A Food Filled Sunday

28 May 2015

Last Sunday was a Super Sunday in every sense of the word. It was my cousins confirmation so my family and I travelled down to County Clare to spend the day with our favourite relatives. We went out for the most amazing dinner in a hotel in the town and MY GOD was the food delicious. Get ready for some serious food porn...

The menu was amazing, there was so much choice. For starters, I went for a peri peri chicken salad. I really wish I wrote down the fancy name and details of the dishes from the menu but this was quite simply the tastiest salad I ever had. Who knew that oranges in a salad could work quite so well?! It also contained lettuce, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, nuts, and probably other fancy stuff I'm not familiar with. Drool...
For the main course, I went for the beef with a gorgeous horseradish sauce and Yorkshire pudding. I was pretty full after the salad but don't worry, I managed to squeeze most of this in too. The beef was lovely and tinder and it was all oh-so tasty. 

The final meal I had in the hotel was a Rhubarb and Strawberry crumble with custard. This was a top class dessert. It was so hot and delicious and just wow. That's coming from someone who isn't a dessert person at all. This would be absolute heaven for those of you with a sweet tooth. 
All of the food in this hotel was superb and I found myself wishing I got what everyone else got even though I loved my own orders haha. 
My family and I spent some time in the hotel having drinks and watching a hurling match between Clare and Limerick. Everyone was super disappointed when Clare lost by one point, but it sure didn't ruin our day! We then went home to my cousins house and after a while of chats and giggles my cousins cracked out this amazing snickers cheese-cake. It was quickly gobbled up by 9 adults although I didn't have much, only a taste because I was still stuffed. It was yummy. Looking at this picture makes me wish I could have it now when I actually might be able to eat it haha!
As you can see Sunday was a fantastic day with the amazing food being one of the highlights. Yum Yum Yum. I was so spoiled these past two weekends with 3 course meals. And I'm really glad I got to make them in to blog posts! I definitely want to do more food/what I ate posts in the future. Maybe I'll share what I eat in Italy! Fun times.

I hope you're all having a good week and are happy that tomorrow is Friday! It's a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland, is it where you are?
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Words on Wednesday

27 May 2015

Hey Guys! I thought I would start a new series that I love reading on a lot of my friends blogs, it's 'Words on Wednesday' except I thought I would put a bit of a twist in and upload images I have drawn myself. Let me start by saying that I am NO artists. I'm not going to strive for perfection when doing these, I'll use my first drafts mostly because I actually quiet like all the little mistakes - makes it more personal, right?....agree with me guys haha. Most of the typography I do is inspired by images on Pinterest; I'll save them here.

Anyways, back to today's words "So you plant your garden & decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers". The most obvious connotation of this is relationships. A lot of single women (and men) sit around, deciding to be sad because of their idea that their lives can't be complete until they have someone to share it with. I hate the whole idea of 'other half' um, YOU are a full person by yourself. Go out and make your own happiness, you don't need someone else to complete you.

For me, personally, I tend to not do things that I want to do just because my friends don't want to do it. Whether it's drive out to some secluded beach in the middle of nowhere to take pictures (which they think I'm crazy for) or go to see some movie in the cinema which they think would be a load of crap. Maybe, I can do these things by myself? and decorate my own soul. Who's to say we can't do things alone if they will make us happier!

Let me know what you think of the quote in the comments down below!
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Five Happy Things

24 May 2015

It's taking me so long to write this because I am hungover and oh so tired! It's 1am....I think I might schedule this for the morning at this stage haha! This week was pretty great. Very eventful and certainly a happy one. It was my first week off after finishing work so I've had a lot of new free time which I can't say I necessarily spent wisely. Maybe a few too many sleep-ins this week, what can I say - I love my bed! Anyways, on to the five little things that made me happy this week.
  1. Post spending ban splurge - Ok so I wouldn't necessarily say splurge but after being on a serious spending ban for the last two months it felt SO good to buy things I did not need. Mostly make-up. Gosh, buying make-up makes me so happy, for like a day, until I see something else I 'need' haha. I bought a Sleek eye shadow palette in 'Au natural' LOVE IT. I also got Rimmel, brow this way and some Wet n' Wild lippies. Happpyyy.
  2. Reunited with friends - I got reunited with my bestie this week after she came home from university. We went out Friday night and had a blast. It was nice to blow off some steam, although I am paying for it today. Oh well, you're only young once sure haha. That's my selfie of the night up there! Lovin' the Barbie like lipstick - it's Wet n' Wild 'mauve outta here' 
  3. Voting YES for same-sex marriage - I wrote a blog post about this here. But Friday really was a great day. I was so excited to go out and vote yes to make Ireland the first country in the world to legalise marriage by popular vote. I really feel that this wasn't just a referendum, it was a social revolution. A confirmation of how accepting and open-minded our society has become in the last few years. I've never been so proud to be Irish. 
  4. Lunch date with mum - Mum and I go out for lunch together most weeks but I thought I would recognise it as something that makes me happy. Because it really does, every week. Anything with food involved makes me happy, and well I love my mammy! haha.
  5. Photography Job - I did my first photography 'job' last week, for my sisters friends son's (got it?) communion. But this week I got the photographs printed out and I'm so happy with how they turned out. I would love to do more little jobs like this, it's so much fun and I spent my earnings on a camera bag so I'm very happy about that! Use protection people! hehe.
So they were some of my simple pleasures of the week. I'm very happy at the moment and excited for the summer ahead. 

Let me know in the comments section down below how your week was, and what your plans for next week are!

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My Thoughts On The Gay Marriage Referendum

22 May 2015

If you don't know, today Ireland could become the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage through a national public vote.

Same sex marriage is legal in 17 countries around the world, in all of these countries the decision was made by the courts or a legislature. But today, all 4.5 million of us (excluding under 18's obviously) are given the chance to choose 'yes' or 'no' on gay marriage legislation. 

Over the past couple of weeks the 'yes' and 'no' debate has been the forefront of the news. There are posters everywhere. And I have seen far too many arguments on political T.V shows.

For me, personally, my feelings on this whole thing are pride and a huge sense of progress and growth. You have to have a wide perspective when it comes to these things. I am thinking of the history of Ireland, and even though I have not experienced that history it is so important to remember when thinking of this momentous day. I think it's amazing that something that once was an extremely taboo subject in this country is now a part of most conversations over the dinner table. 

Ireland is historically known to be an extremely conservative and Catholic country, abortion is illegal here, divorce was only made legal in 1996, there was tight restrictions on contraception until the mid nighties and homosexuality was only decriminalised in 1993 after years of pressure from European authorities. 

For decades Ireland has been known to be one of the most difficult countries in the western world to be a homosexual.

And now, here we are in 2015, with a popular 'yes' vote for same-sex marriage being very likely. All political parties supporting it and poll's showing the yes vote is in the lead and I personally don't know anyone who plans to vote 'no'. 

I think that's pretty damn amazing. Look how much things have changed. Look how far we have come in such a short space of time. Only 22 years ago homosexual was ILLEGAL for goodness sake. Now, we are a prominently tolerate nation, who believes in equality for all of it's citizens.  

I hope the 'yes' vote does get passed. And I'm pretty sure it will. Imagine, if we, the Irish people, one of the most conservative nations in history all come together and CHOOSE for gay marriage to be legalised. I hope other countries, who may be in a period of unrest, maybe have poor human right laws, or who are extremely intolerable of minority groups look at us, Ireland of the 21st century and see that things can change. Values can change, an entire society can change. 

#makegráthelaw - make love the law.
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Bluebells and Puppies

21 May 2015

Today, I thought I would share with you one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. This beautiful green little haven is down at the end of a tree lined avenue which begins right across the road from my house.  A gorgeous wood full of deciduous trees surround a grotto which contains a little wishing well. I have been down here thousands of times and as with everything we're used to in life, I take it for granted. I love the quote "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera" - Dorothea Lange. Looking at these pictures really make me focus on how beautiful this spot is, especially at this time of the year when the vibrant bluebells are in full bloom. It makes me realise how lucky I am to have this place to come to, to have some alone time, to breathe, sit and listen to the birds or go for a walk/photoshoot with my niece and dog.
I hope you like these photos, I sure do love them. Two of my favourite creatures in one of my favourite places, what better way to spend a Spring evening?

Do you have a place you enjoy going to, to take a breather? I'd love to hear about in the comment section down below!
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My First Food Post

19 May 2015

Hey guys!

Ok so we are all aware here that I'm not a great blogger really. I'm not the most professional and I don't have super beautiful, bright and perfectly positioned photographs. *Sigh* I wish I was one of those bloggers haha. Nevertheless, I thought I'd try to do something that those really good bloggers do and share a recent yummy meal with you guys!

So if you've read my 'Five Happy Things' post from last week you will know that it was my Nieces Communion last Saturday. The food was glorious and since I had my big girl camera I decided to take pics of my food for a blog post...So, here goes - my first foodie post! 

For starters, I had battered mushrooms with garlic sauce and salad. Guys, it was unreal (yum!). I wish I could make food this good at home. I usually go for soup for starters but I am glad I went for this. I can't believe so many people don't like mushrooms. I bet you don't like them? haha.
For mains, the menu was Beef, Salmon, Turkey and Ham or some kind of pasta dish. I went for the good old reliable turkey and ham. I'm literally mmmming as I look at these pictures. That gravy was absolutely beautiful. The ham was tucked under the turkey with stuffing and a gorgeous roasted potato. We also got a side serving of a vegetable mixture and they were lush. And that's my Bulmers too, I'm definitely a cider girl, little fact for ya there!
So far I haven't done too bad being a cool professional blogger doing a food post, have I? Ya this is where it ends. I forgot to take a picture of my dessert before I horsed in to it. Oops. Such a fail. Anyways, this was a dessert quartet with samples of four different desserts. There was banoffee pie, chocolate brownie, a strawberry and meringue and a very disgusting apricot thing (that yellow blob) I am really not a dessert person, which makes it all the more annoying that I didn't take a picture as it took me awhile to start, but I just didn't remember haha! Anyways, here's a very appealing picture of the leftovers...
And finally, there was tea and chocolate cake. It was lovely. Very fluffy, light and not too chocolatey.
Oh and if you're wondering what on earth 'Caoimhe''s my nieces name. It's pronounced Kwee-va. You're probably thinking how is that pronounced that way. The Irish language is peculiar if you don't know it haha . 

Anyways, Let me know what you think of my first food post! Actually, maybe don't, because it wasn't the best. Haha, I'll get better though and Ill try to remember to take proper pictures, I promise. 

Have a lovely week friends! 
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Five Happy Things

16 May 2015

Hey everyone! I am so pooped as I am writing this. Today was my nieces First Holy Communion. It was very long and busy! It started off at 10am taking photos for one of her classmates at their house, then I was off to the church. The ceremony was over an hour long! We then spent another age in the church taking pictures. I think our family were the last to leave! We went in to town to a lovely hotel for the most delicious dinner at 3pm *drool* it was followed by a little kids disco for her and all of her friends who also made their communion and came to that hotel. It was an all round brilliant day. My niece felt like a little special Princess and that's the most important thing!

OK I think that counts as one of my happy things, it was definitely the highlight of my week by far! But here are other simple little things that made my week that bit better...
  1. Playing with Nicky, this dog is beyond hyper and I had way too much fun playing with him in our field. It's lovely to see how excited a creature can get over you simply throwing a ball and running after him!
  2. SnapChat, I just love SnapChat. God bless whoever invented it. I have spent hours snapping back and forth with friends this week, it's such a fun form of communication hehe.
  3. I got my hair cut this week. Can you believe it? I can't remember when I last cut my hair. I only had an inch taken off it though, it's still veeeery long. But dead ends be gone!
  4. I hadn't had McDonalds in ages but I had two this week! I friggin' love a McChicken sandwich meal and yup, I guess I broke down and indulged twice this week. No regrets.
  5. Having perfectly curly hair thanks to the Babyliss Pro Wand Curler. It was only €36 in Boots and I'm so impressed, they last forever in my hair and make it all bootiful and stuff.
Let me know in the comments how your week was, did you do anything really exciting or are your happy moments very simple like mine were?

Now if I could just find the energy to take off my make-up, put on my pjs and pass out in my bed.

Things I think of whilst driving

12 May 2015


Does anyone else go into that weird driving conscience when you're driving a long distance, where you're just focusing on the road and your driving, and thoughts are running through your head without you even realising you're thinking of them? Then you snap out of it and remember your name again and wonder where you were the last 10 minutes.

 No? Just me?

 Well here are some things that go through my mind in that weird subconscious state.

  • I wonder who the people in that car are. Where are they going? What's their story. Isn't it crazy that all of these people have their own story.
  • Get off your phone, you fucking idiot.
  • No we could have made it, damn you!
  • Pedestrians, UGH.
  • Cyclists, GET IN THE CYCLE LANE.
  • Whyyy is this guy stuck up my arse?
  • I wonder what I look like when I'm driving.
  • How bloody dare you pull out in front of me.
  • Ugghhhh the rain is at that state where I can't decide between fast or slow wipers.
  • Imagine if I got in a crash.
  • FUCK FUCK it's the cops. I'm doing nothing wrong but OMG.
  • There's a speed camera, so? no need to go HALF the limit.
  • It's too hot *turns off heater* It's freezing.
  • Why are they speaking on all the radio stations. I WANT MUSIC.
  • Road kill. Revert your eyes. DO NOT LOOK.
  • Imagine if our cars were invisible and you could see people zooming through mid air. Like, our bodies are moving so fast right now. How do we not feel sick?
So they are just some of the things that regularly cross my mind whilst I am driving. Let me know down below if you think of any of these too! Feel free to judge me on some of those weird thoughts!
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Five Happy Things

9 May 2015

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you all had a lovely week. Mine was full of ups and downs as all weeks are, life is tough, eh? But this blog post is all about me being grateful and positive about all the things that have happened this week. Lets all stop and think about how incredibly lucky we are!
Ok, so here are five things that made me happy this week. 
  1. Seeing the Cinderella movie last Sunday with my nieces was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. It's such a lovely and cute movie. Very girly. Now, where's my Prince Charming? hehe.
  2. Being blog of the month over on Wendy's Blog 'Fashionable Heart' was such an honour. It's moments like these that I realise just how much I love the entire blogging community and how everyone is so encouraging and kind. It really is my favourite aspect of blogging, I feel like I have made so many lovely friends. 
  3. Walking in the rain So this is usually something I don't like but I found the joy in it this week. I took Nicky for a short walk and the heavens absolutely opened. I went and sheltered under a big evergreen tree, I just sat on the ground under it for ages with my little doggy and it was very peaceful and weirdly comforting to be nice and dry whilst looking out at the rain pelting down.
  4. Shopping on Saturday with my niece was fun! It's her first holy communion soon and as I'm her God Mother I wanted to buy her something special to mark the occasion, I was thinking a pretty watch but she had her heart set on a Claddagh ring with her birthstone on it so that's what she got! Now lets hope she doesn't lose it, we all know what 8 year olds are like! haha.
  5. Playing Donkey Kong I wired the Wii up to the TV again this week and started playing Donkey Kong. Probably a bad idea as it is the ultimate procrastinating tool but I forgot how much I loved this game, and just video games in general. They're such a good way to escape and to distract your mind.
As always, I would love to know how your week was in the comments down below. What was your favourite thing about it? 

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Awkward Tinder Pick-Up Lines!

6 May 2015

Hey Everyone! Time for a good old fun and light hearted blog post. These are always my favourite kinds hehe. If you haven't heard of Tinder (have you been living under a rock?) it's basically a dating app. You get to swipe right or left on picture of boys or girls depending on whether or not you find them attractive. If you've both swiped right (said you liked eachother) you can then chat to eachother. I've had this on my phone for a few months now. I don't take it seriously, as most don't! But it is the ultimate procrastination tool and I often find myself swiping through it when I'm trying to waste up some time. 

Throughout the months I have gotten mostly "hey, how are you?" openers but there has been a few that made me stop and go "oh dear lord" before laughing out loud or cringing from second hand embarrassment. I thought it might be fun to screenshot some of them and share them on here. Y'know, for the banter and giggles!

(Warning: may contain content of a sexual nature) 


Some lads are crazy aren't they? I honestly don't know how they came up with half of that stuff, haha. Funnily enough I didn't reply to any of these ice-breakers haha.

I would love to know if you have the app and if guys ever say weird things to you! Let me know in the comments down below.
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Five Happy Things

2 May 2015

Happy long weekend guys and dolls! Do you have much planned for it? I've got nothing too thrilling but I am going to see Cinderella in the morning. Haha wow. I am far too cool. 

Anyways, time to fill you in with my weekly catch-up. Here are five simple little things I've enjoyed this week -

  1. Getting free white jeans! I had some vouchers so I bought a lovely pair that fit so snuggly. They're such a great summer staple and will create so many different outfits. It's made all thE better that I didn't have to pay for them. Winning!
  2. Disovering Melanie Murphy on YouTube. Ok maybe I discovered her a few weeks ago but this week I had a video watching marathon. She's like an Irish Zoella. She is so lovely, incredibly beautiful and makes amazing videos. She is really mature and talks about important issues but is also so funny. I think she's my new favourite YouTube. I would love to send one or two new subscribers her way so here's her channel, check it out!
  3. This week I reached 500 bloglovin' followers. Oh my goodness. I'm not one to really care about followers and I don't really keep track of it but I was so surprised and delighted to have reached this number. I never thought my blog would and I am so grateful for everyone who reads and enjoys my blog. I actually love you guys so much!
  4. Quality nephew time is always a huge cheer-me-up. Lads, he is so god damn cute. The things he does and says are so funny. He's such a good boy and so lovable. 
  5. I started giving English Tuition this week which is great! We're focussing on poetry at the moment, and I do love poetry. Most students find it so difficult though but I love that feeling when they finally get it and understand it because of how I've explained it. I feel so useful and helpful. 
There we have it, five things that were good about this week! I'm now going to go and fall back in to my food coma. I just had a massive black bean vegetable and chicken noodle stir-fry. It was unreal! 

Let me know in the comments down below what you got up to during the week that was, and if you have anything exciting planned for this long weekend!
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