28 Apr 2014

Do you ever feel incredibly overwhelmed by life and everything that is happening in it? I have been feeling quiet besieged as of late. Firstly, it's coming to the end of the academic year for me. I have only two more weeks left so I have assignment deadlines coming up. Two huge deadlines that I have so much to prepare for. I feel like I have such a heavy workload that it's difficult to find any motivation. I am looking for every distraction. Hence, why I'm blogging right now. Even the fact that I have so little motivation is making me feel stressed out and really worried. Am I too lazy to succeed? On top of that, the whole idea that this is my last week in university EVER is terribly frightening. It's time to face the big bad world and who isn't afraid of that? I'm so beleaguered at the thought of having to go out and search for a teaching job. Especially considering the competition is huge here in Ireland. The prospect of moving to the UK is becoming ever more real and that scares me. I know the UK is a perfectly good place but the thought of leaving my home and my family is quiet intimidating.

Yet 5-10 years from now, where do I see myself? in fact I have a very clear idea of where I want to be. I want to have a full time teaching job and I want to have found 'the one' if there is such a thing. But yet, I am so terrified of all the struggles, challenges, pain and hurt I will have to climb through in order to get there that I am worried that I don't have the strength to be where I want to be.

Does anyone else feel this overwhelmed sometimes or am I just crazy?


Spring Fashion Wishlist

20 Apr 2014

Hey Everyone!
I hope you are all good and enjoying your Easter weekend. Easter is one of my favorite times of the year just because it really feels like winter has truly gone and summer is on its way. It's bright until 9pm now and the leaves on the trees are all budding. The weather has been so beautiful here, in Ireland in the past week or so, it has made me want to go shopping for some new, more weather appropriate clothes!
I have been browsing through many online shops the last couple of days and thought I would share some cute things I found with you guys. Jumpsuits, Prints and Funky trousers are very much in as far as I can tell!
1. Banana leaf jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins
I saw this in the store too and it looked so gorgeous on the mannequin. I would have definitely have tried it on if it was in my size. It's something different and unique I think.
2. Black daisy print belted skater skirt from New Look
I have actually tried this skirt on but it didn't fit great. The belt was a bit weird. I love this kind of skirt though and I really want something daisy print. Does anyone know any similar skirts?
3. Scratchy print cami from Miss Selfridge
From mooching around stores there was one colour that really popped out to me - lime green! it's everywhere, literally. Is this the case in your shops? I'm often curious if the same trends come in all over the world at once haha. I think this top is really cute and I love the pattern.
4. Metal plate flip lock evening bag from River Island
I really like River Island bags and I just love this one - the colours are very spring! I have a voucher for River Island and want to invest in a new bag, will this be the one?
5. Embellished tee from Miss Selfridge
I saw this tee on Tanya Burr in one of her videos and thought it looked beautiful and very sophisticated. I love this shape top.
6. Cameo rose pink sleeveless lace playsuit from New Look
I tried this on in New Look too and I loved it. The sides are slit open and there's a cami inside. I bought a different orange playsuit instead just because it was more suitable for the occasion I wanted it for. I think this one is slightly more casual but could definitely be dressed up I guess!
7. Pink hanky hem crop top from New Look
I don't have any crop tops but would like to try some out! I think this one would be a good one to start with as it's not super tight and revealing - it's flowy and pretty and would only show a bit of tummy I think!
8. Moto Gingham pinr Joni jeans from Topshop
I saw these on Suzanne from So Sue Me and they looked unbelievable - amazing. I am seriously considering buying these. How cute would they look with a bright top?
9. Kieko floral print jumpsuit from Missguided
And Finally is this floral playsuit. This is the kind of thing you would see on someone else and think wow that's amazing - but you'd never think of buying it or wearing it yourself. I think I want to try something like this and get out of my comfort zone. I'm getting a bit bored of dresses for nights out!

Well that's everything guys! What do you think of these items? What trend are you loving at the moment? Please let me know in the comments :)

OOTD | The Cutest Skirt

17 Apr 2014

Hey everyone!
I thought I would do a quick OOTD post! I've never done one before and thought it would be a bit different :) Sorry that the pictures are a tad blurry! I also forgot to show my shoes - I'm wearing simple nude heels with this outfit. I'm going to wear this on Sunday night. I'm going to a silent disco street party with the girls. I can't wait! I really love this outfit. The top is plain black, tight and off the shoulder. And the skirt, I'm in love. I was inspired by Suzanne Jackson from the blog So Sue Me. Except she is wearing the trousers version of the skirt which I personally don't think I could pull of as fabulously as her so I opted for the skirt. 
Suzanne looking stunning!
What I'm wearing -
River Island top - find here
River Island Skirt - find here 

Hope you liked this post! I might do more of them in the future, I love reading other ones so why not!
 What do you guys think of River Island? let me know in the comments :)


Whats on my nails? Breakfast in Bed

10 Apr 2014

Hey Girls!
I thought I would do a quickie blog post to share my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE nail polish at the moment with you, it's Rimmel's 60 second, Rita Ora edition 'Breakfast in bed'. Phewf that's a long title right there.
I think this is the cutest colour ever and gorgeous for Spring. It's a super pale mint and looks just like Essie's 'Mint Candle Apple' but for €5.99 (ish) it's just a fraction of the price. I'm in love!
The Rita Ora range looks really pretty but this was my favourite colour by far - I'm not hugely gone on the super bright neon options. 
I think I'm going to do a blog post about all of my favourite nail polishes for spring/summer. Every time I paint my nails I'm going to photograph it and then share them all with you on here!

What do you think of this colour, would you wear it? Do you recommend any others from the Rita Ora collection?    


Currently I am...

4 Apr 2014

I saw this post on lots of blogs recently and I thought I would join in on the fun! Sure, why not capture the moment?

Currently I am...

Reading… 'Savin' Me' by Alannah Lynne. It's a modern romance :)
Watching… 'Home and Away' as always! The River Boys are in London chasing their women...what's not to love :P
Playing… Not playing any games at the moment! ain't no one got time for that  haha. 
Trying… To get all these lesson plans done...well more so just thinking about it, I need to try harder. 
Eating… One of those chocolate mallow Easter eggs NOMMY
Drinking… Now that you say it, I think I'll have a cup of tea!
Cooking… Hahahaha me cooking, good one!
Calling… I never call people apart from my parents :P
Texting… One of my friends from uni about how we are getting on with teaching practice. 
Pinning… I don't use Pinterest...Awks.
Tweeting... About absolutely everything, my twitter is like my own little diary. Don't tweet on my blog twitter as often though but my handle is @dreamingagain_ ;)
Crafting… Wow this blog post must seriously think I'm some kind of super woman multi-tasker :O 
Doing… Just relaxing at the moment! I had a teaching practice inspection today, it went really well, so I'm super happy but annoyingly not doing anything productive because I feel like I deserve to chill because I'm such an awesome teacher and all haha. 
Going… To my friends house tomorrow night for a sleepover! with lots of chick flicks and chocolate. Eeek I can't wait. There's nothing better than girly chats in your pj's and stalking people on facebook :P
Loving… The fact that it's Friday :) 
Hating… Feeling so stressed out with all of the work I have to do for uni and school. It's so intense! 
Enjoying… How the days are getting longer, sunnier and warmer, generally :)
Thinking… Trying to think about what I am thinking of...  it's like the egg and the chicken. 
Feeling… Really happy. I had such a bad week. It started out rubbish then I got sick on Wednesday with the vomiting bug, had it all day Thursday, got a call Thursday afternoon saying I will be getting an external inspector Friday (today) morning. In my boldest and weakest class. I nearly died and literally cried to my mother. But now I'm happy because it went so well. The inspector was full of praise for me and I know that it will bring my grade up so I now think that I was lucky to be randomly selected for an extra inspection, rather than how terribly unfortunate I felt last night. 
Hoping… Just that life is good in the future and full of happiness and new beginnings for me.
Listening (to)… 'Wings' by Birdy - really love that song. 
Celebrating… Doing so well in my inspection :) It's so nice to be told that you are excellent when you put your life in to it. 
Thanking… Just trying to be thankful for all the good things. Glad that this awful week has ended on a high. Also thanking my mum in the spirit of mothers day, got here a box of chocolates and a pretty potted plant, not much but she knows I care :)
Considering… Whether or not to add photos to this blog post - I think I will. 
Finishing… This blog post - ahaha I'm so smart. 
Starting… to consider doing these blog posts on a regular basis. Just because I think its a great way to capture the moment which I can then look back on in the future. I might do this every couple of months :) 

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