A Pre-Christmas Catch Up

20 Dec 2015

Hello my friends!

You may or may not have noticed that there hasn't been a blog post from me in an age (1 month to be more accurate!) so I thought now that I had a free evening I would have a little pre-Christmas catch up with you guys. 

Quite a lot has been happening hence why blogging was put on the back-burner. Firstly, I got a new job! If you don't know already I am a secondary school teacher but I haven't really been successful getting a full time job in that. For the past couple of months I've been unemployed with the odd few days here and there teaching in schools, when other teachers are out. I really wanted to get another full time job until I find something more consistent teaching because I was getting very bored spending days and sometimes weeks on end at home. Also, lets be real here, I wanted a steady income!

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My Top 5 Winter Lipsticks

8 Nov 2015

Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It's been feeling a lot colder over here this weekend, it's really starting to feel like winter rather than Autumn so I thought I would share with you my favourite lipsticks to wear this season! I absolutely love Autumn/winter make-up. When it comes to my lips I much prefer to wear red/berry tones, anything other than pink to be honest so I love to embrace the winter trends. 

My five favourite winter lipsticks are all drugstore, 3 of which are Rimmel, I just think the Kate for Rimmel lipstick line is ah-mazing, the formula is lovely and creamy and they are very long lasting. The other two are from Revlon and Soap and Glory, both some of my favourite brands and  very affordable.

Swatches L-R | Rimmel 107, Rimmel 30, Revlon 'Crush', Soap and Glory 'Plum Jam' Rimmel 45, 

Rimmel Kate 107
I am sure this lipstick is in many peoples top five winter lipsticks, it's hugely popular! It's such a lovely dark berry red that goes beautifully with pale skin. Also, it's got slight blue undertones that help make my teeth look whiter and I'll take that wherever I can get it! Honestly, I don't wear this lipstick on a day to day basis, I like to save it for a night out when I want to make a bit of a statement. This will be perfect for Christmas parties with a nice cat flick eye. It's available in Boots for €6.99.

Rimmel Kate 30
This is the latest addition to my lipstick collection and I am in love already. I've been wearing it non stop since I got it. It's such a gorgeous deep berry colour, it looks quite similar to 107 here in the swatches but it's very different in person, it's a lot more plum/purple toned which I loooove. It looks kinda scary in the bullet but I find this to be a really wearable shade. This is the epitome of a winter lipstick to me. This is also available in Boots for €6.99.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 'Crush'
I really like this range because I find the formula really nice and comfortable on the lips whist very pigmented and long wearing as it leaves a stain on the lips (as the name would suggest). This is a little similar in tone to Rimmel '30' but it's more shiny/glittery and doesn't have any red undertones, definitely more purply and not too dark on the lips at all. You can pick this up in Boots for €10.99. 

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 'Plum Jam'
Oh golly I just love these lipsticks from Soap and Glory. I adore the formula of these, I don't really know anything else like them. They are SO creamy and moisturising and just beautiful. They leave the lips looking so glossy and plump and they are very pigmented. 'Plum Jam' is a lovely burgandy red. If you want to wear a darkish red but are too scared to go for something very bold I would highly recommend this because it's not too dark, is buildable and I feel like it would suit every skin tone. You can find it in Boots for €11.

Rimmel Kate Nudes 45
Last but not least, definitely my most worn of all the lipsticks listed here, is a gorgeous mauvy nude. Very Kylie Jenner. I feel like this is the perfect nude for winter unlike the more pinky/coral nudes in the collection. This is fab for everyday wear or even with a bold eye on a night out. Grab it in Boots for €6.99

There we have it, my 5 favourite winter lipsticks! Let me know in the comments what your absolute go-to lipstick is for this season, I would love to know!

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Photography | Arches & Nature Trails

5 Nov 2015

Guys, I literally cannot cope with how spectacular Cong is. I think only a certain type of person is filled with absolute happiness when they're in a naturally beautiful place. I look around and so many people don't seem to notice whereas I am there staring at a tree saying 'ohhh my God, how pretty' and they think I'm a crazy person. I think it's the photographer in me that gets so excited when they are some place beautiful. I look at everything like it is a picture or a painting, I look at all of the different elements and work out that 'perfect composition'. 

Thankfully, on Saturday I had my camera in hand to capture those pictures and share them with you guys. I hope you loved them as much as I loved taking them.

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FOTN | Smoky Eye & Nude Lip

2 Nov 2015

For some reason I never really go for a dark smoky eye look. I've actually been kind of scared of black eye shadow and have always gone for the safer browny options in my Naked 2 palette. However when my friend Kelley did my make-up for her make-up artistry portfolio she went to town on the dark eyes and I must say I LOVE IT. Like, I really really love it. She made me feel super pretty with the shots she took!

I thought I would share with you all the look she created. Her task was to create a night-out look using all drug-store make-up which is right up my street and I'm sure it will be up yours too as we all love a bargain, am I right?!

For the base she used Revlon colourstay foundation and the Sleek face form kit for contouring which I lurve #dathighlight. For the eyes Kel used Maybeline Colour Tattoo in dramatic black as well as the black from the original sleek palette blended on the crease. We used the Soap and Glory Smoulder kohl eyeliner on my waterline, and Supercat on my lid. We then finished the eyes with Maybeline's Lash Sensation mascara. We kept the lips nude and glossy with a slick of Maxfactor 839 'Maple'. 

I don't wanna sound narcissistic but I feel Kel made me look kinda sexy and I never ever look sexy. I think it's all down to the smoky eyes. I'm converted. I was planning on getting the Naked 3 palette for myself for Christmas but I think it's going to have to be the Naked Smoky now, I'm already excited over the looks I could create with that!

Let me know in the comments if you like to wear a dark smoky eye and if so what products you use!

PS, is it just me or does the spelling 'smoky' look so wrong? I feel it needs an 'e' but apparantly that's incorrect. Who knew? Not even me, an English teacher! bahaha.
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October Round-Up

31 Oct 2015

Another month has come and gone, I can hardly believe it! It only feels like yesterday I was writing my September Round-Up. The year is flying by and I am now allowing myself to say the C-word. Christmas. Ah! I'm actually planning to get all my Christmas shopping done in November so yep, I've accepted that it is pretty darn close. 

I feel like October was a pretty good month. It's one of my favourite months of the year anyways because I'm a big fan of Autumn and Halloween so I was bound to enjoy this month. Let's just say, I'm happy with the amount of pictures I've taken with my feet in some leaves, haha I've embraced the beauty of the month for sure. 

I didn't really immerse myself in the Halloween festivities though. I just really didn't feel like dressing up and going out this year. It's just SO busy on Halloween nights out and I think I must be getting too old and boring for that scene haha! I did have a night in watching a horror movie though (which I avoid like the plague) so that's something I guess, I also (badly) carved a pumpkin and ate some Halloween themed cup-cakes, so y-know, I didn't totally ignore the occasion!

Now, time for a summation of my month via Instagram (follow - dreamingagainblog) a round-up of everything I have blogged this month and a list of some of my favourite posts by other bloggers I have read throughout the month. Be sure to check them out!

Top - Bottom, Left - Right
1 | Current natural make-up face of the day products, you can catch a post about that here ;)
2 | Pumpkin carving - an important life lesson on the difference between expectations and reality!
3 | Halloween date night! I went to see Everest (I'd give it a 6/10) and The Martian (8/10) this month. 
4 | The Macnas Parade in Galway city was spectacular.
5 | Be-au-tiful sunset turned the sky amazing colours.
6 | Nicky's cutest shot of the month. Such a photogenic pooch I got here.
7 | The scarves are out! Winter is on its way for sure.
8 | Pretty new nail polish. Love this colour. Sadly it doesn't last as long on my nails as I thought.
9 | Being at one with nature in Autumn is the best. I love these woods so much.
10 | Being a #basicfallgirl on our exploration of Coole Park.
11 | Pretty boats in Kinvara. I was the hungriest I'd been all month when I took this snap ha.
12 | Free pints of Guinness whilst watching Ireland in the RWC. Yes please.


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Let me know in the comments how October was for you? Do you have anything exciting coming up in November?

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Photography | Autumn Woodland Scenes

29 Oct 2015

Hey everyone! With the weather at the beginning of the week being really wet, along with the clock going back and the nights being longer, I haven't really gotten much outdoor time lately. I really think spending some time outside does wonders for my mental well-being so when Wednesday was a surprisingly beautiful day I grabbed my dog, my boyfriend and my camera to go on a little exploration of my favourite woods. 

You guys know how much I love the woods, there's something so peaceful about them and the air always feels so fresh! It must be all that oxygen the trees are emitting haha. What I love even more though are woods in Autumn time. I adoooore the golden carpets they create! 

This place is so fabulous and I hope I captured it all well enough for you to see that! I'm not sure if these posts are everyone's cup of tea but sharing my photography (even though I'm no pro!) is probably my favourite type of post to do! I just love the process of picking out my favourite, cropping/editing them a little and putting them in order.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you would like me to share more of my photography like this. 

Watch out for an outfit post coming up some day soon!

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Autumn Look | Outfit & Make-Up

22 Oct 2015

Hey everyone! So like so many people Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love everything about it, especially the changing leaves, crisp air and the fashion and make-trends. I thought I would share some photos with you all capturing some of those things I love. So I headed outside with my camera and tried to encapsulate this beautiful October day and share with you my outfit and make-up look. Enjoy!

Scarf - MissSelfridge
Jumper - Pull & Bear
Leggings - Primark
Boots - Primark
Earrings - Dunnes Stores

Foundation - Revlon Colour Stay
Complexion - Sleek Contour Kit in 'light'
Brows - L'oreal Brow Pencil
Eyeshadow - Naked 2 (bootycall and tease on crease)
Mascara - Soap and Glory Thick and Fast
Eyeliner - Soap and Glory Super Cat
Lips - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 'Crush'
Nails - Barry M Sunset 'Dark Side of The 'Shroom'

This was a very quick and casual outfit that I threw together, nothing extraordinary but nice for everyday wear and perfect for when it's not too cold yet (it's still not cold enough for a big coat here!) 

You can probably guess that berry is my favourite colour to wear in Autumn. I absolutely adore a nice berry lip like this Revlon one in 'Crush' which isn't too dark or dramatic, perfect for daytime! I love the boots too which I got from Penneys (Primark) last year. They've lasted pretty well for the price, I think they were around €19. I also got the scarf last year too in MissSelfridge for around €25 but I still love it and definitely will be wearing it throughout the Autumn and Winter again this year. 

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Autumn colour is to wear and what is your go-to Autumn fashion piece?

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5 Reasons I think my dog is actually a cat

19 Oct 2015

  1. His favourite food is fish. I have a confession to make - I sometimes give Nicky bits of my dinner, I know, I know it's not good but who can resist those begging puppy eyes? Anyway, what he yelps for the most is always fish. I keeping meaning to try him on cat food.
  2. He plays with his food like a cat plays with a mouse. He carefully selects a nut before nudging it around, throwing it up in the air and trying to catch it in his paws whilst lying on his back. He does this before eating pretty much every single nut. 
  3. He's tiiiiiny. Seriously, the palm of my hand can cup his entire scull easily. He's definitely more cat sized that dog sized.
  4. He has really smooth, fluffy and soft hair, not coarse like most dogs. It's very odd. More cat like for sure. 
  5. He sits on the back of the couch. You will often find him perched up on the head rest. Mostly because he has access to peoples hair (he likes nibbling at peoples hair, yep, that's another story all together) 
Nicky has lots of more cat like tendencies but thankfully, he isn't aloof like cats are. He's quite the opposite, friendly. cuddly, needy and playful. He's bit like a baby too haha. 
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