't I write what I want to write without worrying so much about whether or not it's of a high enough standard. 

I really want my blog to be a place I can go to and just write out my train of thoughts whenever and wherever I want because that's what I enjoy doing and it really benefits me. I want to stop worrying so much about what people will think. Who cares if this post only gets 10 views, I want this to just be my space for ME and if someone else wants to join in then that's amazing. 

So I'm trying to make that switch in my brain. To move my mind frame around blogging and to start seeing it differently. I want to stop letting it scare me. I am feeling uncomfortable with my blog at the moment because I am putting so much pressure on myself for it to be really good. I want to embrace it again and not be afraid to use it how I wish. 

I'm not sure if I explained myself very well or if any of this made sense, but if you think it did and you can empathise, do let me know in the comments so we can give each other a little virtual encouraging pat on the back!
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Beautiful Lake Garda, Italy

24 Jun 2015

Hey everyone! So if you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter or if you have read my last blog post you will know that I am just back from a week in Italy. I went with my parents, brother, sister and my sisters husband and three kids so it was a big family affair. I have decided to make three blog posts about the trip. This one will be an overview of our whole week by the lake. The next one will focus on our half a day in Verona and my final one will be all about our day trip to lovely Venice.

We stayed at a Euro camp called Bella Italia which is on the shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. It was a huge camp consisting of loads of bungalows, apartments and caravans. My sister and her family had a bungalow whilst the rest of us had an apartment. The camp had four amazing outdoor pools, several bars and restaurants, a supermarket, and heaps of activities going on throughout the day. You honestly wouldn't need to leave the camp at all because it had everything and there was lots to do.
The lake itself was absolutely gorgeous with perfect clean and clear water. It had a little pebble beach at our shore with a gorgeous backdrop of high mountains. The lake was full of swans and ducks which were actually quiet friendly and there would always be little kids feeding them.

On Monday, we rented out a boat to take on the lake. It was €55 for one hour and it was so worth it! It was so beautiful out on the lake and we all had a turn at driving the boat. I never felt as cool as I did right at that moment, haha! My niece Sophie said "this is the life" whilst we were on the boat and she sure is right, if only we could do this every day, right?!

The water park at the camp was so much fun. God, I really miss the pool. What I wouldn't do to be back in that lovely heat where jumping in the cold water was such a relief. Then coming out and sunbathing on a lounger for a while. Overall the holiday wasn't very relaxing, there was a lot of going and traveling but we did spend a couple of hours, two or three days chilling by the pool, which was lovely.
On the Wednesday we went for a mooch around the little town closet to where we were staying called Pescheira and it was stunning. Very Italian, complete with cobble streets, shutters and flower window boxes on balcony's. We went for dinner on a little floating restaurant on the river and it was definitely my favourite place we ate at all week (we went out for dinner every night) I had the most delicious pasta with mozarella balls (I had pizza nearly so much so this was a good change) and it was just a beautiful setting, at sunset with my whole family.
On the last day of our holidays we took a drive by the lake (we had rented a 9 seater car!) we went up through some really high mountains. Seriously, my mum was freaking out we were up so high, and all our ears popped haha. We drove through some of the cutest little Italian towns and villiages and we decided to stop in a little town called Malcesine to get some food (pizza for me of course!). This placed looked amazing, it was nestled in between the mountains and the lake and had a huge castle on its shore.
I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my holiday to Italy. This just skims the surface of the amazing week I had but it's some of the highlights and some of the best pictures (I took over 700 oops!) Overall, I really loved Italy, it's such an impressive country. It's so green and beautiful with gorgeous flowers everywhere. The people are so friendly and the food is amazing. I would definitely go back to Italy again, I would love to see more of the country.
Watch out for my blog posts all about Verona and Venice coming up soon! Have any of you been to Italy? If so, what part? Where should I go to next?!

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I'm Back With A Quick Catch-Up

18 Jun 2015

Hey Everyone! Remember me? It's been too long! Three whole weeks without a blog post. I think that might be a record for me. I have been so busy these past few weeks that I decided to take a break from blogging to focus on 'real life'. I've just been really enjoying life and I wanted to spend more time taking in the moment rather than looking at my phone or computer screen. I've had such a great and well needed internet detox!

So what have I been doing since we last spoke, you might ask... I'll tell you now! The Leaving Certificate exams were taking place from June 3rd (end of high school exams to get in to university) and I was working as a reader for a student so I had to read his papers for him and help him spell etc. Sitting in a classroom for hours on end being super quiet made me feel like I was back doing my own exams and it was surprisingly tiring!

On a more exciting note, I spent a week in ITALY with my family. My parents, brother, sister, her husband and her three kids. It was amazing to spend quality time with them all doing exciting things without any distractions (there was no WiFi anywhere!) We spent the week on the shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. It was beyond beautiful and so hot! We also visited Verona and Venice. I won't say anymore, I want to do a couple of blog posts about my trip (I took over 700 pictures!) 

Since I've come home I've been thinking about my blog and to be honest I had to force myself to write this. I think I've gotten lazy after getting out of the swing of things. I feel like this post will be a kind of ice-breaker in to me blogging again! I can't tell you when I'll be back in to a regular schedule, I'm just going to blog wherever, whenever for now! I hope that's cool with you guys. I'm kind of scared to check my bloglovin' feed and how much posts I've missed out on haha. I need to catch up on all your lovely blogs!
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