Perfectionist Problems

30 Apr 2015

I don't know about you but I'm a perfectionist, I always have been. I can't rest until things are as perfect as they possibly can be. This frame of mind has it's obvious perks but sometimes it can be a drag and I really wish that sometimes I just didn't give a sh*t haha. Here are some of the things that  I do that irritate me and others around me!
  • My make-up takes 10 times longer than it normally should to do, much to the annoyance of everyone waiting on me.
  • I stay up until 2am finishing assignments/blog posts/lesson plans etc because I need to get them 'on point' and it can never wait until morning. 
  • Scruffy, chipped nails cause me so much unnecessary stress. 
  • I won't let anyone help me do anything because I know it won't be up to my standards.
  • Fake tanning is the biggest effort. It never seems to be completely seamless so I don't bother doing it at all. Therefore, I'm pasty all year round!
  • I'm rubbish at teaching small kids to do things because when they don't do it right it drives me potty. 
  • I will obsess over my blog design, no matter what there will always be something wrong. I would almost lose sleep at night over something like the space between my social media icons being uneven. 
  • Clothes must match. At all times.....or else! Even if I'm at home all day, it would literally pain me to wear clashing colours or patterns. 
Do you have to cope with being a perfectionist too? It can be stressful can't it? haha! Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would like to add to this list. I'm sure there are millions more #perfectionistprobs.

Blogs I Am Loving | April

28 Apr 2015

Hey Everyone! Today I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs to read throughout the month of April. I did a similar post back in January which you can read here. I really want to start making these a more regular feature on my blog. Maybe the last Tuesday of every month? My favourite thing about blogging is the wonderful community that comes with it. I am constantly discovering new blogs with amazing people behind them. So I think, one post a month to share the love would be only fitting.

 Right, on to my picks for this month, it was hard to narrow it down but I wittled it down to these four. 

This is a very new find for me. It was the only the other day when I clicked on Melissa's profile as she has often left comments on my blog. Firstly, I love her sleek and simple design. It's such a gorgeous layout. I mooched through her archive and I really love the type of blog posts she writes. She has a great balance between beauty and lifestyle. With everything from her favourite body butters, to D.I.Y planter decorating. Melissa's content is so creative and really stands out to me. I definitely intend to keep up to date with this lovely blog!

Another very recent find for me. Caitriona is a fellow Irish gal, and y'know, I gotta support the locals haha! Nevertheless, her blog is great especially if you love fashion blogs as she shares lots of clothing hauls, looks, fashion finds and D.I.Y tips. Caitriona also writes some lifestyle posts like taking about things that makes her happy aswell as recipes such as a yummy mixed fruit smoothie. Definitely one to check out.

I've been following Carly's blog forever and it has always been one of my favourites so I thought it was about time I shared it in a post. Carly's blog is just perfect in every way if you ask me from the name to the design to the content *goals* haha. Let us Wanderlust consists of blog posts about travel, food and lifestlye. All the good stuff. Carly's lovely personality really shines through; something I love to see in a blog! If you haven't checked it out already I'd highly recommend you do.

Kiki has been a loyal reader of my blog for so long and always leaves such lovely comments. So to make up for my lack of comments in comparison (I read so many posts on my phone and never comment!) I am returning the love by including her in this post. She deserves it so much because her blog is amazing. It's so personal and honest and I feel like she has such wise advice. She shares a lovely insight into her life with her partner and daughter and it's a joy getting to know her through her blog. 


I hope you all manage to check out these blogs and love them as much as I do! If you are leaving a comment make sure to let them know you found them here and that I love them haha. 

What have been your favourite blogs to read throughout the month? Let me know in the comment section down below.

Five Happy Things

26 Apr 2015

Hey guys, Happy Sunday! I am enjoying a chilled out homey day. I do love Sundays. I'm watching the final of The Voice of Ireland as I'm writing this. They're all so good, I want them all to win! I'll probably find some treats after this and just watch telly and maybe some YouTube for the night, yay for productivity! haha. Anyways, here are five happy things from the week that was:
  1. Last Sunday my niece Sophie had her 7th birthday party. 'Twas a lovely sunny outdoor party with lots of treats and cake and a glass or two of wine for the adults. My cousins who live pretty far away came down to celebrate so it was nice to spend some quality time with them.
  2. I know I say the weather every week but whatevs! This week was another gorgeous one and one of the highlights was getting to eat ice-cream outside TWICE this week. Seriously guys, I can't remember the last time I did that. Two other teachers and I went for ice-cream during break (so grown up) I opted for a twister. Another time I had one of those new Cornetto taco's; if you haven't tried them you're missing out!
  3. I visited so many people last Monday. The whole day was basically travelling from house to house. It was lovely catching up with an old friend and her gorgeous little boy who was outside making a mess in a sand-pit!
  4. I went out with my sister and her husband Saturday night. We went in to town for a few drinks. It was lovely to go out with them as I don't do it often. It's nice to have some quality time with our nearest and dearest every now and again, don't ya think?
  5. I started making home made pizzas this week. I really wish I had a picture to share with this post - damn it! I just use pitta bread with pasta sauce and whatever is available for toppings - usually ham, mushroom and peppers (and cheese obvs!) They are so simple and delicious. I'll probably be having them for lunch everyday for the next fortnight.
Right, I think I'm off to make another one of those pizza thingies! I hope you all had a lovely week. And if not, that's OK too! We all have rubbish days and weeks from time to time, the secret, I think is to stay positive and force yourself to find some of the happy things.

Designing your blog | Websites & Codes

23 Apr 2015

Hey everyone. Today I thought I would write hopefully one of my more helpful blog post that might be beneficial for anyone who wants to update their blog design or just tweak a few bits and bobs.

Over the past two years of blogging I have taught myself how to edit HTML and CSS with the help of google and lots and lots of trial and error. I think I've become fairly nifty at it! I thought I would share with you some of the quickest and easiest codes I have found which can help to make your blog look more professional. I have also included a list of some very useful websites.

Useful Websites
  • PicMonkey - perfect for creating images including blog headers, signatures and buttons. Use the 'design' option. Set correct dimensions. Make sure to save as a png image for highest quality. 
  • Photobucket - upload images here to get their html and direct codes which are needed when putting them in to widgets or different CSS codes. 
  • Da Font - huge selection of fonts available for free download. Simply click download, open the file and click install. Restart computer and your newly downloaded fonts will appear in PicMonkey in the 'yours' section of fonts. They can now be used in creating headers etc
  • Free social media buttons in every colour here
  • Generate blog button and social media button codes here 
  • How to create a social media icon for e.g. twitter: Upload the selected twitter icon image (dowloaded from link above) to photobucket. Open the button generator. Complete as follows - Your website/blog title = "twitter", Your website blog URL = "" Your image URL = "direct link found next to image uploaded in photobucket". Then click preview. Copy the code presented in the field. Go to blogger > layout > add gagdget > HTML/JAVA SCRIPT and paste the code here. TADA! Enter codes for all other icons in the same HTML/JAVA SCRIPT gadget.
CSS Codes

To enter CSS codes go blogger > template > customise > advanced > add CSS

code to center your post titles:
.post-title {text-align:center;}
code to center your post dates:
.date-header {text-align:center;}
code to center your gadget titles:
.section-columns h2, #sidebar-right-1 h2, #sidebar-left-1  {text-align: center;}

code to center your sidebars:

.main-inner .column-left-inner, .main-inner .column-right-inner {text-align: center;}
code to center your tabs (menu):
.PageList {text-align:center !important;}

.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

automatic post signature:

.entry-content:after {

content: url(YOUR-IMAGE-URL-HERE);

margin-left: 250px;


note: to get image url upload image of signature (created on picmonkey) to photobucket and you will see a direct link at the side. Copy this link to the space above.

add colour behind gadget title: 

.widget h2.title,.widget h2


)color: #000000; height:15px; }

(change to colour code no. - can be found in picmonkey
Set post image to a fixed size: set image size .post-body img {width:500 px; height:auto; }(enter desired width)

I hope you found this blog post helpful and easy to follow, since I copied and pasted the codes from other sources the formatting has got a bit messed up so this is definitely not the tidiest post, but I hope you understand. Please, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions or to let me know if you need help with using any of this. Also, if there is something else you want to do that I might not have covered here, don't be afraid to ask, there is a chance I might know!
My email is


Furbo Beach, Co. Galway.

21 Apr 2015

What a lovely day. I'm so glad I've started to bring my big camera more places with me. I love having gorgeous photos so I can cherish the memories forever. I also love documenting it all here on my blog. These kind of posts are my favourite to read so I hope you enjoy them on my blog too. 
In Tuesday's Post I shared some photos of a day I spent with my sister and her family at a pet farm / activity park, well, on the way home from there we took a quick 10 minute stop at one of the beautiful beaches along the coast road home. I have to say, this part of the world (the west of Ireland) really does have some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the planet in my opinion. Places like Spain, Cyprus, Australia and The Caribbean are rightfully so well known for their gorgeous beaches and they of course attract lots of tourists. But honestly, Ireland on a sunny day gives them a run for their money. There is something so charming about the west coast of Ireland.

I don't think I've every been to Furbo beach before, maybe when I was a kid. It was gorgeous and I couldn't help but spend the 10 minutes there taking pictures of my family in this lovely setting.


Five Happy Things

18 Apr 2015

Hey everyone! Happy weekend! It's Saturday night as I'm writing this and I am sitting in with my pj's on chilaxing, I am a wild child. I spent the day in town though and please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks walking around and shopping all day is exhausting?

Anyways, on to my Five Happy Things of the week that was!

  1. Birthday Parties - This week saw two birthdays. One of my best childhood friends had her 21st birthday party last weekend. It was lovely to catch up with her, her family and some of her friends! we had drinks, finger food, taco fries (YUM) and danced so much! It was also my niece Sophie's 7th birthday on Thursday and she was so excited to be so big now. She's having her party tomorrow (Sunday) it's going to be lovely in this weather so I'm really looking forward to it!
  2. Back to School - I went back to school after the Easter break which was bitter sweet I guess because I did enjoy the break but it was also lovely to be back. I'm happy to be back in to a routine because my sleeping pattern was starting to slide haha!
  3. Shopping Days - I had two enjoyable days in town this week. One with my mum and the other with my sister. I didn't buy too much, just some bits from Penneys (Primark) and a pressie for my niece. But I do like having a mooch around the city.
  4. Relaxing in the Sunshine - It was so gloriously sunny again this week which is fantastic and puts ya in a great mood! I loved coming home after a stressful day and sitting outside with my face in the sun.
  5. Engagement Celebrations - One of the teachers in school got engaged over the break so all the teachers threw her a little party in the school at the 11am break on Friday. There was beautiful flowers and a balloon for her as well as a massive congratulatory cake. There were loads of rocky road cakes and biscuits too. I love how everyone is so lovely. It's such a friendly atmosphere to be in everyday. 
So my week definitely had it's little beauties. I think it's so important to recognise all of the little things that make us happy and fill our hearts with joy. I would love to know what your week was like in the comments down below. 

Song of the week - Ellie Goulding "Love Me Like You Do"

Use Your 'And'

16 Apr 2015

Last week I watched this video by Louise Sprinkle of Glitter called 'Use Your And' which was promoting a campaign by 'Venus' which encourages women to recognise and embrace everything they are. Reminding them that they can be more than one thing. We can be beautiful and Smart, A party girl and a book nerd. You are more than one label. You are a complex person, you aren't black and white. So many different things make up who you are.

This message really got me thinking as the idea is something I can relate to so much. I have so many contrasting character traits and interests that often I end up wondering who I actually am. What am I? 

Some people may label me as 'teacher' Which is true. I'm an English and Geography teacher so I spend a lot of time with my head in a book. It's something I care about a lot. I'm passionate and enthusiastic. I'm a geek who enjoys analysing poetry, and reading novels. I spend hours thinking about the best way to approach studying something. I try to come up with good classroom activities. I worry about my students progress and how I can help them. I am an authority figure and I stress over classroom management having to shout 'you're being disruptive' more than once a day. Being a teacher is a massive part of who I am. 

However, I am also a 22 year old woman who loves to sleep in until noon, go out and party with friends, have the odd drink, buy way too much make-up and clothes, stay up late on the internet, post way to many selfies on instagram. I spend so much time procrastinating and putting off important things. I love photography and having free time to enjoy the outdoors. I love a good gossip and I'm addicted to carbs. 

It's this weird double persona I have that sometimes confuses me. Especially when the two worlds collide. Like when I'm in a shop in a tracksuit and hoodie with a friend buying alcohol for a house party that night we're laughing away and I bump in to a student, who see's me as a much different person than what I am currently being. 

However, instead of being confused and wondering who I am. What is my label. Louise's video and this campaign video reminded me that I am so many things. I am a nerd and I am a party girl. I'm a doer and a procrastinator. I am smart and silly. I am a friend and a teacher. I'm funny and I am serious. I love words and I love photographs.

It is all of these things who make me the person I am. 

Use your 'And', tell me two or more things you are in the comment section down below! 

Releasing My Inner Child

14 Apr 2015

One of my favourite things about being an auntie is I am constantly reminded of the simple pleasures of childhood. Given the opportunity I love to tag along with my sister and her family to places 'for kids' and see the world through their eyes. It's so funny how when we were kids all we wanted to do was grow up, turns out being an adult isn't quiet as great as we thought, is it? Still, I can't complain! I had a great childhood and I love seeing my nieces and nephews enjoy this time of no worries, lots of fun and games and endless amounts of ice-cream. It really goes so quick so I cherish all of these little childhood moments with them. Also, what could be better than having some time for 'not adulting', time to be silly and and appreciate our old simple pleasures like digging sand and petting lambs.

Last Friday, we all went off to this lovely little pet farm / activity park. It had so much to do! There were playgrounds, a football field, mini golf, horse and cart rides, sand pits, an indoor play area with huge slides and so so much more.


It was such a great, relaxing way to spend the day and I really wish this place was open when I was a kid, it would have seemed all the more awesome to me back then!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys some childhood activities every now and again? Let me know in the comments down below if there is anything you like to do to escape adulthood and be reminded of childhood.

Lot's of love x

Five Happy Things

12 Apr 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have all had a good weekend and are feeling motivated and happy to start a new week. Last week was a really great one for me so I have lots to talk about for my 'five happy things' this week.

  1. The Sunshine - Oh the weather was absolutely glorious this week and since I had the week off work I could really enjoy it. Pleasant weather really does make everything better and makes me feel so much more positive. It was great to spend the majority of the week outdoors, going for lots of walks, and having lovely days out.
  2. Helping my cousin - My cousin has exams in June and as I am an English teacher I offered to give her some grinds (tuition) as it's her hardest subject. I love feeling helpful and I'm glad if I made it all seem a little less daunting for her. 
  3. Days out with my nieces and nephew - Since there was no school I spent lots of the week with my nieces and nephew. We went to the park on Monday (along with my cousins) and I went to a pet farm / activity park with them on Friday (post coming soon!) 
  4. Sewing potatoes - My dad rotavated our vegetable patch this week and planted the potatoes, and the other vegetables. It made me excited that summer is on it's way and things are growing again! Also, those potatoes are the best and last almost until Christmas!
  5. Trips to the beach - I went on so many trips to the beach this week and you all know how I feel about the beach. I wrote this blog post about one of those trips and I have another blog post coming up with pictures of another trip to a different beach, so watch out for that!
It actually was such a good week. Writing this post really made me realise that! 

I would love to know how your week was and if you have anything exciting planned for the coming week. Let me know in the comments down below.

Quick let's run to the beach!

10 Apr 2015

The weather this past week has been absolutely wonderful here in Ireland; it really has been the first taste of summer we have got this year and I am oh so happy to be saying 'todaloo' to winter. Since the weather here is utterly miserable the majority of the time, us Irish get waaaay over excited when the sky to cloud ratio is over 50:50 in favour of sky. We tend to root out our lovely shorts and sandals from the back of the wardrobe straight away just in case it's the only opportunity we get to wear them all year! School work or college work usually goes out the window with "but it's so lovely out" as a viable excuse. And a large percentage of us run to the beach to catch some rays, go swimming (even though the water is freezing) and do everything we could never do for the rest of the year. I of course, am no exception so I took Nicky for a sea-side walk. As you can see, he really wasn't too keen on the water.

If you're in Ireland or the UK I hope you are making the most of the sunshine, let me know in the comments down below if you have got up to anything exciting in the weather!


Photo Diary | Easter Sunday

5 Apr 2015

As I am writing this I am in somewhat of a food coma from all of the chocolate treats I've ate all day. I won't need chocolate again for a month!...OK maybe a week. I took a few snaps throughout the day so I could document it on here so keep reading if you wanna see how I spent my Easter Sunday!

Well as I previously admitted, most of the day was spent eating chocolate. They're was just so much available how could I possibly resist? For me, nothing beats cadbury's chocolate and I may have devoured the above photo shortly after I took it. Oops.

What I put on my face today. I thought someone might like to know haha. It was one of those days where I just didn't feel like wearing too much make-up so I kept the look fairly natural with a nice bright pink lip  for spring.

Well at the end of the day Easter isn't really about bunnies or chocolate eggs so I did go to church this morning to celebrate the resurrection. The church I go to is huge and it was packed. So many people were standing up! It was a nice ceremony, I love how joyful Easter Sunday is, the choir music is just the best.

I had a delicious roast dinner with my family. We had turkey this year. We usually have lamb which I do not miss as it's one meat I really don't like. So this year was pretty similar to Christmas dinner (but not quiet as good!)

My nieces, of course spent the entire day fighting over Easter eggs. That's 7 and 8 year olds for ya I suppose! haha.

Guys, I don't know about where you are but the weather was GLORIOUS here today. I actually spent an hour outside just laying in the sun. OMG, haven't done that in so long. My nephew and Nicky had so much fun chasing each other around the garden. They are really funny together.

And again, more chocolate! These are so God damn good. 

That's pretty much been my day. I went to visit my friend for an hour in the evening for a quick catch-up which was nice too but obviously, I didn't photograph her, might have been weird. Haha.

Right, I gotta go and make some food, I'm starving! (yup I know I was stuffed when I started writing this post, I guess chocolate doesn't sustain us for very long haha)

I'd love to know how your weekend was. What did you get up to on Easter Sunday? Let me know in the comment section down below my lovelies x


Five Happy Things

4 Apr 2015

Hey everyone. Happy Easter weekend! Are you all excited to stuff your faces with chocolate on Sunday? I know I am! I've been a bit all over the places when it comes to my blog recently so I thought I would start a new series for a while where I share some of the things that have made me happy throughout the week. 
  1. This week has felt like Spring has finally sprung. I think it's because of the extra hour of daylight which is fantastic. It's been feeling all Eastery this week too. I've been eating copious amounts of mini eggs and so decided to make those little nests you see all over the internet this time of year! I used crushed up Shreddies and Cadburys chocolate, let  me tell you they're amazing. Go make-em, they're super easy and so cute and festive.
  2. My nieces are on their Easter break from school at the minute and have been spending lots of time at my house, especially the older one. It's been really lovely spending time with her, taking Nicky for walks, going shopping and baking.
  3. I spent Thursday in town shopping with my Mum which was pretty nice. It was mostly a window shop as I'm trying to save a little for the summer. However, I couldn't resist these shoes. I feel like no one else would like them but I think they're damn cute so whatever. Haha.
  4. Oh 'Rockin Joe's'.  Their burgers are the thing of dreams and man did I savour it. I think I took 20 minutes longer to finish my meal than my fella. Delish so it was. 
  5. Sleep ins! Being off work this week and getting to have a lie in has been bliss. And I have all next week off as well. Teaching is tough but it sure has its perks.
I would love to know how your week was and if you have anything exciting planned for this weekend! Let me know in the comment section down below. 

Secret Blogger?

2 Apr 2015

The 'real life' and 'blogging life' divide is something I've never spoken about before but today I had an urge to write about this to hopefully start a discussion with you guys. My feelings are very hard to verbalise so I hope you understand.

So many bloggers I follow seem to have their blog and their real lives intertwined. All of their nearest and dearest know about their blog, understand why they take a camera everywhere and even help them with taking pictures and writing posts. I think this is wonderful but it sometimes makes me wonder why I can't be more open about my own blog.

Literally two people in 'real life' know about my blog and one of them is an ex who I don't speak to any more. The other is a best friend who doesn't really read it. Sometimes I feel guilty for being secretive and not mentioning a huge hobby of mine to my friends and family. Sometimes I question if it means I am lying to them or concealing something major about myself. I can spend a good portion of each day thinking about and working on my blog and the fact that no one knows this really does make me feel like they don't know a huge part of who I am.

"So Sinead, why don't you just tell them?" you must ask. Well, I honestly don't want to. And that's not because I'm embarrassed or ashamed in any way. I'm actually very proud of my blog. However, I just like to keep it separate from my real life. For me, it's more enjoyable that way. It allows it to be a form of escapism from real life. I can come hear and talk to my blogger friends who don't know me personally so can only form objective judgements of me. They are looking in on my life and my thoughts from 'the outside' so they can offer unbiased opinions and contribute real sincere discussions.

It's a fact of life that we behave a certain way around the people we know. For example, there are things we would talk about with some people but not others. This doesn't mean we are two faced, fake or not being ourselves It's just human nature to slightly change to another version of ourselves depending on the person we are interacting with.

By being a random anonymous girl to the people reading my blog I don't feel like I have to do that. I can just be the raw, original me. Talk from the heart about the things that are truly on my mind (and not worry that someone I wouldn't say it to is reading) and that is so refreshing and one of the reasons I love blogging so much. That is why I don't tell all of my friends, family and acquaintances to go follow my blog.

Still, I can't quite shake the guilty feeling that I am being deceptive. So I would love to hear what you guys think. Do you understand how I feel and my dilemma?

I would love to know what your real life and blogging life situation is. Let me know in the comments down below. 
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