30 Day Snap #30 | Completion!

30 Jun 2014

To say goodbye to the 30-day-snap I thought why not go crazy and give you a picture of me, looking at a tree. Hahaha. I actually think it's a pretty cool picture, the countryside looks be-au-tiful behind me, I think you'd agree! This is taken in the field right behind my house. This picture makes me realise how lucky I am to live where I live.

And that's a wrap on the 30-day-snap. It was a challenge I'll give it that but I knew it would be worth it in the end. I now have this collage recapping the entire month. And even though some of the pictures don't really look like much, most of them have memories attached to them that I didn't even mention. Doing the 30 day snap has allowed me to savour this month and appreciate every moment.


30 Day Snap #29 | A Friend for Life

Today was a lovely family Sunday. My sister and her family come for dinner every Sunday so there is always lots of noise. As today was absolutely gorgeous my nieces and nephew spent most of it outside playing. The two girls can have days where all they do is fight from the minute they get up, today, thankfully wasn't one of those days. There's only 15 months between them and despite their disputes they really are very close. They spent the day together playing and talking about silly things kids talk about. I can only imagine how close they will be when they get older. I'm incredibly jealous of their relationship, I sometimes think it would be lovely to have a sister so close in age, a permanent best friend.

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Simple Sunday #2

29 Jun 2014

This hasn't exactly been the best of weeks, I'm not sure why, it was just fairly average. It was shadowed by a chest infection and a cough which really was not fun. However there were definitely many things this week that made me incredibly happy. Now is the time to focus on them!

  • Taking pictures like the one above has made me so happy this week. I'm loving photography more and more as the days go by. I'm not saying that I'm any good at it but I don't care, I enjoy it so much and we should all do more of what we love hey?!
  • Spending time with a lovely person and getting to know them a bit better was definitely the highlight of this week. Going for dinner, walking by the canal and watching the world cup together. It was lovely to learn more about them and see so many good qualities in them. 

  • Summer fruits have been something I've really been enjoying this week. Nothing beets strawberries, raspberries and blue berries when they were in season. I got a great bargain of a huge tray of them for €1! Mixed with some natural yoghurt they make a lovely guilt free snack.
  • Online shopping  for an outfit for a fancy dress party has been fun but pretty difficult. I need to find a really floral dress and I hate floral so I'm trying to find something cheap and relatively nice!
  •  Getting the exact same birthday present for my mum as my sister got made me giggle a little this week. She did get her some other things too though so it's not so bad!
  • The possibility of a job opportunity has risen this week which I'm really hopeful for but I'm not going to get too excited about it just yet. 
 Looking back now the week hasn't been so bad! Hopefully I get over my chest infection soon and am able to have a better week next week and a great start to the month of July!

How has your week been? What has been the highlight of it? Let me know in the comments!

30 Day Snap #28 | Delicious Snacks

The snap for the 28th is this yummy bowl of fruit and natural yoghurt I had for a snack. I am eating so much lately and I'm not sure why. I usually have lunch at 1 or 2 and then dinner with my family around 5 (which is probably a bit early) I am craving something yummy come 7, that's when I usually eat junk food but I'm going to try to swap it for bowls of fruit because they are just as yummy! I am then absolutely starving again by 9 and really don't know what I should eat considering I'd be going to bed in 2-3 hours.

Sigggghhhh listen to me complaining about not knowing what to eat when there are people who have no choice but not to eat anything at all, first world problems eh?! haha.

How was your day? Are you having a good weekend? Let me know in the comments!


30 day snap #27 | Photograpy is my remedy

28 Jun 2014

Today was a rubbish day. For no particular reason. Do you ever have those days where you're in a really bad mood, you feel sad and like you want to cry but you don't even know what's wrong. There is just a deep sense of sadness inside. That's how I felt today. I felt like there was no one to talk to. My best friends are either on holidays or are busy studying for exams. I have so many things I want to share with someone and there is no one here to listen right now. Which is incredibly selfish of me but I feel like if I was a Sim my social bar would be empty right now. I think being in the house all day didn't help either. I felt trapped, suffocated, lonely, frustrated not having anyone to share my news with and just really sad. 

This evening I decided to drag myself from the couch and the box of Pringles and get myself outside to get some fresh air. I walked around and still felt rubbish and bored so I decided to take my camera out. I spent ages outside taking pictures, mostly to do with the sunset. I sat in a field full of butter cups with the sun set behind them, snapping a way for ages, and when I got the perfect shot I automatically smiled for the first time that day. The longer I spent trying to get a good picture the happier I got. It made me realise how much I love photography and how it is the thing that cheers me up. It opens my eyes to the world, gets me out of my little bubble of sadness and gives me tremendous satisfaction. I thought I would share one of the photos I took today of the sun streaming across the back of my house. 

Sorry for the slightly depressing post today. I do apologise for complaining, I know how annoying that can be but sometimes its nice to see if people can relate to you and reassure you that you're not alone in your feelings. 

Photography is clearly my remedy for when I am sad. I would love to know what yours is. Let me know in the comments!

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30 Day Snap (24, 25, 26) | Training, Messy Date & Mum Birthday

27 Jun 2014

Hey Everyone! time for my snap update on the last three days!

Tuesday June 24th 

Tuesday was another lovely hot and sunny day, and sadly it was our last sunny day of the week. I wish it was Tuesday again, bring back the sunshine! This is a snap of some of the girls during training. It was just us girls training on Tuesday and we spent most of it chatting and discussing what we would wear to an upcoming fancy dress party. Such typical girls. 

Wednesday June 25th 

I had a lovely evening on Wednesday, I went out with a really nice guy who I kind of want to gush about on here, or to someone at least, but I know that would not be very cool haha. We went for tacos in a Mexican restaurant which in hindsight probably wasn't the best idea because there is no way to eat tacos in an attractive way haha! thankfully I didn't make too much of a mess.

Thursday June 26th 

Thursday was my mums birthday. We got a little birthday cake and had a little family tea party. We do this for all of our birthdays even if it's not a milestone, mostly for the enjoyment of my nieces and nephew who love to blow out the candles! The cake was ate before I thought to take a picture so I thought I would share a picture of the gift I got her. It really wasn't much. Just one of those candle things (what are they called?) with the night light on the bottom and yankee candle wax on top. I got her three of the mini yankee candle things to go with it. Our living room now smells lovely, everyone is a winner, haha!

I can't believe there's only 4 days left in June. It scares me how fast time flies. I wish I could pause it and make the summer last longer, September will be here before we know it!

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30 Day Snap #23 | Freaking out in a field!

24 Jun 2014

How beautiful does the sky look in this picture? This is the field directly across the road from my house. Today I felt like going for a walk because it was such a lovely day, so I decided to do a lap around this field as opposed to going down the road. Hey it's safer and it is pretty long! I put in my ear phones and walked around the edge of the whole field. I intended to do the lap a few times but on my first lap I noticed the gate at the end of the field was open and there was cows in the next field. I was terrified that they would see me and come and chase me or something so I didn't push my look by going around again. Haha major freak out moment!
I hope you all had a lovely Monday!
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30 Day Snap | Weekend Catch-up (day 20 - 22)

23 Jun 2014

I am failing a bit at the 30 day snap this time round. Taking the picture is fine but remembering to write the post is the problem....ooopsies!
Fridays snap of the day is of this yummy Martguerita pizza. Nom nom I love this one with the tomatoes. Not much happened on Friday, hence the food pic!
Saturday was a very fun day. I went to my friends house where a couple of us had a little house party. We made this ice-cream cake for two of our friends' birthdays. It was a total mess but so much fun and actually tasted pretty good. It consisted of a layer of muffins, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice-cream, and strawberry ice-cream fenced in by kit-kats and topped off with smarties and some cocktail umbrellas haha!
Sundays snap of the day is of my nieces make loom band bracelets. They are obsessed with them, particularly the older one. She was looking up YouTube videos on how to make really complicated ones that I couldn't even understand!
Yayyyyy we are all up to scratch! todays snap will be up tomorrow (if you're lucky haha) 
How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one!

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Simple Sunday

22 Jun 2014

Hey Everyone! 
I have been inspired by Jessica over at Gingerly Pale to start a new blog series. She is one of my all time favourite bloggers. She is so wonderful, if you haven't checked her out already - go do it! I really hope she doesn't mind me doing the same series as her! Michaela over at The giggles of life was also a huge influence. I love her blog and her 'Thankful Thursday' Series.
Simple Sunday will be posted every Sunday (duh) and I will talk about all of the simple things in life that have made me smile throughout the past week. 
I love this idea because it will encourage me to appreciate the small things in life.
So what have been my simple pleasures this week?

  • The Sunshine has got to be one of the best things about this week. Blue skies, shorts, ice-cream and gorgeous sunsets. What more do you need for happiness?!
  • My nephew Mark lying out on a picnic blanket in the sun with me eating sweeties. He would lie down pretending he was asleep then giggle so much when he thought he had convinced me. He has the best smile in the world. 
  • Ice Cream Sundae Party with friends. After tag rugby training me and my two friends went to Supermacs and bought 6 chocolate sundaes. It was quiet the struggle holding them all in my (brand new) car and keeping them from spilling! We  took them to our friends house where three more of our friends were. They were so happy to see the ice cream we brought them and they were quickly devoured. It really is the little things you do for people!
  • I had a gorgeous chicken and vegetable stirfry with sweet chilli sauce on Wednesday. I am such a foodie and might do a recipe or something on my blog in the future! to be honest, I'm not great at cooking...I'm just good at eating!
  • Photography Plans with one of my friends really excite me! we plan to go for a walk around the city next week during this good weather and take pictures with my big girl camera. I can't wait. Galway is absolutely stunning in the summer. I will definitely share my photos with you guys on here!
  • Considerate friends really made me smile this week. During tag rugby training on Tuesday, I almost died in the heat so I ran over to the sub line to get my friend to come on for me and she was like "ughhh are you sure?" I thought she was being lazy but turns out she didn't want me to be on the sub line with one of the guys who was there, since things are awkward between me and him (another story). It's funny. I thought she was being mean but she was actually being considerate. I though, preferred to feel awkward than pass out in the heat!
  • Getting my results has got to be the biggest cause of joy this week. I got the 2.1 I was aiming for and really am very happy and relieved. You know about this from my 30 day snap post, but how could it not go in here?!
  • My dad bringing me home a 99 ice cream cone from the shop, best surprise ever, haha!
  • Texting a new friend all day long and getting them to know them better was really nice. Making a world cup bet with them has also heightened my interest in the tournament. C'mon Italy, Argentina and Brazil! 
  • Making an ice cream cake at a house party with my friends. It was a bit of a 'throw anything in' but it actually turned out pretty decent. 
  • My friend and I singing Yellow Submarine all night Saturday because we thought it sounded like the boys football chant they were singing.

These are some things that made me smile this week! How was your week? Let me know in the comments! I look forward to doing more of these posts in the future and experiencing more simple pleasures!


30 Day Snap #19 | Untaggables!

19 Jun 2014

Hey Everyone!
I've been feeling a bit sick today which succccks big time. I went shopping in the afternoon and bought some really cute shorts from River Island and three tops from Penneys. But then when I came home I felt so bad and went for a nap for a while. I woke up at 6.15pm in a panic because our tag rugby match was on at 6.40, I had to get ready, eat something and drive there. The game had already started when I got there and it took me awhile to wake up. Clearly, I didn't score any tries today! Our team is called Untouchables, hence the title.
How was your day today? I hope it was better than mine. I can't wait for bed!


30 Day Snap #18 | Fields of Yellow

18 Jun 2014

Hey Everyone!
Hope you are all good today. Today was another absolute beaut of a day here in Ireland. It was the hottest day of the year so far. I spent it chilling out around my house but I nearly passed out around mid-day and had to go for a little siesta haha. I took these pictures of buttercups in the field right next to my house, it is full of them. Since I didn't really do anything exciting today I thought these would make a very pretty and summery snap of the day and hopefully they will cheer you up if the weather is crappy where you are.

Butter cups have got to be the prettiest weeds, would you agree?

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30 Day Snap #17 | Ice teas with friends

Hey everyone!
Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. There was highs of 27 degree. We here in Ireland definitely do not get that often so it was made the most of!  After tag rugby training (which was exhausting in this heat) me and a couple of the girls went back to one of their houses. We all had ice-cream sundaes and home made ice-tea in the garden, as you can see in my snap of the day! I never had ice tea before and I'm not sure if I'm a lover, I do want to try the lipton ones though. Do you guys like ice tea? whats the best kind? 

 We also had a little visitor in the garden. I don't really like cats but I thought many of you guys might so I took a picture for this post haha. The poor guy has no tail and is missing part of his ear! he must have been in a fight. 
Overall it was a lovely day, and as I am writing his I can feel the heat on my face and shoulders where I must have got sun burned. Ooops. 
Talk to you in tomorrows post!


30 Day Snap #16 | The Sun & a 2.1

17 Jun 2014

Hey Everyone!
Today was a big day; my final university results were out today. The results of this past year. 
I find it funny how it can all be boiled down to percentages and grades. All that hard work, endless assignments and projects, sleepless nights, challenging students, making and correcting tests, planning classes, and many tears have amounted to a 2.1. A second class honours grade one.
 I am so relieved and thankful that my hard work has paid off in the form of a decent degree.

Today was a happy day. 
I enjoyed lying out in the sun with a feeling of pride in myself and what I have achieved. I remember November 2012 very well. The deadline for applying for the hDip was December 1st and I was not even going to apply to it because I was told about how hard it was to get in to. I remember one of the talks about the course and we were told about the thousands of people who apply and how there was only 250 places. So I kind of thought "what's the point paying 80 euro to apply when I most likely won't get it'. But my parents pushed me (thankfully) and here I am today, a qualified teacher.
It just goes to show that you will never know if you don't try and nothing is impossible. 
'Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try'

30 Day Snap #15 | Happy Birthday Little Man

16 Jun 2014

Hey Everyone!
So today's snap is of my gorgeous little nephew on his second birthday!
He has been such a blessing and a really good baby since he was born. Following two older sisters it was really interesting to see how he, as a boy, is so different. He loves  toy cars and tractors, pretend cows and sheep, he loves swords and guns, he does even be glued to horse racing and football whenever he sees it on the tv.
He isn't able to talk yet, he has a few words but nothing major yet. But boy does he understand what you are saying, he nearly can tell what you are thinking never mind what you are saying!
He has made me smile and my heart melt a little so many times over the past two years. Those gorgeous big brown eyes would cheer anyone up. So why not dedicate this blog post to him.
Happy Birthday little man, thank you for brightening up the lives of your mom, dad, sisters, grand parents and your favourite auntie (me!) hehe. Love you!

P.s I thought I would include a picture of his birthday from last year which was also featured on my 2013 30-day-snap!
 Look how much he has grown in a year! he has definitely changed from a baby in to a little boy!


30 Day Snap #13 & #14 | A relaxing weekend!

15 Jun 2014

Hey Guys, so these past two days have been very quiet in my life so I decided to put them in to one post. I have been doing so much this summer, I've been having so much fun and really 'living' which is great. I'm really enjoying life at the minute. But these past two days were quite enjoyable too, just taking it easy and relaxing outdoors with my family.

On Friday, I was a bit worse for wear after my night out on Thursday so I had a very lazy day. It was a beautiful sunny day though so I got some fresh air, and took some lovely photos. Our garden is in full bloom at the moment so here is Thursdays photo of some gorgeous yellow roses.

Saturday wasn't much different. I babysat my two nieces and my little nephew while my sister and her husband went out for her birthday. It was another gorgeous evening so we spent most of it outside. Fridays photo is of my niece bouncing on the trampoline! You can see my nephew on the trampoline too, he was so funny, he walked on to it (it's level with the ground) said 'woow' and walked off straight away because his sister was bouncing him too much haha.

How was your weekend? Is the weather good where you are? Let me know in the comments!

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30 day snap #12 | Rugby Game & Toga Night

14 Jun 2014

I am so struggling with the 30 day snap, my bad!
Today (Thursday) was another beautiful sunny day and we had another tag rugby match, we have one every Thursday. I scored a try this time! YAY, I was so proud!
Here's a picture of my legs and one of the pitches before the match started. I was the first of my team to get there, that's dedication for you!
Afterwards there was a toga party in the club house where lots of people dressed in togas, me nor my friends did though. There was seven of us girls together and we had a blast. The music in the club was pretty great, ranging from titanium to ymca, all of which we sang along to.
How are you enjoying the summer (if you live in the northern hemesphere) let me know in the comments!
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30 day snap #11 | The perfect match

12 Jun 2014

Today I went shopping with my Mum and bought this top that you can see in the picture. I don't know if it's everyone's cup of tea but I really like it. It's a cropped sort of box top and eeek I think it's pretty cool. I like this style a lot. Definitely me! It's the first crop top I own and think it's a nice safe way to ween myself in to them.

I tried it on when I got home and put on some of my Rimmel 'Orange in Gold' lipstick and it made me fall in love even harder with both the top and lipstick. I really love the blue and orange together, I think they are the perfect match! don't you love when you find things that compliment each other so much!

I can't wait to wear this out tomorrow night (tonight when this is posted) I'm going to wear it with my high waisted disco pants. Even though it's cropped it doesn't show any skin with these pants unless I jump or stretch! haha.

This day last year!

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30 day snap #10 | Morning Smoothie

11 Jun 2014

This summer I've been really enjoying starting off my day with a yummy fruit smoothie. I like to drink it in the conservatory which has been lovely these past few days as the sun has been shining. It sounds very cheesy but I feel like my little time in the conservatory with just my smoothie, maybe a news paper and listening to the birds singing really helps to put me in a positive mood for the day.

My favourite recipe which is in this photo is as follows -
  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Frozen Raspberries
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • 2-3 table spoons of natural yogurt
  • 1 table spoon of sugar
  • Orange Juice (filled up to half of the volumn of the rest of the ingredients) Cranberry juice is even nicer with this berry smoothie but I didn't have any!
The rest of the 10th of June was spent pretty much doing household chores, going for a walk and then tag rugby training in the evening. Training was so much fun. There really isn't anything better than spending a lovely summers evening with 17 friends playing a really fun sport!

So, what is it you like to do to help rejuvenate yourself in the morning? Let me know in the comments!


30 Day Snap #9 | Life's a beach

9 Jun 2014

Right, time to get back on track and post on the actual day I took the picture! things got a bit thwarted there with a busy and tiring weekend.

This is a picture of my 7 year old niece doing cartwheels on the beach. I love this picture it's so full of energy and I can almost smell the fresh air when I look at it!

Nothing beats a stroll along the beach to blow away any cobwebs in your head! I was so stressed out today and this really helped.

What have you gotten up to today? let me know in the comments!
If you are doing the 30 day snap, are you enjoying it so far?

30 day snap #8 | A Chill Sunday

Hey everyone! So my Sunday was very uneventful and when in doubt post a picture of something you ate haha. I stayed at my friends house on Saturday night and he drove me in to the city centre in the afternoon. That's when I got this yummy chicken ciabatta! nom nom nom.

 My dad picked me up soon after and took me home. I've honestly barely moved off of the couch since that. Isn't it so nice to have a chilled out day where you do nothing!

What is your favourite thing to do on relaxing days? Let me know in the comments.

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30 day snap #7 | Mini Sangrias

8 Jun 2014

Hey everyone! so today's picture is of these cute little bottles of Sangrias that my friend brought home from her trip to Spain. Sangria is a mixture of Wine, 7up and chopped up fruit, it's really very yummy! I don't think anyone is going to drink these though, they are more of an ornament.
This Saturday was pretty good. My two friends and I headed over to our other friends house around 8.30 and we all headed out in to Galway. It was basically a replay of last Sunday (snap 1) but it was better because there was loads of us together, there was at least 10 or 15 of us!
It was a really fun night. How was your Saturday?

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