You know you're a country girl when...

29 Oct 2014

  • Your closest neighbours are animals not humans.
  • You think you are actually going to suffocate when you go in to a big city and you just cannot fathom how many buildings and people there are.
  • The fact that some people have lived to be 20 without ever seeing a cow is absolutely unbelievable to you and you think they must be some kind of alien creature!
  • Grass grows in the middle of some roads around you and that is completely normal.
  • When you meet an oncoming car on the road you ALWAYS salute.
  • You are always the slowest to find change for a city bus and you panic in the rush of it all as the 'professional' city dwellers get impatient. You can't handle the fast paced life!
  • You spent your childhood running through fields, climbing trees and jumping across bales of hay.
  • As a kid you used to dare each other to touch electric fences.
  • There is NOTHING within an acceptable walking distance of you, apart from fields and other houses.
  • When someone walks down the road past your house you usually know who they are and if you don't, everyone's very curious.
  • Being delayed because you are stuck behind a tractor happens

So fellow country peeps, am I right? what else would you add. You city folk...I hope this gave a little insight into the life of a country girl, haha.


Autumn Beauty Wishlist

28 Oct 2014

Hey everyone! 
Oh my God it's a beauty post!!!!
So I am someone who goes through periods of loving make-up and having a wishlist as long as my arm and periods of not being that interested in it at all, I think that might explain why beauty posts are very sporadic on my lil' old blog. Right now though, I'm very much in an 'I love make-up and want EVERYTHING' phase, I blame Autumn and the arrival of lovely Autumn trends.
Here's what I am lusting for...

Bourjois Bronzing Primer 

I love to contour, every time I do my make-up I just have to contour, it's so vital for me! This product looks like it would be the perfect contouring product. I love the idea that it is a cream bronzer that can be blended. I imagine wonderfully defined dream cheek bones from this product, if you have it, let me know if that's the case!

Revlon Colourstay Foundation

I really want to try some new foundations as I'm a devil for sticking to one I like when there could be something more amazing out there! I've heard some good reviews about this one and I am very intrigued. Also, the packaging looks pretty high end and swish!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Pomegrante'

*Drools* the perfect Autumn eye colour right here. I love using burgandys and kind of rusty shades at Autumn, makes a change from the neutrals I use throughout the year. I have other colour tattoos and find them so handy and great quality so this is seriously on my Autumn shopping list!

Barry M Nail Paints in 'Mustard' and 'Paprika'

One of my favourite things about Autumn is the colours and where better to express those lovely colours than on your nails. Paprika is the epitome of Autumn and Mustard isn't quiet so typical but is still a kind of warm yellow tone which would look so cute especially if you're not a huge fan of the darker shades that trend in Autumn.

Wet n' Wild in 'Sugar Plum Fairy'

I really really wanted to get MACs 'Rebel' as I am simply in love with that dark purple shade berry but when I found out that this Wet n' Wild lipstick is pretty much an identical dupe for a fraction of the price I put this on my wishlist instead, the next time I'm in Dunnes or Penneys this is going in the basket for sure!

Revlon 'Black Cherry' lipstick

My friend has this lipstick and it is her favourite - every night we are out she wears it and it is so gorgeous and vampy I keep telling myself I need to get it. It's slightly darker than the Wet n' Wild shade and a lot less purple-y. 

Soap and Glory Super Cat Eyeliner

I have heard so many raves about this and I am a massive fan of liquid eye liners and Soap and Glory (most under rated cosmetic range ever!) so this is very high up on my wishlist. I still need to find my HG liquid liner, might this be the one?!
I am so tempted to buy all of these the next time I am in Boots but hey, gotta watch the old bank balance haha. So let me know if you own any of these products, what you think of them, would you recommend them or not? Go on... be my enabler ;) 

Hands up for an Autumn fashion wishlist soooon!


Motivational Monday #4

27 Oct 2014

Hey Everyone!

Today's 'Motivational Monday' is about not letting the past hold you back. I think that this is something we all do. It's fair to say that I do this just as much as everyone else - I have spent innumerable days feeling lousy or upset because of something that has happened in the days previous. Instead of letting it go and seizing the day I have wasted plenty of time dwelling on the past and what good does that do? zilch. If it's something small and not too important in the grand scheme of things I think we have the power to actually make the choice to forget about it whether it be by  deciding to sort it out, distracting yourself, focusing on happy things or whatever works for you! sometimes we just got to find a way to move on, forgive and forget if that's the case and not waste another day feeling completely glum.

Also, there is plenty of things that I am afraid to do because maybe, I haven't been successful in  the past and I presume history will repeat itself. I find it extremely hard to have the courage or confidence if I have failed before. I guess the best thing to do in these situations is to accept the past as a lesson, learn from it, try not to make the same mistakes again and hopefully it will work out this time round. 

What advice would you offer for leaving the past in the past and making the most of today? Let us all know in the comments!

Initially I only planned to do 'Motivational Monday' for the month of October but let me know if you would like me to continue doing them through November too!


Pros & Cons of Being Single!

24 Oct 2014


So today I was inspired to write a fun post about the pros and cons of singleness. I have a good bit of experience of being in a relationship and being single so I should know, right? haha. These are definitely not universal. They are just based on my personal experiences so a lot of you will disagree as everyone's experiences are different!

PRO You can talk to absolutely any guy you want in peace! There will be no one getting jealous or possessive.
CON Every guy you do talk to, and knows you are single will presume you are flirting with them if you are being really nice. They will probably try it on with you which can be really awkward! It's pretty difficult to have a guy friend when you're single...they all presume you're looking for a boyfriend and think they are the perfect option!

PRO You can go wherever you want, whenever you want and do WHATEVER. You don't have to consider anyone else! For me, this is awesoooome.
CON You don't have the security of having someone who is guaranteed to go places and do those things with you!

PRO Christmas and Valentines are no longer stressful times where you wreck your head trying to think what on earth your boy would like and there is no pressure to be a fabulous girlfriend.
CON You don't have anyone who will definitely be getting you a really awesome present. Lol.

PRO Being able to kiss anyone you like is GREAT and you never get bored with all that diversity haha. You are freeeee.
CON If you do feel like a kiss or cuddle, you have no one sure to the deed!

PRO You don't have anyone elses problems and complaints to worry about, you only have to deal with your own!
CON You don't have anyone who is obliged to listen to your crap haha.

PRO You have so much less drama in your life so you are so much happier!
CON You have so much less 'sexy time' in your life so you are so much, um, sadder :P

PRO You don't have to shave your legs no more!!!!
CON You therefore don't feel like a woman no more :P

And there we have it? which is better...hmmm? It's hard to decided. For me, personally, I LOVE being single. I know for a fact that my last year wouldn't have been as happy if I was in a relationship because I needed this time to grow and find out who I am on my own! However, being in a relationship can be fantastic BUT only if it's with the right person, if not singleness wins every time. So therefore, my status is only changing if someone ah-mazing comes along, and is totally worth my time! I think that's the way it should be ;)

What do you consider to be the pros and cons of being single vs in a relationship?

How I felt on my Graduation Day

22 Oct 2014

OMG, you guys...I graduated! On Tuesday I went in to university for the very last time to get that little piece of paper that says "well done, you did it, you're a teacher!" (not really, I don't know what it says, it's all in Latin haha) It was honestly one of the best days, with a range of emotions!

Firstly, I felt extremely accomplished. As I walked to the other side of campus to return my robe, so many memories of the past 4 years in the place came to mind. All the way back to September 2010 when it was all so huge and scary to me, when I got my first ever assignment and cried to my parents because I had no clue how to do it. I walked past the library and thought of the hours upon hours I had spent in there slaving over my laptop, doing research, reading dozens of books, writing up assignments, projects, dissertations, lab reports and presentations. I don't want to sound obnoxious but I felt oh so proud of myself for working so hard and being determined.

 I also felt so blessed to have been given the opportunity to do all of this. To go to this university, meet the people I've met, learn what I have learned and have so much fun along the way! Not only that, I felt really lucky to have the life I have in general. I have a roof over my head, plenty to eat, I'm in great health, have a great family and good friends. That's more than the vast majority of the people on earth so I think we should all be greatful for things that appear to be little but are actually crucial.

The day also got me thinking a lot about the concept of time, remembering my very first day in uni like it was yesterday and thinking that my final graduation would be way in the distant future, it wasn't. I felt a bit sad that this stage of my life was over forever. I would never be a student again. I am now a proper adult out in the real world and my carefree uni and school days will grow in to a fond distant memory that I will hopefully tell my grand children about. There was a sense of melachony for the past and the time that slipped away so quickly. 

But the day also got me thinking about change, and how you never know what the future holds. Remember this post I wrote back in August 2013 about my thoughts on becoming a teacher. I feel like such a different person now! An insane amount has changed in my life since I wrote that a little over a year ago. I have learned so much, made amazing friends, people I didn't know existed when I wrote that, re kindled with old friends, grown so much as a person, I'm more mature, I am much more confident, I am happier and hey I am a teacher now! This gives me hope for the future because you never really know what it holds, you never know who you are about to meet, you don't know how much potential you have, you have no idea what opportunities the future might hold, the impossible is clearly possible, and you should never ever underestimate your capacity.


Motivational Monday #3

20 Oct 2014

Hey everyone, Happy Monday! I hope you are all happy and enthusiastic for the coming week. This weeks motivational Monday is all about being grateful for what you have done, and what you have achieved instead of worrying about all the things you have yet to do in life. I really love this quote, I think it's so important to stop and think about how far you have come and give yourself a little pat on the back. We always get caught up on what we want to do or achieve and when we do achieve them I feel like we don't take enough time to feel proud or grateful, instead we start thinking about what is next on our list to get us to where we want to be. 

I can relate to this so much lately as I am looking for my first teaching job, it is so difficult to find anything, it's very stressful and sometimes I feel down, or like I am useless because no one is willing to employ me yet. In all honestly, waiting around for a job does make me feel like a waste of space or like I am doing nothing with my life sometimes. However, tomorrow is my post-grad graduation and preparing for it has made me realise that yes, I am not where I want to be but I am not where I was, I have come so far, even in just one year...I am a qualified teacher now, and I am only 21. I have plenty of time to find that job and find my way to the place where I want to be. So tomorrow, I am going to celebrate how far I have come and appreciate my achievements, I am going to try not to worry about the future so much.

I think all of you can relate to this quote in a way, whether it's to do with your academic or work life, your health, or any other personal issues I am sure if you stop and think you will realise that you have already come so far, take pride and happiness in that, it will only motivate you to go even further. 


Random Ramblings | True Friendship

18 Oct 2014

Image source
Ok this is a really long and rambly one so be prepared! I'm just feeling all in love with my best friend at the moment and I need to write, write, write!

A couple of weekends ago I celebrated my best friends 21st birthday with her. It was a wonderful night full of food, laughing and dancing. Her family and friends were all there to celebrate with each other and show her how much we all love her. At one point in the night, whilst she was sitting on her chair receiving her traditional 21 kisses I looked around and realized that all of her friends that were there, (and there were dozens of them) all only got to know her in the past 5 years or so. I was the only one who was her friend since the beginning. Literally since the very first day of primary school when we were 4 years old and suddenly I felt overcome with emotion and love for her. I felt so happy and privileged that I got to be a constant in her life.

Her and I were joined at the hip throughout primary school. She literally was my childhood. She spent the summer at my house on sleepovers and even came on holidays with my family and I. We have so many memories together that stretch so far back that they are very foggy in my mind. We have secrets that still only the two of us know. We spent hours upon hours playing with our baby borns, barbies, or the play station, which ever took our fancy.

However, we weren't always best friends, in fact whilst we were in secondary school we fell out for a bit, drifted apart so to speak. We hung out with different people, had different best friends and there was awhile when we didn't even speak to each other even though we were in the same classroom. Not because we disliked each other but just because, for whatever reason, we lost interest in each others lives. For a couple of years we were strangers to each other but inside, even though I didn't know her anymore and she now had people who were so much closer to her, I always felt that I knew the real her better than anyone else and I knew that if anything was to ever happen she would be there for me in a heartbeat.

As secondary school drew to a close, and the last few months of it reeled in we suddenly started talking to each other again, talking to each other a lot! I think we both subconsciously knew that these were the last few months of us seeing each other every single day like we had done our entire lives and we started to cling on to each other again.

Even though we were on opposite sides of the country in University we made it a priority to stay in touch. She gave me my best childhood memories and my best young adult memories, from dollys and prams to boys and nightclubs. She has always been there for me for everything. And even though we drift in and out of each others lives I always know that she loves me and she knows I love her too. Last February for my 21st we hadn't seen or spoken to each other in a couple of months, simply because we were busy with our own lives. But she was quick to drop everything and come to my birthday. And when she did it's like we had never stopped speaking, we picked things right up, and there was no awkwardness or uncomfortableness whatsoever.

We have both had so many other friends, most of whom have come and gone from our lives. She is the only one that never truly goes and always comes back. None of our best friends from school were at our 21st's but we were there for each other.

These lasts couples of months we have been closer than we have ever been and it is fantastic to share our adult lives, and all the trials and tribulations of it with eachother. Because of her I have met so many people and have had such an amazing summer. Out of all the people in the world I owe her everything for adding so much to my life, it would have been so grey without her and I hope she continuous to add so much colour to it.

So in that moment when I was looking at her sitting on her chair receiving kisses from all of these friends I felt so happy that she is so loved, because she deserves it. I felt so lucky to have such a strong connection with someone that has lasted 17 years. Our whole past and my feelings for her came rushing to my mind and I ran to give her her 17th kiss. I meant it so god damn much.

"True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and nothing changes"


A Sunday by the Sea

15 Oct 2014

 Hey Everyone,
Last Sunday was such a beautiful day. I seriously cannot believe how lovely the weather is for mid-October, by this stage of the year it's usually fairly cold, grey, dull and probably wet. But nope, not this year, it's glorious! 

My friends and I thought that this could possibly be our last nice day of the year as we really felt like it couldn't last much longer so we decided to go to the sea side! I really love being a short drive from the coast. I think I would feel so trapped if I lived far in land. There is something so freeing about the ocean. It's like looking out into the vastness of it and being able to see the horizon makes me feel like this world is full of endless possibilities and fills me with hope! that sounds so cheesy but honestly, nothing makes me feel happier or more positive about life than going somewhere naturally beautiful. And the ocean is definitely one thing that always takes my breath away. 

OK that's enough of the deep stuff, we all know how I feel about the ocean now haha. My friends and I took a lovely stroll down the promenade which is very long, we walked through the different beaches and watched people jump off the diving board, I really want to brave it and do it some day, even though I am a really bad swimmer so I might need to improve at that first, yeah might be the safer option!

After our walk we went to the Arcades/Amusements and wasted so much money on pointless games but it was funnnnn! unfortunately we didn't win anything. We all sucked at most of the grabbing things and we didn't collect enough tickets from the other games to get a decent prize so we're saving the tickets until next time!

I hope you like the pictures I took! We got some really cute selfies too. The lighting was on-point for us haha. But I don't like to put too much of myself up here that would reveal my identity to any future students of mine...that might get very awkward and I don't even want to think of the consequences if they found my blog haha! But if you want to see any of the selfies, or me in general (I doubt you would) you can request to follow me on Instagram at Dreamingagain_ I'm a bit of an Insta-addict at the moment!
Until next time, Take care!


Motivational Monday #2

13 Oct 2014

So this weeks Motivational Monday is all about surrounding yourself with positive people. People who treat you right and know how great you are. I personally have experienced being very close to someone who was incredibly negative, who treated me horridly and did not show me that they saw any worth within me. So I can say first hand that having such people in your life can have a huge impact on your life, your mood and your attitude. You can start to believe that you don't deserve any one better, that you are not that great and you lose sight of the negative impact they are actually having on you. For me it was not until they were gone that I realized this.

I now know just how important it is to spend your time with people who love you and think you are great, people who make time for you, enjoy spending time with you, and are generally nice to you! why waste time with anyone else? Some people can have such a great impact on your life and some people not so much....don't be afraid to walk away. It doesn't have to be a huge dramatic 'get out of my life' but spend less time with them, don't let them be your priorities and make room for better people in your life.

When I was surrounded by people who clearly did not see any greatness within me and treated me badly, I had pretty low self-esteem, I was sad a lot of the time and lonely. Now that I have surrounded myself with much better people I can honestly say I am so much more confident, they think I'm great so I'm never afraid of what other people might think. Now that I think of it, since I cut certain negative people from my life, I hardly ever cry and boy did I cry a lot, not always over them, I was just generally sad all the time. I'm so glad to have learned this lesson though and going forward I know what kind of people I want in my life.

What do you think of this quote? Have you learned a similar lesson about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people? Let me know in the comments as always!

Random Ramblings | My Flirting Incapablities

11 Oct 2014

Hey Everyone!
So I want to share some more stories and little life experiences here on my blog because I think it can be fun to hear about things that happen to others even if they do not benefit you in the slightest from knowing! So I thought I would start off with something a bit fun and light hearted to talk about with you guys today.

Two weekends ago at my friends party I met so many of her uni friends, most of them were boys and they were all so lovely. One of them in particular was an EXTREME flirt. I mean I've never been flirted with so hard (is that a saying?) and it made me realise how absolute rubbish I am at responding to advances in an any way smooth or non awkward, I am a disaster at flirting!

It all started when we were on the bus from her house in to town. He sat beside me and was SO unbelievably confident it was quiet intimidating. The whole journey there him and the other guys joked about him liking me and wanting to kiss me sometime. He told me his name and said "Remember that name for when you're telling everyone who you got with tonight", When he would tell a good joke he would look at me and say playfully "see I'm really funny" whilst all the other guys busted their asses laughing at him. I had no idea what to say or how to respond. I mean what do you say? He was very good looking and charming but I just could not ever come up with a good response to his flirting which left things kind of awkward and him asking me to send him some good vibes. haha. When we got off the bus he joked "you're free from me now, until the pub".

When we got to the pub I walked down to the dance floor to see him in front of me, he quickly turned around and asked if I was following him. Umm no.

At one stage the 'Galway Girl' song came on and he started dancing with me in front of everyone, pointing out my black hair and blue eyes, insisting that I am the real Galway girl. Cringe. What do you do in this situation? Awkward.

Then when we were going home he grabbed my hand and made me run with him to the bus. He kept joking saying he hoped he would get a seat beside me. He did. Sigh. He then proceeded to play footsies with me and I didn't think it could get any worse until he told me I looked like Megan Fox. Good lord.

Back at the house he joked with our friend who was trying to sort out beds for 16 of us saying that we would sleep in the same room. He was joking, but still...what do you say? I was so uncool and responded with a laugh to most of his comments whilst everyone else laughed and pointed out how awkward I looked.

Before we went to bed, we were playing with a kitten, whilst he was holding him he looked at me and said "see I'm really sensitive" which provided everyone with much amusement once again. 

 At one point when we were going to bed he passed me with nothing but his boxers on. He then looked at me, covered his package, shouted 'ahh don't look' and ran whilst everyone bust their asses laughing at him.

In the morning, I came down for breakfast to "ahh Sinead, I didn't see you there, you brightened my day"..... I mean can someone please tell me how do you respond to this?

Later, he made a comment about size not always mattering, he then looked over at me and said "but sometimes it does" criiiinge.....

The craziness ended with me dropping some of them to the train station. Of course he managed to get shot gun in my car and jokingly pretended to put his arm around me as the others pulled off in another car. Oh God. Finally, he gave me his snap chat name which was a play on 'Prince Charming' (obviously I won't put up what it actually was) how typical, charming he was!

I mean it all wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't 20 people looking at my reaction every time and laughing at how awkward I looked.

Is anyone else really rubbish at responding to things like this. I felt so stupid and un-smooth. I wish I had something smart to say to all of his comments but I just said nothing and laughed whilst everyone cringed at me.

And the....
Goes to.... ME!!!

Hehe I quiet like documenting these little things, I think they will be fun to read in the future when I have forgotten - here's to more posts like these on my blog! :)
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Snaps | Boats, Castles & Blue Skies

10 Oct 2014

Hey everyone,
Last week my mum, my doggy and I went for a lovely walk around Renville which is tucked in a little corner of Galway Bay. This is a place I used to visit SO often as a child during the summer. It has a great big playground and I have lots and lots of happy childhood memories there. I hadn't been there in a couple of years and as it was a lovely sunny Autumns day I brought my camera along to take some snaps as it is very picturesque. I hope you enjoy these photos of Galway bay, Renville park, the little midievel village, and the lovely golf course over looking the bay. It is so great to take a step back and appreciate the beauty in the simple things in life, things that usually we don't look twice at.

I really want to take my camera on more outings and do more blog posts like this as these are my favourite ones to read, or look at! I love the idea of seeing places and things that you would otherwise never know existed. I want to share lots of more pictures and places with you guys so you can see the world around me!
Lots of love,

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