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31 Mar 2015

1. Naked 'On The Run' Palette || As soon as I set eyes on this palette I was like 'oh my God I need this' for €44 it seems silly not to. It includes all brand new eye shadow colours which look gorgeous. A bronzer and a blusher. A full size lipgloss, and travel sized eye liner and mascara. I mean come on, its worth well more than €44? It has everything you need all together and really is perfect for travelling!
2.  Mac Mineralise Skin Finish - Soft & Gentle || I wanted to get this a few months ago but kind of forgot about it. Now I'm starting to use highlighters more and more as summer approaches and this has grabbed my attention yet again, I've heard so much good things about it that I can almost justify spending €40 on it, can't I?
3. Real Techniques Core Collection || I feel like if I get these brushes my brush collection will be complete and I'll have everything I would need. They would all be put to use but I badly need a contour brush.
4. Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy || My friend got this and I fell in love with it. It's not usually a shade I would go for but I was sold. It's the perfect browny nude and I think it would be a really good addition to any make-up collection. Perfect for everyday wear.
5. Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laqua || I have one of these already and I love them so I would really like to try out some of the other colours. Watch out Boots I'm comin' at ya!
6. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara || I have no mascara that I love at the moment and all the adverts for this have been working on me. It looks amazing and just look at that packaging...*drools* Does anyone have any good drug store mascara recommendation? I doubt I would ever buy a high end mascara since they don't last very long.

I am totally obsessing over make-up at the minute so I would love to hear what is on your beauty wish list or if there is something that you have that you love? Let me know in the comments section down below. 


The Week According to Instagram

28 Mar 2015

Instagram is without a doubt my all time favourite social media app. I could spend hours looking through my feed, admiring all of the gorgeous pictures that pop up. As sad as it may be I love taking pictures that are 'Instagram worthy' why does this give us so much pleasure?! I guess I'm more of a visual person which is why I would chose Instagram over Twitter any day. If you would like to follow me on instagram search _dreamingagain. For a taster of what you will find there, check out some of my posts from this week below!

1 || I am IN LOVE with the new Bourjois Aqua Laque lipsticks. I have been wearing this colour (04) all week. It's the perfect muted red, so glossy and feels lovely on the lips. Go buy guys!

2 || Friday was the last day of school before the 2 week Easter break and there was a little tea-party thrown in the staff room at the eleven o'clock break. It was cake, pies and mini eggs galore! how cute were these bunny cupcakes?

3 || This photo was taken whilst on a lovely walk with my mother, her friend and of course, Nicky through some woods. I love this walkway and it always makes for some Insta-worthy snaps.

4 || It wouldn't be right if I didn't include a picture of Nicky now would it? He is just way too cute. He loves being outside in the grass and finding random things to chew on. I think this is a feather. Oh, hygienic.

5 || Oh daffodils, daffodils everywhere! if you have read my last blog post you will know how much I love spring and these pretty yellow flowers. I posted lots of pictures of them on Instagram this week! Spring has sprung my friends.

6 || I have a lip product in every bag & pocket so I decided to hunt them all down and round them all up. Golly, I do love my lippies.

7 || Yummy, my favourite cereal, Toasted oats with banana and strawberries. I would definitely recommend!

8 || My OOTD on Friday included this cute necklace which I got loads of compliments on, definitely need to wear it more often.

9 || Lunch and some YouTube videos is fairly standard practice for me and I do love me some Sprinkle of Glitter. What about you? what YouTubers do you like to watch?

If you have Instagram please, please leave your username below so I can go follow you. I am beyond addicted and really want to have as many blogger friends on there as possible! Remember, mines _dreamingagain, so come and say 'hi'! 

Spring Awakening

27 Mar 2015

The vibrant yellow heads of the daffodils have blossomed everywhere you look, the skies are bluer and the hours of day light are growing gradually longer and boy am I glad to see all of this! Was it just me or was this winter really long? I can't remember the last time it was still light at 7pm and now I find myself shocked in the evening that it's so bright. The sunny weather lately has really improved my mood and I am feeling enthusiastic for the summer, and the future in general. Spring is all about new beginnings, with all the birth and re-growth. For me, I am more likely to feel re-motivated at the beginning of Spring than at New Years in the midst of the winter gloom. It's funny how the seasons have such an influence of your mentality isn't it?

Now more than ever, I really want to make this year a good one. I'm more enthusiastic about learning, developing my career and doing as much as I can to add to my C.V. I'm also starting to take photos again! I wouldn't call myself a photographer by any stretch of the word but it is something I really enjoy doing and I guess the beauty of Spring has inspired me to pull out my camera again. I'm also feeling a lot more enthusiastic about my blog. I had a bit of a dry spell there for a month or so where all of my creative juiced had stopped. I'm not saying I have a load of post ideas (still have a bit of writers block) but I do feel much more interested and willing to brainstorm ideas which is great as I love this little space. 

Finally, I am growing more and more excited for my trip to Italy in June. It's just over 2 months away and that is quickly creeping up on mee. Eeeeep. 

Does Spring make you feel excited for new beginnings and re-motivated also, or am I just a bit crazy? Let me know in the comment section below!

The First of the Spring Buys

22 Mar 2015

Hey Everyone.

Friday was the Spring equinox, the first official day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. With the absolutely gorgeous weather it really has been feeling like winter has ended. The lovely sunshine has meant that for the first time since September I have been able to go outside without 62 layers on!

I went shopping with my mum yesterday and I thought I would share what I picked up with you. Let me know if you enjoy these little haul posts as I would definitely do more in the future! I hadn't intended on buying anything but what can I say, I gave in to temptation (and I can never resist 3 for 2 in Boots)

I absolutely love the navy and white stripped tee I got in Penneys (Primark) for €8. It's wide and slightly cropped with elbow length sleeves and this gorgeous crochet trimming that falls just over the waist. I love these shaped tops, I love stripes and I love crochet. This is is basically me in a tee shirt! Whist in Penneys I stepped slightly outside my comfort zone and bought a flower crown. I've been eyeing them up in other shops for ages and since this was only €3.50 I figured it wouldn't be too much of a big deal if I didn't wear it. I can definitely see me using it throughout the summer though. I love that cute-hippy look!

My sunglasses have been stretched and were too big for my head so I went in to Dunnes and picked up these sunnies for a fiver; total bargain! I'm not much of a sunglass enthusiast so they will do me just fine for all of the sunny days that better be on the way.

Right, so I cannot go in to town without having a mooch in Boots and if there is 3 for 2 on in make-up there is no way in hell I'm going to resist. I picked up the Bourjois healthy mix foundation in the shade 'light vanilla' I've been using this for a long time and I really love it. I also got on of the Bourjois Rouge edition aqua laqua's in the shade 'Viens si to roses' which is a kind of natural red. First impression? AMAZING. They last ages, look amazing and you really don't feel like your wearing anything. I'm definitely going to get some more colours in the future! Finally, after much deliberation on what my 3rd product should be, I went for one of the L'Oreal True Match Blushes. I don't have any nice blush and thought this looked pretty good, it was pretty expensive for a blush (that's why I picked it because I would get it free anyways!) So far this seems lovely and adds a natural pink flush to the cheeks. 

I would love to know if you have tried any of these make-up products and what you think of them! Also, let me know your thoughts on the flower crowns? silly or cute?


17 Mar 2015

Día dúit gach dúinne!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. My St Patricks Day generally goes like this - put on my green and my shamrocks, go to church (lets not forget the whole point of the day is celebrating the birth of Christianity in Ireland), attend a parade in my local town, have a nice family meal and then head out for a few Guiness' with my friends at night. Nothing too exciting! but I do love the day because I always feel so patriotic, proud and happy to be 100% Irish. I really do love this little emerald isle and I thought why not devote a blog post to my home!

I thought I would talk about some of the things I love that are uniquely Irish
  • The Slang - I could probably write a whole blog post with only Irish colloquialisms and no one outside of Ireland would know what in the name of God I am talking about, even though it's English! I have a really close online friend from New Zealand and it takes me so much longer to type up her messages and emails because I'm always like, wait, that's an Irish thing, she wouldn't know what I mean. I think it's pretty cool how we have a kind of secret-language that you'll get if you're one of our 4 million. 
  • Gaeilge - Speaking of secret languages we have our own amazing ancient language! Ireland is a bi-lingual country. Every road sign, government document, most things really come in both English and Irish. Only 41% of people can speak Irish in Ireland and those who can were encouraged to do it more last week for Seactaine na Gaeilge (Irish language week) Little things please me more than hearing people having a conversation in Irish and I heard it so much in the staffroom this week. Personally, I can understand it very well but I'm not the best at speaking it myself. 
  • GAA - (Gaelic Athletic Association) Along with our own language we have our own uniquely Irish sports. Hurling and Gaelic football are by far the most popular sports in Ireland. Every year in September over 82'000 people fill out Croke Park to watch the All-Ireland finals for hurling and football and if your county is in it it will basically be all you hear about for weeks and every house will be flying flags of the county colours. 
  • Music - In Ireland music flows as easily as conversations. I love how we are such a teeny country with a very low population but we have one of the most defined cultures in the world and music and dance of course is a huge part of that culture. It would be hard to find a city in the world that doesn't have an Irish pub where live traditional music is played. 
  • The Scenery - Of course this is something I take for granted, but every now and again, usually on a glorious sunny day I will stop and realise just how beautiful my surroundings are. Or when I visit somewhere new and see it with fresh eyes. It really can take my breath away from times to time. The rolling green fields and rugged coastlines are the best.
  • The People - Judging by my interactions with non-Irish people I really think the Irish humour and mannerism is very unique and I'm not sure if everyone would 'get it'. We talk a lot and enjoy nothing more than sharing stories over a cup of táe. I have been to some big cities where there is a high population so I can definitely tell the difference when I come home. Most strangers are very polite and friendly to each other and generally people have time for each other. I love that.
  • Literature - They say 'Ireland may not have created the English language but they arguably perfected it' From James Joyce, to Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. "The English language brings out the best in the Irish. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter. They hurl it at the sky like a paint pot full of rainbows and then make it chant a dirge for man's fate" - T.E Kalem. Irish writers won the Nobel Prize for literature 3 times in the 20th century which is pretty remarkable for an island nation of 4 million you must admit!

And come on...What other little country could colour the world for a day! 

Ok, that's enough of me blowing my own horn haha! I won't do it again for another year I promise. Have a lovely week everyone!

*All images were sourced on Google Images

Go raibh maith agat agus Slán go foill. 



11 Mar 2015

It's been just over six months since we welcomed Nicky in to our family and now I cannot imagine
life without him. I know a lot of people prefer big dogs and think this little thing doesn't even qualify as a dog but to me, and my family he is perfect. He may stand on the arm of  the sofa while we are eating dinner pleading for some scraps, he might pester me every-single-night to play fetch with him (throw his toy bone), he cries from time to time when we leave him alone, he insists on coming and staring at me sitting on the toilet, he loves going for walks but hates putting on his lead, and don't even get me starting on his giddy play biting.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't change any of this because it's what makes him so great. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me smile in some way. Whether it be his silly dances with every single bit of food before he eats it, his loving cuddles on the sofa, his hyperness when my nieces and nephew comes over (I think he thinks he is a child as well!) the way he sleeps flat on his back or just one of the million cute things he does.

I always look forward to seeing him when I come home and giving him a big cuddle. He has got the softest, silkiest hair, a big fluffy curled up tail (it's like a squirrel!) and the cutest ears. He never wets inside, we bathe him about once a month and he never smells, he doesn't shed any hair, despite being 10 months old he is still small and light enough to hold and he is just always so happy. I really believe he is one of a kind and could never be replaced. I have looked up his cross (papillon x chihuahua) and have never seen one that looks like him, he was also the only pup in the litter. He is unique. He is Perfect. God I love him!

I hope my little papihuahua is in my life for a long, long time more.


8 Mar 2015

Hey Guys!

So, I have decided to start a new blog series called 'Weekly Wonders' (ya gotta love some alliteration) I'm sure you all follow blogs who share the highlights of their week every weekend. I really enjoy reading these kind of posts as I find they give a little insight in to the life of the blogger and allow me to become more connected to them. Cheese! haha. I also really love writing these blog posts. What better way to practice gratitude and have a nice little documentation of your weeks to look back on in the future!

  • Cooking the best dinner I have ever cooked. Noodles with chicken and vegetable stir fry. Not exactly rocket science, or very pretty to look at but oh my God did it taste good!
  • Finally perfecting a side french-braid! I'm so bad at doing french-braids so I was super chuffed when I managed to do one that looked this cute.
  • Waking up on both Sunday and Tuesday (random I know) to a thin blanket of snow spread across the landscape outside my window. I was a lot happier to see this on Sunday than Tuesday as I didn't have to go and drive in it.
  • On Tuesday morning the roads were so slippy that I could not get my car up a hill! it was very scary and I legit thought I was stranded. Thankfully a kind man who was driving down the hill pulled up and advised me to keep in closer to the ditch as it would help me get up! thanks stranger, who knows, if it weren't for you my car could still be stuck there haha. 
  • Getting a full days experience as a special needs assistant on Tuesday was very interesting and I'm glad to get an insight in to that side of teaching.
  • Copious cups of tea and chats in the staffroom. Nothing can beat that sometimes.
  • An 84 minute (yes 84 MINUTE!) phone call with my best friend on Wednesday night was great. Thank God for phones, she may be the other side of the country but it feels like she is here.
  • Some retail therapy on Thursday was da bomb. I didn't buy too much (two tops and black jeans) but I really enjoy wandering around the shops on my own for an hour. Is that weird?


1 Mar 2015

Dear March, 

It's nice to see you again! It will always be nice to see you again as it means I've stayed alive another year after all haha. I can't say you're my favourite month mostly because of the weather you bring. Is there anything worse than the March wind? You're officially spring but you're often colder than a winter month which is a tad annoying, sort yourself out? Nonetheless, you aren't all bad! you definitely have some redeeming qualities, for one - St Patrick's Day! You dedicate an entire day to Ireland, with lots of parades, the wearing of green and parties. What Irish person wouldn't have a bit of a soft spot for you since you clearly show your love for us?!

There's a few things I would like you to do for me this month. Firstly, could you please help me find my blogging mojo again? I have completely lost it and have zero idea what to write about! It's pretty annoying because I have the time, I take out my laptop, stare at my blog and I want to write but not for the life of me do I have any content ideas! (apart from this post obvs so thanks for inspiring this one!)

Secondly, can you please help me in the classroom. I am having some serious management problems lately and I often find myself leaving a class feeling so upset. So alone. Like it had been me against 20 people and no one likes or respects me. That feeling is horrible and I would really like to feel less of it this month. I want us to work together and to get on. 

My best friend is home for two weeks this month and I am super excited! However, we often make plans to see each other when she comes home and before we know it it's time for her to go again and we hadn't met up. Please don't let this happen this time! I want to hang out loads and have lots of nights out with her. Please, please March!

Also, you know that other little thing that's happening in my life right now? it's a bit too private for the blog just yet, but can you please make it go well? If it does I would be so much happier in life I reckon.

Ok I think I will leave it at that, don't want to be asking for too much now do I! I hope you do make these wishes come through and sure, throw in an odd surprise or two to keep things interesting! 
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