OOTD | Floral Two Piece

31 Jan 2015

The things to focus on:
Floral Blazer - New Look
Floral Shorts - New Look
Boots - New Look
White Tee - Penneys/Primark

The things to ignore:
White legs & arms - Irish genes
Bits of leg stubble - Careless shaving
Dusty shoes - Blind owner
Messy dressing table - Untidy gal

I bought this little floral two piece the other day on a bit of a 'I haven't bought clothes in ages' whim. I think it's very cute and different. I love playsuits so much and I feel like these are just as sweet and cutesy as playsuits can be. I love shorts that look like skirts. Femininity and security combined. I hear dark florals are like, totally in right now so hooray for me being up to date with the style for once in my life! Looking at these pictures now I think I would add a statement necklace next time, maybe a nice gold one?

What do you think of this outfit? I feel like it might not be everyone's cup of tea so I would love to hear in the comments. Also, let me know if you would like to see more OOTD's on my blog. I find them quiet fun to do and I do love fashion. But I don't want to show my face on my blog really (teacher probz) and I don't know if OOTD's with heads cut off look weird or not, haha.

100 Happy Days Weekly Round-Up 11

25 Jan 2015

Day 71 - 18/01/15 | Went for a walk with my sister, her three kids, her dog and my dog. I posted photos of the area we walked around before here if you want to have a look, it's quite scenic. I thought the sunset over Galway Bay made for a pretty picture!

Day 72 - 19/01/15 | I have seen ships in the docks plenty of times before but I could never understand how they moved. They always looked so big and the area was small, I'm always like - how are they not so heavy as they would touch the ground?! (maybe I'm just not great at physics haha) anyways, today I saw a ship pulling off and exiting the dock. Even though it was freeezing I had to stay and watch because I really wanted to see how it all worked.

Day 73 - 20/01/15 | Love this blazer/cardigan/kimono (I dunno) that I got. After I got this I read in a magazine that dark florals were all in now, that's me, totally ahead of the style haha!

Day 74 - 21/01/15 | Had a night relaxing night involving a face mask, doing my nails, Youtube videos, and reading this book 'Before I go to Sleep', I might do a review on it in the future, if I ever finish it that is! I'm not finding it very page turning to be honest.

Day 75 - 22/01/15 | Spent the evening babysitting my two nieces and nephew which is always fun. Here's a snap of my nieces perched on the sofa watching TV. After their parents came home we all had ice-cream cake for my brother in-laws birthday. I then helped the eldest niece with her homework and cuddled with my nephew to get him to sleep. Nice day :)

Day 76 - 23/01/15 | Little selfie session with my one true love. It's almost impossible to get him to look at the camera and be cute but I quiet like this one! The look of love, hey! Haha.

Day 77 - 24/01/15 | I am loving this breakfast at the moment. It's toasted oats with strawberries and bananas, delicious! I also gave Nicky a bath today, he doesn't really mind it, it's being dried with the hair dryer he hates. He always gets super hyper afterwards!
Another week done and dusted. I can't believe January is almost over. How are your resolutions going? (lol)
I hope you all had a great weekend and managed to see the little joys in every day.

Blogs I am Loving | January

22 Jan 2015

The last time I did a blog post about my favourite blogs was December 2013 so I thought it was about time I did another one! Finding and reading other blogs is my favourite part of the blogging experience. I read a lot of blogs. There are so many I love and read on a weekly basis. I think you all know who you are, basically if you get comments from me I love you! haha. 

Instead of listing some of my general favourite blogs which I could not narrow down to an acceptable number, I'm going to introduce you to my four favourite blogs that I have discovered and have been enjoying in January.

Through the Thicket

Firstly, I adore Kathryn's blog design. It is so simple and beautiful! She has amazing recipes with pictures that literally make my mouth water. If you love cats her Caturday posts will be right up your street. I find her blog so easy on the eye with so many interesting post topics on crafts & diy, entertainment, life, recipes, and wellness. All her posts are helpful and informative so if you love a good lifestyle blog you really will enjoy this.
Some of my favourite posts include - Caturday: January 17, 2015creating a routine of happiness, & What I learned as a daughter of a single mother.

Daydreams of Summertime

Similarly, I love the aesthetics of Sarah's blog, I guess design is extremely important to me! Sarah's photos are so stunning and they make me want to be in them! I adore her 10 Happy Things posts as well as her travel posts. She also talks about so many relevant topics like how to beat the January blues (guest post), and creativity. There really is something for everyone on Daydreams of Summertime. 

Tea in your twenties

Firstly, how great is that blog name?! anyone who loves tea is my kind of person. Her blog is so chatty and you really get a feel for who Stephanie is and her lovely personality. She talks about many experiences that help teach lessons and provide inspiration, she puts a lot of honesty in to her posts. I feel like I can relate to so much of what she says and it's nice to know you're not the only one who feels certain ways sometimes. If you are looking for a nice, easy read I would definitely recommend you check her blog out!

As a blonde

Honestly, I think I found Sophie's blog in December but it has definitely been one of my favourites all month. Her design, photos and writing are all top notch. She has lots of travel/days out posts which are probably my favourite to read. Her breakfast posts are ah-mazing and make me feel like I really need to branch away from cereal haha. She clearly puts so much effort in to her blog and I get so much inspiration from it.
Some of my favourite posts include - Christmas SnowThe Breakfast Post #9 & Cupcake and Macaroon Tour

If you check these blogs out (which you totally should!) I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
I would love to make 'blogs I am loving' a monthly feature on my blog as I think it's so important to show our love for others little spaces on the internet. I think the community aspect of blogging is so important so I'm really happy to share my favourites.

I would love if you left a link to some of your favourite blogs in the comments, who knows I might fall in love with them and end up writing about them in February!

You Are Good Enough

20 Jan 2015

Do you ever feel like you are being rejected or pushed away? Is one of your best friends suddenly ignoring you and seemingly not wanting to hang out with you? This has happened to me so many times and appears to be happening to me again at the moment. There's no denying it can make you feel rubbish.

Initially, I felt like I wasn't good enough. Perhaps I'm simply not fun enough to hang out with or do things with and my friendship is obviously not valued very much. Maybe I'm boring, maybe I thought we were a lot closer than we actually were. My next thought was 'did I do something wrong?' I have been wrecking my head trying to figure out what it is I did. Focusing in on the most minuscule of details, conversations we had, things I may have said, anything that I have done that may have offended her. 

Then, I start making a big deal of the smallest things that 'prove' she doesn't like me any more like the fact that she hasn't even bothered to open the snap chat I sent her days ago whilst she clearly has been on snap chat since her score has been going up (yup I get that obsessed!)

But when it comes down to it, I know in my heart that I have done nothing wrong. In fact I have been an amazing friend. On new years eve I went out with her despite not really wanting to and I promised I would stay with her if she didn't get in as she had lost her ID. I'm the only one who offered this! It is so easy to think that you are too boring, or you're a generally crappy person but one thing I know is true is the fun we have together, the laughs, conversations and moments we shared.

So what could it be, if I have done nothing? Well, the point of this post is to highlight that in situations like this we probably shouldn't convince ourselves that the problem is with us. We shouldn't focus on ourselves. Jo's blog post helped me realise this. There is a whole lot of reasons why someone might be distant. You never really know what is going on in someone else's life. Maybe she has been extremely busy all Christmas. Maybe she just never felt like leaving the house and coming to see me. Maybe she's feeling down these past few weeks and doesn't want company. Maybe she's hating university and is in a bad place right now. Maybe she has so much more important things on her mind right now. I hope not to all of these things but what I'm trying to say is we never know what someone is going through. There are a so many variables in someone's life. 

Let's try to go easy on ourselves. Believe we are good enough for everyone and no matter who you are your friendship is always something that should be valued. 

That's what I am trying to do. So I'm not going to be mad at her for 'ignoring' me. I'm going to be understanding because life is crazy and unpredictable and I will always be here for her. 

100 Happy Days Weekly Round-Up 10

18 Jan 2015

Day 64 - Sunday 11/01/15 | One of my favourites things to do on a Sunday morning is make a nice coffee (Nescafe Azera Cappuccino is my favourite instant coffee) and reading the Sunday paper and magazine. I usually do this still in my pj's. I think Sundays are my favourite day of the week. 

Day 65 - Monday 12/01/15 | Sometimes, instead of going for a standard 'straight' walk I like to take Nicky for a little adventure through the woods or fields and follow his lead. I think it's nice to let him sniff his way around and discover things for himself. His new harness is a bit of a pain though as it's too big for him and the lead got stuck on a twig and he pulled himself out of his harness. I nearly had a heart attack incase he ran out on the main road, luckily I caught him though!

Day 66 - Tuesday 13/01/15 | I actually don't like snow so this doesn't really qualify as something that makes me happy. It's cold, and wet, and yucky and makes for extremely dangerous driving. However, there's no denying that it looks pretty and makes a nice photo, so taking pictures of it did make me happy this week!

Day 67 - Wednesday 14/01/15 | Wednesday I had a little selfie photo shoot for a new blog photo. I took so many! I really like the one I have up now but I should probably change it to one covering my face soon #teacherproblems!

Day 68 - Thursday 15/01/15 | Yup, another food snap. I really love this fish though. Teriyaki Salmon - delish! Also, fish is super healthy so it's a win win although, all that flavouring on the top is probably terrible for you haha. 

Day 69 - Friday 16/01/15 | After days of horrible weather; snow, storm Rachael, thunder and lightening, freezing temperatures and a permanent grey sky it was really nice to see a nice blue sky today and for there to actually be some sunlight in the short day.

Day 70 - Saturday 17/01/15 | The Saccone Jolys were on TV tonight which was pretty exciting. It was a bit like your friends being on TV. I don't watch them religiously but I always thought they seemed like a lovely family and was so looking forward to watching their interview, I was a bit worried though because the presenter can be a proper sarky git but it all turned out swell!
Week 10 done. Crazy crazy! I would really love to know how your week went, what were the highlights? Let me know in the comments. 

I also wrote this guest post over on Mary's blog 'Uncustomary Art' during the week if any one would like to check it, and the rest of her lovely blog out!

Midnight Storm Ramblings

15 Jan 2015

It's Wednesday night and I have no blog posts scheduled for this week at all, nor do I have any good post ideas. So I thought I would have a random little out of the blue chatty post tonight! Sometimes I think I am starting to get so bogged down with getting my blog to be the best it can be, thinking about what other people would want to see and wanting to put only the very best of my blog post ideas up. Essentially, I am striving towards 'perfection' or getting my blog to be as professional as possible. 

Tonight, I'm like naaahhh to all of that. At the end of the day this blog is mine and no one elses, mine to do whatever I want with, even if that includes filling it with post midnight nonsensical ramblings. After all, I think when I'm 30 I will quite enjoy getting a glimpse back in to the mind of the 21-year old me. 

It's extremely windy outside. The storm, which I think they've called Rachel is hurling outside my window. I never understand why they give storms such sweet female names, it really doesn't suit them. I would call this storm Hugh or Jeremy. Nevertheless, it's lovely to be inside in the warmth listening to it roar. I'm sitting in my bed with my laptop all snuggled up. Well that's kind of a lie, my room is pretty cold so my top half is baltic whilst my bottom half which is laying on my electric blanking is toasty. 

I really hope the electricity doesn't go, because my laptop battery is almost dead. You would think I'd have charged it all night but nope, of course I didn't! I love how Ireland gets so excited whenever our weather gets a little bit out of the ordinary. I mean, in comparison to hurricanes which happen regularly in some parts of the world, this is nothing! But it still makes headline news. We're all cautioned to not leave our house unless we absolutely have to and most of the schools around here are closed tomorrow, in preparation for the worst (there will be trees down and the electricity gone) I sometimes wonder about the fuss we would make if we got earthquakes or proper full on hurricanes haha. 

On another note, is it sad that I got in to bed without taking my make-up off because I was still snap chatting people? Haha oh God that is really sad isn't it. I'm almost a bit embarrassed to say that but hey I'm honest! I haven't worn eye-liner in ages and I have no idea why, it works wonders! I've generally been wearing make-up a lot less and when I do it's the minimum so whenever I do go 'all out' on occasion I am always surprised by the miracles it can perform!

Speaking of wearing less make-up, I've also been drinking a lot less fizzy drinks and replacing them with water. I have to say my skin has seen an improvement, which is great because I have acne that just won't seem to shift. I'm thinking about cutting dairy from my diet to see if it would help but God, is life without cheese really worth living?

Anyways, I better switch the laptop off and try get some sleep. Sorry about the extremely random post. It wasn't planned, I just wrote out my train of thoughts! 

I hope you've all been having a great week. 

I'm really enjoying discovering new blogs at the moment so if you write a blog you think I might not have read, leave you link below!


100 Happy Days Weekly Round-Up 9

11 Jan 2015

Day 57 -  Sunday 04/01/15 | Sunday was my nieces 8th birthday. I can't believe she is 8! It only feels like yesterday she was born, when I was 14. I still remember finding out my sister was pregnant with her first and finding it so hard to keep it a secret from my friends until the 12 week mark haha! She wasn't having her birthday party with her friends until she went back to school so on Sunday we just marked the occasion with a small birthday cake for our family.

Day 58 - Monday 05/01/15 | Tried out the Barry M Lychee nail polish for the first time. I know why it's such a popular nude. It's so pretty, fresh and classy I reckon. I'm really in to nudes now and hate wearing colours!

Day 59 - Tuesday 06/01/15 | Tuesday I went in to town with my mum and as a quest to start reading more I checked out the book store but I had no idea what to get so I came home and asked on social meadia, as ya do! The next day I was there I picked up 'Before I go to sleep' and I might write a review on my blog when I am finished as I definitely want to add books to my blog.

Day 60 - Wednesday 07/01/15 | If you have read this blog post you will know how much I love a cosy night in and that's exactly what this day was! I was home alone chilling and was inspired to get my camera and write a post about it, such a spontaneous blog post but hey, that's what makes blogging fun!

Day 61 - Thursday 08/01/15 | Thursdays snap is of this delicious bagel I had whilst out with my Mum and Auntie. I tried hard not to include food in this weeks 100 happy days but I double failed haha. Next week, we will see!

Day 62 - Friday 09/01/15 | I went to this super cool restaurant this evening. It had such an amazing jungle theme. The walls and roof were all fake vegetation, rocks, etc. There even was a waterfall that looked so real! such a cool place.

Day 63 - Saturday 10/01/15 | Yup another food picture, I'm sorry, I reckon a 3rd of my 100 happy days will be of food. What does that say about me? haha. This was a delicious chicken stir fry with Japanese flower sauce (nope I don't know what that is either)

I can't believe I'm up in the 60's already. It's crazy how quickly time is going, I wish it would slow down for a minute!

What is something happy about your week? Let me know in the comments!


Cosy Night In Essentials

8 Jan 2015

Cosy nights in. Who doesn't love them? Going out and hitting the town is all well and good but sometimes you just can't beat spending the evening at home on your own. After a long day in school/work it can be amazing to take some time for just me. I love to turn off my phone, not go on the internet, just cut myself off from the outside world for a little bit, clear my mind of the worries of the day and the challenges faced. Here are some of the things I like to include on those cosy nights in.

Warm Fire

Ok this is the number one essential! Nothing says comfort like a lovely blazing open fire. It keeps you nice and warm and adds a cosy atmosphere to the room. There's something about having a fire lit in the room that makes me so happy and relaxed. 

Comfy Clothes

Joggers? Check! Hoody? Check! Comfy socks? Check! There is nothing better than coming home, getting out of those awful tight jeans, or un-comfy skirts, letting your hair down and maybe even removing the old bra (we all do it sometimes hehe) I spend my time in comfy leggings/joggers at home. I need to start cracking out my onesie more often!

Snuggle Buddy

These can be human or otherwise. Once they are warm, don't mind being cuddled and you love them. My person of choice is Nicky of course, my soul mate, #crazydoglady. It's good to just sit and cuddle with someone without any need to talk (not that my buddy can). It can be a welcomed relief if you spent all your day talking in school/work.

Hot Drink & Snacks

The addition of food to any situation is always a good thing in my book. You can't beat a nice warm cup of tea during down time. Complete with some chocolate biscuits? Perfect! If you want to really treat yourself, it's all about the pizza for me. Oh God I really want pizza now, but no its 10.16pm, best not!

Manicure Set

I'm terrible for letting my nails go really chipped and un-attractive. So when I'm relaxing in the evening and doing 'nothing' it's a perfect excuse to get my talons in to shape. I'm really loving Barry M's Lychee. It's such a popular colour but I've only tried it out recently. It's so classic and clean! I'm excited for Spring to come now and to start using some more pastel shades again, I'm kind of over most of my winter nail polishes!

A Good Book

As you may have seen in my resolutions blog post I want to read more this year. I don't know why I don't read that much as it is. I think having to read SO many novels whist studying English in university turned it in to a chore for me which is pretty sad. I asked on Instagram and Twitter for some good books to read so if you know of any let me know in the comments. I do love reading, it's a great way to escape from reality for a bit and unwind, I just need to re-enlighten that love with some good books.

Finally, how cute is that picture of Nicky's legs over my knees? I told you we were soul mates!

Do you like to stay in or do you prefer to go out and do things most evenings? 
What are your cosy night in essentials? Let me know in the comments!

The Social (Media) Circus

5 Jan 2015

Do you ever see or hear something and you instantly think 'I need to write a blog post about that', that's what happened here. I was scrolling through Facebook today when a video under the caption 'This is why you shouldn't take people's Facebook lives seriously' popped up. I knew I had to click in to it because I have always been very aware of how phoney and narcissistic Facebook is.  

I was greeted by this video below, it is definitely worth a watch!

After watching, I sat nodding, yes! yes! someone had verbalised and portrayed my muddled up thoughts on Facebook that I couldn't really put my finger on. 

When I scroll through my Facebook timeline, everyone looks like they are having an amazing time. They look great, have a fantastic social life with lots of friends, and are in loving relationships where they go to 5 star restaurants on dates. It is hard not to feel inadequate when you compare your real life to other peoples carefully constructed online life. 

But this jealousy and feelings of inadequacy is completely uncalled for when I really think about it. When I take a look at my own Facebook wall it doesn't reveal anything about my life. It is full of pictures of friends and I on nights out. If someone were to look at it they would think I am a social butterfly when that is SO far from the truth!

Essentially, we all subconsciously only share our very best on Facebook, we embellish everything for social media. The most fun and charming aspects of our lives get shared whilst the shitty stuff and the boring stuff that makes up our every day grind gets left out. 

All in all Facebook is at best a deformed reflection of real life and at worst a completely fictional painting of how we want people to see us. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you sometimes feel inadequate when you compare yourself to your Facebook friends?

100 Happy Days | The Festive Season

4 Jan 2015


Day 43 - Sunday 21/12/14 | This Sunday I went to the Christmas market with my sister, her husband and her two little girls. The weather was diabolical but it was pretty fun. My nieces bought dream catchers and I got to have THE best hot dog in the world!

Day 44 - Monday 22/12/14 | I discovered the deliciousness of fried eggs on toast with pepper. I may have ate that for breakfast for the remainder of the week, with bacon too...drool!

Day 45 - Tuesday 23/12/14 | On Tuesday my nieces and my young cousins and I decorated some Christmas tree ginger breads. The festive feeling was really kicking in today, with candy canes, cracker pulling and fortune teller fish galore.

Day 46 - Wednesday 24/12/14 | Christmas Eve! I do love this day. I spent the evening at my sisters house. Her kids were SO excited for Santa so it was really fun fuelling their imagination. That track Santa app is amazing! I also drank some wine and we listened to lots of Christmas music. Quality family time. 

Day 47 - Thursday 25/12/14 | The big day arrived! I had a lovely Christmas Day. I simple spent it with my whole family. We had an AMAZING dinner. I would go as far to say that it was the best Christmas dinner I ever had so well done to my brother in law who cooked most of it. We had a choice of 8 desserts so we were a bit excessive haha. I spent the evening chilling with my family, and relaxing!

Day 48 - Friday 26/12/14 | Honestly, I totally forgot to take a picture on St. Stephens day so I took this the next day to represent a catch-up drinks with my friends being the highlight of the day.

Day 49 - Saturday  27/12/14 | Ah the epitome of Christmas in a picture. I feel like every family has a box of celebrations/heroes/roses or all of the above at Christmas time. Yummy, my favourite celebration would have to be snickers!
Day 50 - Sunday 28/12/14 | It has got SO cold! It froze so hard and when I went for a walk with Nicky in the afternoon there was still ice and frost all over the road, brrrr.

Day 51 - Monday 29/12/14 | The sunset was so beautiful this evening. Honestly, there were Facebook status' about it. It looked way cooler than this picture shows!

Day 52 - Tuesday 30/12/14 | Having this little boy come to visit is always a good day. He is so so cute and funny, look at that smile! he's at such a great age where he's just starting to talk.

Day 53 - Wednesday 31/12/14 | Noooo a selfie on my blog! haha. Be grand. New Years Eve was so much fun. 5 of my friends and I partied in their house. We had home made sambuka and played 'cards against humanity' which was HILARIOUS. We then went in to town and rang in the new year in a queue in to a bar haha. Not going to lie, I got way too drunk and can't remember much else and what I do remember, I'm totes too ashamed to put up here haha. Oh well!

Day 54 - Thursday 01/01/15 | So New Years day was spent taking it very easy. I did nothing. But I did have this amazing dinner with my Mum and Dad, that picture right there is one of the reasons I love my mum!

Day 55 - Friday 02/01/15 | This 5 cheese pizza was ah-mazing! it was a €2 frozen pizza but my God it was yummy. I try not to eat junk food too often but when I do, I do enjoy it hehe.

Day 56 - Saturday 03/01/15 | Today I went to the seaside and brought Nicky. It was his first time ever at the beach! He didn't seem to like it very much, he was a bit nervous and seemed to not know what the heck was going on, haha. It was a beautiful day but very cold so we couldn't go in the water unless we wanted to hyperventilate! 

And there we have it, My Christmas and New Years days! It was a lovely time and I am kind of sad it is over but I'm excited for what the new year holds. 
I hope you all had a fantastic festive period, and are all feeling refuelled and motivated to make 2015 your best year yet!
I'll probably be kind of quiet on the blog front this month apart from my '100 happy days'. But when I get re-inspired I will be back with a bang!

My Goals for 2015

2 Jan 2015

I am one of those people who hates new years resolutions and the whole 'new year, new me' idea. I just feel like it can often be pretty unrealistic. The date has changed and not much else! Nonetheless, I do have some personal goals and things I want to do in 2015. I thought I would just keep them all in my head but hey, I may as well share them on my blog! You're support and advice would be lovely, hehe.

Better sleeping pattern | I am SUCH a night owl. I never go to bed before 12 no matter how tired I am. I just love being up on my own, with nothing or no one to bother me, sounds weird I know! I seriously need to make an effort to sort this out this year as I'm sure it ain't healthy.

Read more | I am an English teacher who is shit at reading. There I said it, the secret is out! I really want, scratch that need to get in to the habit of reading regularly! I'm going to aim for at least one book a month. I know some people who read 1 book a week would laugh at that but hey, baby steps! and I mean proper novels too. No 50 Shades malarkey!

Try new things | I really want to try some new hobbies this year. I have no idea what yet but maybe I will join a yoga or painting class, who knows! I've realised how it's so important to give new things a go, it may turn out to be a new passion.

Go for more walks | I want to take Nicky for a walk most days. As it is, I only take him once or twice a week and my dad takes him 2 or 3 times depending on the weather. I want to go more often, no matter what the weather. Getting some fresh air and exercise is so important for my well-being. 

Visit new places | I need to see more of my own back garden. So day trips around the country would be a lovely thing to do more of this year.

Keep a diary | For some reason, I really want to keep a diary this year! I bought a lovely one yesterday that has an entire page for every day of the year. I would love to fill it with all my thoughts throughout the year.

Organise my blog | I want to get my blog in to a nice flow and routine. I want to come up with some unique post ideas that really excite me. I feel like January will be pretty quiet on here, I will spend it brainstorming ideas!

Get sh*t done | I really need to get my ass in gear and start taking the initiative to create the life I want. I need to be more confident in myself and less afraid of rejection, this is so hard for me but I really need to get motivated and be productive this year. 

There we have it, some of my goals, hopes and wishes for 2015. I just want to be a better version of myself. As they say 'the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday' so I am all for personal growth and improvement.

I would love to hear what your new years resolutions are in the comments!
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