Patricia Piccinni's Relativity Art Expo

24 Jul 2015

Hello my lovely blogging friends! A somewhat different blog post from me today, different in just about every sense of the word! In my summer bucket list post I said I wanted to go to Patricia Piccini's art exhibition whilst her work is in Galway, I also said I wanted to record more things I have done and put them on my blog so I guess I'm really sticking to my bucket list hey!

The Galway Arts Festival is an annual event that has been running here in Galway (duh!) for the past two weeks. Basically, throughout the two weeks the finest art, music, literature, theatre, dance, comedy and so on are showcased in the city. The highlight of it is the music festival where this year Kodaline, The Corana's, St.Vincent, Little Green Cars, Damien Rice and lots more have played. Sadly I didn't get tickets to any of the gigs (I'm not much of a gig person anyway!) 

Some of my friends were talking about this exhibition of Patricia Piccinni's sculptures that was happening as part of the arts festival. They were saying how strange they were and I really wanted to go and witness the weirdness for myself. So on Wednesday when my boyfriend and I were around the city I forced him to come. Hey, it's something different to do, right?!

So here are some of the pretty unsettling creations by the artist on display.
If you would like to know a little more about the artist and what the sculptures are about you can read the little extract above that was on one of the walls.
Freaky stuff huh? The children looked so life-like! When I walked in the door and saw the little boy on all the chairs I had a rush of panic of out of fear for his safety until I realised he wasn't real, haha. There were one or two other things on display also, but they were so disgusting I didn't want to look at them long enough to thing looked like some testicles flattened against a wall. Very odd indeed. Overall though, despite some of the disgusting-ness it was pretty cool to see. 
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My Summer Bucket List

23 Jul 2015

So, amazingly, it's approaching the end of July already! As much as I hate to say this, summer will be over before we know it (oh how depressing) but August and September can be pretty good months weather-wise here in Ireland and arguably could be classed as summer so I have decided to make a little bucket list of some of the things I would like to do before summer bows out for good. There's nothing majorly exciting on this list. Just some very simple things that I would like to do to make the most of the season! 
  • Read 'Paper Towns' and see it in the cinema
  • Visit Coole Park and have a picnic
  • Go on a road-trip to Ashford castle and Cong
  • Go to see 'Patricia Piccinini's' art exhibition while it's in Galway
  • Spend at least one day at the Galway Races and bet on a horse this time!
  • Print out photos from my camera
  • Have a BBQ with my family
  • Learn to cook a new recipe 
  • Go on the Ferris wheel
  • See some live music in a bar
  • Have a cocktail
  • Go to a movie on the beach (if weather permits)
  • Take pictures of these adventures and record them on my blog
I'm going to try really hard to do all of these things by September - wish me luck! Let me know in the comments something you really want to do this summer (or winter if you're in the southern hemisphere!) Also, I would love to know if you're good at sticking to a bucket list and achieving everything you put on it. I haven't really ever written down one before but I think I will find it useful to look back on and remind myself of the things I want to do.

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Mid-Week Rambles | Stress, Decisions, Life!

22 Jul 2015

Hey my blogging friends! So the 1am itch to write a blog post has struck yet again and there's no way I can go to sleep until I scratch it. By scratch it I mean write a random rambling post about my life, and all the feels I have at the moment. Ahh this is always so theraputic. So here it goes, time to let those thoughts fall out of my head and on to the screen!

So speaking of my head, it is all over the place at the moment. It is full of stress about the future, namely, my career. If you don't know this, I'm a secondary school teacher. I'm currently unemployed. I finished up my last job for the summer and have nothing lined up to go back to. It is SO difficult to get a teaching job in my country, and getting a permanent one only comes after years of moving from school to school building up experience doing cover and substitute work. Man do I have a fun career path ahead of me *not* It honestly causes me so much worry not knowing a) when I will get my next job b) where it could possibly be, and c) when in my life will I be settled in one place for good and finally be 'sorted' finally have reached 'happiness' I am so scared of the unknown. I'd much rather have it all planned out, but that's not possible.

Now, after applying for so many positions I have been offered an interview in a school 3 hours away from where I live and I don't even know if I want to go to it. I mean, it's a 3 hour drive and it's on at 10 am. I mean there's no way I would drive that far and there are no buses that early. I wouldn't mind that if I actually thought there was a chance of getting the job, I would find a way. But my chances are extremely slim. It's a mostly Irish speaking school and since I am not a fluent Irish speaker I would be at a big disadvantage. Also, the board of management in that location is equal opportunities so it has to interview all applicants. The experience of an interview would be great but is it really worth going that far for something that's very unlikely to come good? These thoughts are messing up my head even more. Why can't I just be confident and believe in the possibility that I could actually get this job? I am far too much of a realist. I really wish I was a go-getter. Sometimes, I think I need to take a leap of faith and believe in the impossible. But honestly, I don't know what to do. 

That's life I guess. It's stressful and full of difficult choices.

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Five Happy Things

19 Jul 2015

Wow it's been around 2 months since I last posted a 'five happy things' post. I've been kind of chill on the blog front lately but I really want to bring back this series as I really enjoy recording my week and searching for the things that made me happy. Sometimes it's really easy to overlook the happy things and take them for granted especially when you're having a difficult week. This week hasn't been the best one for me. I have been so worried about something (that I probably have no reason to be worried about) that I have been feeling physically ill in my stomach, it is not fun. Anyway, time to forget about that and focus on the good stuff.
1/ Spending time outdoors in the very rare Irish sunshine at the beginning of the week was lovely. Raking up the cut grass with my brother, niece and nephew. Bringing my niece to the playground and being a kid myself by going on everything with her was far too much fun. 

2/ Going for a walk in a place in the city I have never been to before with my boyfriend followed by some caual spaghetti bolognaise on the bed and 'Into The Wild' on the laptop. It's the simple things y'know?!

3/ Getting to bed early on Wednesday night and streaming (probably illegally but shhh) 'The Longest Ride' - such a cute and romantic movie. But it is Nicholas Sparks so what else is to be expected. Go and see it girls!

4/ New bed sheets - really, is there anything better than getting in to fresh bed sheets? Nope, I don't think there is.

5/ Pasta Parmesana has become my comfort food this week. All them carbs, I know, I know. But how can I resist such delicious cheesy goodness!

This week was pretty unevenful, as you can probably tell haha. Somehow, I am wrecked though. I just can't function with less than 8 hours sleep and I stayed up really late last night watching 50 shades of Grey. Full of regrets, not just because I'm tired now but because the movie was pretty terrible! haha. Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.
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The Love/Hate Tag

12 Jul 2015

Hey everyone! It's been sooooo long since I last did a tag post so when I was tagged by Ashley to do the Love/Hate tag I thought why not! Some people might think tags are a lazy attempt at a blog post but I actually find them really enjoyable to read especially ones like these where you get to know the blogger a little bit better. 


The rules are simple - List ten things you love and ten things you hate (dislike) then tag 10 bloggers to do the tag next.


  1. My nieces & nephew - I love all of my family of course, I really am so lucky to have such a close and loving family. But my nieces and nephew are so little, cute and fun. They can brighten up the dullest of days and there is no medicine quiet like one of their hugs.
  2. Make-Up - I really love make-up. You might find that hard to believe as this isn't exactly a beauty blog. I guess I just don't really enjoy writing reviews and things like that but I do really love trying out new make-up. It's so fun to experiment with. It's probably what I spend most of my money on - lipsticks in particular!
  3. Blogging & reading blogs - This may be an obvious one but golly gosh do I love blogging. I'm pretty much obsessed with so many blogs and I of course love writing my own here. It allows me to get things off my mind and to express my creativity. It makes me so happy.
  4. Pizza - I was going to just write food because I really do love stuffing my face with almost anything but I thought I would be more specific and say pizza because that is definitely one of my favs. I will go for almost any topping too but surprisingly, I don't like pepperoni!
  5. 'Home & Away' - I watch 'Home and Away' every single day without fail. I just love the sunny setting and how everyone is so lovely and kind to each other (in general) compared to every other soap *cough* 'Eastenders' *cough*
  6. Being in nature - Whether it's going for a walk down the road or taking a trip to the beach on a sunny day I really don't think there's anything better than being outdoors in the fresh air. I'm soooo glad I live in the countryside, if I'm in the city even just for a day I'm dreaming about seeing some fields and hearing the silence.
  7. My dog Nicky - If you've been reading my blog for awhile you will be well aware of how much in love with my dog I am. He is sooooo cute guys. He does the silliest things. For example, he plays with one little piece of food for ages, basically dances with it before eating it. He's so entertaining and makes me very happy.
  8. Spending time with friends - Hanging out with my friends is definitely something I absolutely love. Being around people who love you and have fun with you really does make you forget about all your worries! It doesn't matter if it's a night out or sat at home watching a dvd.
  9. Music - Well, who doesn't love music? I've never heard anyone say they disliked music. Imagine life without it?! I can't say what genre in particular I like because for me it's more about how the song makes you feel than the genre.
  10. Sleeping In - I am certainly not a morning person so it will come as no surprise that I love not having to get up to an alarm. What's better? waking up thinking you need to be up, realising you don't and falling back in to a blissful sleep, haha.


  1. Flacky people - You know when people make really fun plans with you and you're sooo excited and preparing for days and then they call you up last minute saying they can't go because their aunties friends cousins dog went missing. That, I hate that.
  2. Cheese & onion crisps - Give me pretty much any other flavour of crisp and I will eat them happily. But really, cheese and onion leave a taste in my mouth that lasts for days eeeew.
  3. Traffic - Ugh I really hate traffic. The bumper to bumper, not moving at all kind. It makes me want to cry in my car.
  4. Seeing students outside of school - This makes me feel very uncomfortable. We all remember how awful it was seeing teachers outside of school, trust me, it's worse for the teacher. 
  5. Calls from unknown numbers - They freak me out every time and I think I'm in trouble somehow (don't ask how) I never answer and feel so anxious after wondering who it was.
  6. How I over-think things - I am such a worrier and read in to the smallest of things, often coming to the worst conclusion. It's very annoying.
  7. Rain in summer - You'd think I'd have accepted that it rains alot all year round here in Ireland but nope. It still pisses me off to no end. Today for example it was bucketing down! I want to be able to go outside and do fun things but the weather ruins everything. Going to the cinema gets boring!
  8. Tidying my room - I more hate how I can't keep it tidy. I have to tidy it SO often. Seriously, I don't know how it gets so messy so quick, I try to keep it neat I really do!
  9. Ignorance - Ashley said this too but I really hate when people are so selfish and can't see things from the perspectives of others, some people can be so rude and refuse to open their minds.
  10. Awkward silences - I absolutely hate when you're with someone who you're not very comfortable with and there's a silence and you're trying to think of what to say but then you think that whatever you do say would sound stupid and you get more and more uncomfortable.
There we have it some of my little loves and hates that come to mind! Now time for me to tag ten other bloggers to do this tag if they would like to. I'm going to be kinda random and choose the last 10 people who commented on my blog!...


Thanks for commenting lately girls! I hope you get a chance to do the tag, if you do - leave a link to the post below!

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Things I think of Whilst Drunk

10 Jul 2015

Hey guys and dolls! A couple of months ago I wrote this post listing some of the things I think of whilst driving and I decided another post of this nature was due! I loooove these kind of posts. Both reading them and writing them. It's so fun to feel like you can relate to someone. Today, I'm going to share with you some of the things I think and say when I am drunk. I don't want to sound wild here.... I don't get drunk very often at all. Once every 2 months at the very most, and I always try to drink responsibly, pace myself and stop when I know I've had enough. I like to get to a good tipsy-happy stage and this is usually what I'm thinking...

  • Why are the seagulls out at this time of night? Shouldn't they be asleep? Do they ever sleep? 
  • Oh my God, I just love you, I really love you so much, you make my life so much better!
  • AGH I'M SO HAPPY. Everything is amazing. Life is wonderful. I'm 22 and these are the times of my life!
  • Of course I can afford to buy another round of drinks YOLO.
  • I want to hug everyone! Even that stranger in the bathroom because she gave me some toilet paper when mine was gone. What a kind soul.
  • I absolutely hate the taste of Jaeger bombs but of course I will have one!
  • I really should fix up my lipstick and eye-liner....ahhh feck it it's grand, I look GREAT!
  • Mixing drinks is totally fine, I will be graaaand!
  • Wait, I should probably drink a glass of water now.
  • Don't even try hit on me right now because I don't know whether you're hot or I'm looking at you through beer goggles.
  • OMG I love this song! it brings back so many good memories...oh God, I'm going to cry now.. those were some good times.
  • I miss my friends I haven't seen in ages, I need to Facebook message them NOW even though it's 2am, YOLO.
  • Why can't I stop thinking of my boyfriend/ex I should text him at let him know I'm thinking of him/love him...lets just be honest and share how we really feel, life is too short!
  • I love life. I'm so glad I got to be born. 
  • WHY did I decide to wear a's taking me 20 mins to go for a pee! *Shouts in the bathroom* "Help, someone help me do it up" 
  • Oh God I could really go for some food now. Right everyone, lets go... I'm starving and need pizza or I think I'm legit going to die!
  • Hmm should I get a pizza or a burger. I'll get both, life is too short not to get both.
  • *Passing out over food* I am sooooo tired. Someone call a cab. I need my bed!
  • Ugh who's got time to take off their make-up and put on pyjamas *plonks on bed*
  • WAIT. I must think ahead and get a glass of water or my mouth will be like the Sahara dessert in the morning...ah feck it, I can't move.
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An Evening in Verona, Italy

8 Jul 2015

Hey guys and dolls! Time for my last post about my amazing trip to Italia. Honestly, I'm saving the best 'til last because I absolutely adored Verona! My family and I hadn't initially planned on visiting Verona during our stay at Lake Garda, but one evening we had some free time and since we had rented out a 9 seater car we thought why not go and explore the country a little. I was the one to suggest Verona because I knew it was only 30km away and I love seeing cities, especially ones so rich in culture and the setting of the most romantic love story in the world - Rome and Juliet.

When we had parked our car in Verona we walked up to a huge plaza by an amphitheatre, it looked like the centre of the city so we thought it was a good place to start! It was just our luck that a little tourist train had just pulled up. We hopped on and got to see the sights of the whole city for just €5 per person.

I was absolutely in awe during the train ride. The architecture was so stunning. It was full of amazing churches, castles and bell towers reminding me of the amazing history of the city.
Juliet's house was down a little alleyway off of a pedestrian street so when we got off the tourist train we went on a quest to find it and take a selfie in front of the balcony off of which the famous line "Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo" was uttered. The walls of the alleyway on to the opening where the house stood were covered in love notes written by tourists.I hope you got a little insight into what Verona is like. But really you got to be there to feel the atmosphere of this gorgeous city. So if you're every in northern Italy, you know this is one city you mustn't pass out!

If you want to find out more about my trip to Italy in general and the Lake Garda region where I spent the week then have a read of this blog post. If you want to see what Venice is like you can read all about that here.
Let me know in the comments what your favourite city you have visited is!

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My Day in Venice

2 Jul 2015

On Thursday the 11th of June, I spent the day in the prettiest town in the whole world, Venice. Venice has always been somewhere I have dreamt about seeing. Ever since I read the poem 'To See Venice and Die' by Herbert Nehrlich which suggests the only place left to see after Venice, that will top it, is heaven. 

I have to start by saying that Venice is the most surreal place I have ever and probably will ever be. I went with my dad, sister and brother on a guided tour from where we were staying in Lake Garda. The bus journey was just under 2 hours and we had to get a half hour boat in to the city. That was the most bizarre thing about this place, it was absolutely thronged with people. But there wasn't a sight of a single car, traffic light or any smell of fumes.  

It was SO hot, I mean 35 degrees celcius and being an Irish girl I was so not used to that. It was hard to bear but there was plenty of shade and a nice breeze every now and again. Thank be to God otherwise I don't think I'd be here to share the story with you! haha.
The first thing I noticed about the city was the remarkable architecture. It was amazing and it isn't hard to believe that Venice was the richest country in the world during the middle ages (yes it was a country once! The first ever democracy!) Venice was a flourishing trade centre between western Europe and the rest of the world. Basically the country was very important, very advanced and extremely rich. Eventually the city declined in the 15th century during a war against the Turks. It then lost it's independence when Napoleon Bonapart conquered it. Nowadays, it is little more than a museum of a city that once had it all. It was absolutely thronged with tourists and is very commercialised; most shops are Venetian merchandise. It really has the feel of this amazing city, that is so culturally rich, that people now just come to look and wonder at. 

The first thing we did when we arrived in Venice was go on a gondula. We had a 20 minute trip
through the canals of the city and it was lovely to see the place from this perspective. Boats are substitutes for cars here, it was so weird to see taxi boats pull up at hotels and watch hotel staff help people out of their boat! There were also boat buses! they looked just like subway carriages on water. Most of the buildings had entrances on to the water and one on to a pedestrian street.

After our ride on the gondulas, we went for lunch, followed by 2 free hours to explore the city by ourselves. My family and I walked around the streets, my sister and I had a look in H&M (something normal!) we payed €1.70 to pee in the public toilets, we visited the tourists shops, bought some Venetian masquerade masks and explored St Marks square. 

St Marks Square is the focus point of Venice, all streets lead to it. It is so big Bonaparte called it the biggest living room in Eurpope. All them windows though...

Right next to St. Marks Square was St. Marks cathedral. And oh wow. This was one heck of an amazing building. So many buildings in Venice were made entirely of gold and marble but this was definitely the most impressive. So breathtaking. Unfortunately, I couldn't go inside because my shoulders or ankles weren't covered! (stupid rules) but my dad went in, no pictures were allowed but he said it was absolutely unbelievable. 

I am so glad I took the opportunity to visit Venice. I was so tempted not to bother and to spend a relaxing day by the pool instead. But my dad was desperate to go, and when the trip was on for us I just had to do it! If you ever get the change to see Venice I highly recommend you do. It's one of the most unique places in the world.  
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