30 day snap #3 | change of plan!

Every Tuesday evening is tag rugby training so I got my kit on and headed in to the city to pick up my friend and go to the pitch from there, but when I was half way in she rang me saying the lads cancelled because there wasn't enough people going. We decided I'd go to hers anyway for some tea and a chat. We had a little bitching session about the guys pulling out on training, and she sent one of them a snap chat of me to make him feel guilty about my drive in haha. Turns out there wasn't any milk for tea so we took a walk down to the shop. That's when I took this picture of the cathedral. This is it from the back but it's actually very pretty and really big! It was such a yucky wet evening as you can see so we were kinda glad training was cancelled. Across the road from this Cathedral is a canal and there were loads of ducks sitting along it. I took some pictures of them too but they were a tad blurry and we were too cold to walk over and stand! (so much for 'summer') Here is a little collage of some extra pics along our walk.

How was your day? I hope it's not as wet and cold as it is here, although it was lovely all day the evening turned out very yucky!

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Meg Kernaghan said...

This is such a lovely series :)

It's kind of nice when things don't go to plan and you do something unexpected instead, your attitude to a change of plans is great :) xx

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