A Blogger & Her Pet | Charlotte, Olly & Ricky

27 Aug 2015

Hey everyone! I am so excited to introduced you to my new blog series 'A blogger and her pet(s)' which will be featuring on my blog over the next six weeks. Each week I will be talking to a different blogger all about their furry friends. If you love animals as much as I do I hope you will enjoy this series!

Without further ado, lets meet my first guest of the series Charlotte from 'Charlotte's Road' and her gorgeous English setter Ricky (2) and his big brother, a collie cross, Olly (4).
Ricky (Left) Olly (Right)
1. You adopted both Olly and Ricky from animal shelters/charities...Was it important to you to get your pets this way? Would you recommend others go about it the same way? The dog we had before them was a pedigree, but after he died, we found that the best way to get over his death was to get another dog. As there are thousands of dogs around the country that have been abandoned or their owners can’t look after them anymore, it was important to my family that we gave a dog a second chance. We adopted Olly first, when he was 9 weeks from the UK charity Many Tears and two years later we adopted Ricky from the same charity, who was 8 months at the time. I’d really recommend others to adopt a pet as they can help an animal in need.

2. Do Olly and Ricky get on well with each other? When we went to meet Ricky for the first time, they got on well together but it took Olly a lot of getting used to, in terms of sharing his toys and home with another dog. Ricky is a little like the annoying younger brother, and always wants the toy that Olly is playing with and they will play the occasional tug of war. They do get on well, though sometimes Ricky will nudge Olly out of the way if he thinks it’s his turn for a cuddle.

3. What are their personality differences? They are both very sweet-natured dogs but they are quite different in their personalities. Olly is obsessed with having his tennis ball thrown for him and will get demanding sometimes if you don’t throw it for him. He is also really caring, and if you ever cry or get hurt, he’ll come over to comfort you. Ricky loves a good cuddle and will lean his head on your shoulder every time. He is the sassiest looking dog as he sits with his front legs crossed and positions his head at funny angles. Ricky also loves meeting new dogs and chasing them around our local park, Olly likes meeting new dogs too but prefers his ball.  

4. You said Ricky was a terror when you first got him, how did you learn how to train him and what tips would you give to other pet owners in a similar situation? When we first got him he was naughty but as he hates being shouted at, he soon got the hang of what was right and wrong in the house. However, when we took him for walks he had serious recall problems and it took him a long while to respond to his name. Setters are known to take a bit longer than other breeds of dogs to train, so to train him to come back we bought a long lead and a tonne of treats to reward him when he responded.

5. What is something small that your pets do that makes you smile every day? Coming downstairs for breakfast is always lovely as they get excited to see me in the morning. Individually, Olly’s puzzled facial expressions and him playing with his ball on a string (he swings it round in circles and hits himself with it) make me smile. Ricky will growl at the stripey rug when he wants to play and after stroking him, if he wants more he’ll paw at you like a cat.

6. Would you say Olly and Ricky prefer the indoors or the outdoors more? They tend to prefer the outdoors more, Olly likes to bark at our neighbour that smokes in his back garden and Ricky enjoys sunbathing and watching world go by (and birds). But Olly is terrified of storms and seeks shelter in the toilet or under a desk if he hears them, and Ricky has his favourite armchair in the living room and enjoys watching TV, especially when animals are on.
7. Tell us a bit about your blog and share your links! My blog is called Charlotte’s Road, on which I write about my unhealthy obsession with beauty, fashion and burgers. You can keep up to date with my latest posts on Bloglovin’. I also rant about said obsessions on Twitter and Instagram if you want to come say hi or follow me over on one of them!

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Blogs I'm Loving | August

18 Aug 2015

Hey everyone! I absolutely love discovering new blogs. There are so many out there and I am constantly finding new little gems to add to my Bloglovin' feed. I really believe in supporting fellow bloggers so I thought I would share four blogs I have discovered this month that I am really enjoying and that I think you would all enjoy too. So without further ado, lets take a look at my picks and why it is I love them!


Ok first off, April's blog is so aesthetically pleasing and that is an absolute must for me (blog design envy right here!) This blog is right up my street as April shares her experiencecs and adventures through her amazing photographs. She's a seriously talented photographer. Her recipe posts are literally mouth watering but my favourite are her travel posts. She documents her trips from near and far and she makes me wish I was there too! If you like a lifestyle blog, you honestly can't get much better than this. 
My Favourite Post Cruising the Med / Mykonos (and her entire 'Cruising the Med' series)
April's Links - Bloglovin' | Twitter | Instagram


I love discovering great fellow Irish bloggers because there really isn't that many of us around here so I was very excited to discover Amy's blog. This is primarily a beauty blog and I find her posts so informative with crystal clear pictures. I love her 'Currently Loving' posts and her life updates, her personality really comes across in her blog which can be tricky to find in a beauty blog if you ask me. Amy also makes YouTube videos which I need to check out, I have a feeling they're really good if her blog is anything to go by!
Amy's Links - Bloglovin' | TwitterInstagram 


This is another fabulous lifestyle blog that I discovered this month. Pippa's blog consists of gorgeous photos of days out around the UK as well as her town of Lisbon, Portugal. I love posts like this because it allows me to see places in the world that I have never been and it's always interesting to read about what others get up to. I really love getting to know people through their blogs and Pippa shares lots of her life on there which is lovely to follow. I discoverd Pippa's blog through her Instagram which, as the young one's would say "is goals" haha.
My Favourite Post - Brighton Day Trip
Pippa's Links - Bloglovin' | Twitter Instagram


This is another blog I've discovered through Instagram (I've been finding a lot this way lately!) and it is sooo good. It's a beautiful lifestyle blog where Lucy shares her life with us from things that she is grateful for each week, her experience as a newly wed and lots of helpful life advice. I love when bloggers open up and are honest like this. It's just lovely to sit down with a cup of tea, read a few posts and feel like you can really relate to someone. Go check out Lucy's blog - I promise you'll love it, it deserves lots more followers!
My Favourite Post - Thinking Positive
Lucy's Links - Bloglovin' | Twitter | Instagram

I hope you get a chance to check some of these blogs out and love them as much as I do! Each time I share my blog monthly favourites I'm going to add a button for each of the blogs to my sidebar. These will stay there until my next favourites post!
 What are your favourite blogs to read at the moment? Let me know in the comments down below so I can go and have a look.

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Five Happy Things

16 Aug 2015

I have to start by saying how unbelievably cute is that picture of Nicky? He seriously looks like a little fox! I usually put a collage of four photos for my 'Five Happy Things' post but I love this picture so much I thought it deserved a special feature haha. This week and weekend has been very quiet for me but of course, as always, there are things to smile about. So here are my five little things.

1 / New sports wear - I treated myself in 'Lifestyle Sports' this week to some new 'Vans' runners and some 'Adidas' tracksuit bottoms which I love and are so comfy. I haven't taken them off me since. New clothes always cheer me up and I don't often buy sports wear so I'm super happy I got some things I need. 
2 / Tumble in the grass with Nicky & my nephew - Sunny weather means there is no where to be but outdoors soaking up the much needed vitamin D. At the end of our garden we have some overgrown grass so I had some fun playing hide and seek in it with my nephew and doggy. Yes, I know, such a child! There is nothing like being outdoors in the fresh air to lift my mood.
3 / New blog ideas - This week I've been thinking about my blog a lot as I really want to develop more of a regular schedule. I decided I wanted to do a series that involves other bloggers and I've came up with the idea of interviewing people about themselves and their pets. I think it would be a cute weekly feature here because everyone likes looking at cute little creatures! I've got 5 girls signed up to participate already but if you want to be featured in the future email me - I look forward to hearing from you!
4 / Waffles with chocolate and ice-cream - I looove waffles and when I saw they do them in 'Burger King' for only €1.90 I couldn't resist. Yummy. Go check them out if there's a BK near you!
5 / Going to the bog - Ok so this is probably a weird one and a very Irish country one. I'm not sure if everyone around the world knows what a bog is because they are only found in cool-temperate climates. Basically, it's a peat bog where we get turf to burn for heat. This week my dad was bringing ours home from the bog so I had to help him fill and un-fill in to the shed a few trailor fulls. It's pretty tough on the back, all that bending over but I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed the dad-daughter bounding, the fresh air, wearing old clothes and getting absolutely filthy without it mattering. I am a true country girl at heart.

It was pretty tough to think of five things because as I said it's been such an uneventful week, but there we have it - my five happy things! 

Let me know in the comments how your week & weekend has been and if you have anything planned for the coming week.

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Being Negative Online

14 Aug 2015

This week I have been feeling really crappy. I have so many things on my mind right now and it was one of those weeks where I wished I could be anyone else but me. Do you ever feel like you're the unluckiest person in the world, like nothing ever seems to go right for you? and then you look around and everyone else seems to have the perfect life and you wonder why you had to be so misfortune to end up with the life you got?! It's sounds awful I know, because I really am incredibly lucky to have the life I have. I saw the quote "Someone else would kill for your 'bad' day" and it really struck me because it is so true. I have so many things that a large percentage of the worlds population don't - health, shelter, food, an education, the list goes on.

Despite being aware of this I was still a moody lil' biatch for the majority of the week. I have just been feeling seriously unmotivated to do anything. Everything just seems so hopeless and when I stop and think about things in my life for too long I get really upset at how unhappy I am with some aspects of it. 

God I really hate complaining like this on here. I like to be positive and cheery and share the good stuff. But I think it's important to be real too. I want to be transparent, I want to be relatable to all of my lovely blogging friend and besides, why is it so bad to talk about feeling down? It's a valid emotion that we all experience. We all get stressed and feel hopeless at times and I don't see why we, as bloggers who share our lives, shouldn't share those parts of life too.

I was looking at my Instagram which is basically a summation of our lives in little cubes and I was thinking how nice my feed looks. It's full of pictures of flowers, carefully constructed selfies, delicious food and lovely days out and I thought "God, I wish that's all my life really was" There is so much going on below the surface, some issues bigger than others but they are there. The thing is it's not just me, EVERYONE is the same, we all have our problems, fears, worries and stresses and I just think it sucks how we all try to hide them. I'm not saying we should tell everyone every detail of our personal lives on our blogs, twitter or Instagram but sometimes it's just nice when someone recognises the fact that there actually having a shit day so you realise that it's ok, you're not the only one. It makes you feel less alone in your loneliness because if we're all alone, we're all together in that too. 

Right, It's time to stop because I think I am probably beginning to not make sense, this is a bit of a word vomit post haha. 

Let me know in the comments what you think of being negative online, should we filter everything to look and sound perfect or should we recognise when we are feeling down, realise that it's ok, we all feel like this and give each other virtual hugs? I definitely want to say the latter.

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A Rainy Day in Cong

12 Aug 2015

Hey everyone! Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went on a little road trip to the village of Cong. Friday was a beautiful day so we presumed Saturday would be the same, we were wrong, veeery wrong. It was a yucky drizzly day but we didn't let that stop our plans! Cong is a really cute little touristy village situated on a small island surrounded by streams. It is right next to Lough Corrib, the biggest lake in the Republic. The village was also the setting of a really famous 1950's Hollywood movie called 'The Quiet Man' so there are lots of references to that throughout the place. Such as cafés and bars named after it and the statue of the protagonists. 

It has an astonishing Castle that is now a 5 star hotel right on the shores of Lough Corrib. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and grounds. We didn't get to get too close to the castle or walk around the grounds because there was a charge of €5 each and since it was raining we figured it wouldn't be worth it. Instead we took a short walk over one of the streams up as far as the castle. We then went to the pub for some food and to watch a bit of a Gaelic football match. So Irish. 

The last time (and only other time) I was in Cong it was a really gorgeous day and it looked so beautiful. The lake and streams were sparkling in the sun and the village is so quaint and traditionally Irish. It still looked rather pretty in the miserable weather so I took some snaps to share with you all on here, I hope you like them!
I do love going off the beaten track for a bit and spending some time in a new environment, I really want to visit some more places that are close to me but I've never been to, even if we do end up spending most of the visit in the pub due to the typically rubbish weather - it's still fun! 
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Five Happy Things

9 Aug 2015

Hey everyone, Long time no post, I know! These 'Five Happy Things' post have like, not been consistent whatsoever in months, but hey, what harm?! I felt like doing one for the week gone by because it was a pretty good week which I would love to document and share with you all. So here are the five little things that made me happy this week. 

1 / Visiting Cong - Cong is a very pretty little village about 50 minutes away from me. It's on the shores of a lake and is surrounded by streams. It also has a stunning castle that is a five star hotel. It really is a gorgeous setting so it was nice to take a walk around there and grab a bit of pub grub. I'll share my pictures about this little adventure in a blog post on Wednesday!
2 / Drinks in pub covered in bric-a-brac - My boyfriend and I went to check out a really old Irish pub in the city and it was insaaaane. It was so overwhelming when we walked in the door first because there were things EVERYWHERE. There wasn't an inch of wall or ceiling left uncovered. It was full of antique tools, vintage posters, maritime equipment, it was really fun to chill there for awhile because there was so much to look at.
3 / Lying in the sunshine - This summer has been the worst in 50 years or something crazy so it was really nice to get one dry and bright day this week on Friday. I tried not to waste it, I spent it outside in the city. The city has such a wonderful atmosphere when the sunshine's, everyone is in a great mood and it's so busy around. More please!
4 / Visiting Cousins - On Wednesday my Mum, Sister and nieces and nephew took a trip to visit some of my cousins. It was lovely to see them and spend the day at their house. We went for a bit of shopping too where I bought a new pink blouse with black hearts - oops, I'm trying to save but it was too pretty!
5 / Foooood - So this is a bit general but I feel like I had lots of yummy food this week which always makes me happy. From home-made mushroom soup at my cousins house, to wraps I made myself (pictured), delicious food in the pub in Cong and a little naughty McDonalds thrown in there for good measure. 

I feel like there is something I'm missing that I wanted to talk about hmmm, I don't know! But it sure was a great week mostly thanks to the company of my friends and family.

Let me know in the comments how you are and something you are loving about life at the minute!

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