30 Day Snap #30 | Knock Shrine & Summary

30 Jun 2013


Today I went to a town called Knock which happens to be a pilgrimage town so I thought I would share with you a snap of the massive church there which I think it rather pretty :)

So that's it for the 30 day snap - I'm a bit sad actually, I really enjoyed this challenge I found it a great way to start off my blogging life and it really gave me a feel for the blogosphere. I've got to know lots of you girls through this tag also which is a great bonus and I hope we all continue to blog and chat to each other, I definitely plan on it.
June was quite an uneventful month considering I spent most of it at home, but I loved it in comparison to my college and essay filled life of the previous months. Here's a collage of all my glitter snaps to summarize the month :)

Let me tell you, I cannot wait for July! I have a lot planned for it and it is definitely shaping up to be the best month of my year. I can't wait to document it here :)


30 Day Snap #29 | Ben and Jerry's

29 Jun 2013

Hands up if you agree that Ben and Jerry were the greatest men to ever live because they created this orgasmic ice-cream! (I like it a lil bit) my boyfriend and I kinda sorta ate an entire tub of cookie dough between us in the space of 30mins. Ooopsies!
Please tell me I'm not the only fatty who can down this in minutes?
Sinead x

30 Day Snap #28 | Yummy Dinner!

Snap 28 is a tad late I know, I was away for the night and had no wifi connection *world ended* but here is my snap for yesterday - my dinner, exciting I know but I had company so wasn't really thinking about taking pics of everything we did :P but oh my gosh it was so nummy, I didn't finish it though to the annoyance to my bf who wanted to bring it home for later. Haha. How was your day? 
Sinead x
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30 Day Snap #27 | New Dresses

27 Jun 2013

Ooh only 3 more days of this challenge! Can't believe I've got this far with it. I'm going to miss the routine of uploading a picture everyday, although today I'm uploading 2 but shush lets keep it between me and you ;)
I went shopping in Penneys/Primark today and I thought I should share some of the stuff I got. I got the casual stripy dress for €11 and I love it, I think it will look great with navy leggings too, I know I'm going to get lots and lots of wear out of it. 
The red one was €17 and is really pretty too in my opinion, I love the black lace across the top. 
I think this will be gorgeous to wear out to dinner or to a birthday party I'm going to next weekend :) 
What do you think of them? Do you like to wear dresses? Let me know if you would like to see a full haul!
Thanks for reading, 
Sinead x


30 Day Snap #26 | Ridin' the Wheelbarrow

26 Jun 2013


I LOVE this picture, I think it is so cute and I love how they are all smiling at the same time - surely a rare moment! These are my sisters kids Caoimhe, Sophie and Mark being wheeled around in a wheel barrow by my dad. The photo totally captures their innocence - wish I was so easily entertained, as well as their love for the outdoors and their granddad :) Cuties. 
What did you get up to today? are you taking part in the 30 day snap? Do let me know :D
Sinead x

30 Day Snap #24 | Outside My Window

24 Jun 2013


Yay only 6 more days left in the 30 day snap! Thank goodness, not gona lie this has been dragging on just a tad :P I've really enjoyed discovering new blogs through this challenge though! 
I didn't know what to snap today so I thought I would share with all my blogger friends what the view out my bedroom window is like, probably one of the most boring views imaginable, but it's nice to love in the countryside :)
What can you see out your window? Tell me, tell me!
Love, Sinéad x

30 Day Snap #23 | Guilty Pleasure

23 Jun 2013


So a bit of a confession in today's post, I enjoy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Please don't throw stones at me! Haha. I just love to see all the crazy things they do! I am now on season 3 :)
What's your guilty pleasure? Do let me know!
Sinead x

30 Day Snap #22 | The Latin Quarter

                         Hey Guys!
Today was great! My boyfriend and I went to see The Hangover Part III which I thought was hilarious, loved it! Then we went into town for a few drinks. Here's a picture of Quay street in The Latin Quarter of Galway City. It's the street that has all the best pubs and restaurants and is usually buzzing every night, especially at the weekend! 
How was your day?
Thanks for reading,
Sinead x

30 Day Snap #18 | University Success = Wine Time

18 Jun 2013

I got my final results today! I am going to graduate with a second class honors grade 1 degree, which I am so super happy with. It was what I was striving for, and what most employers/universities look for! so it means the last three years were not a waste of time, and that I have been successful! I am delighted all my hard work has paid off and we celebrated in the old fashioned way as the picture illustrates. I promise you, I am not an alcoholic, haha! and I drank responsibly of course :) 
What have you got up to today?

Thanks for reading, 
Sinead x 

Cara Delevigne | Get the Look

I LOVE Cara Delevigne not only for her amazing fashion sense, but for her gorgeous looks, sense of humour and down-to-earth nature. Her style is so simple, sporty, classy, and slightly boyish but yet incredibly sexy. Love it! I would KILL for her wardrobe. 
Since I am always trying to imitate her style I thought I would take three of her outfits and look for similar pieces available on various clothing stores on the world wide web :) I noticed how incredibly easy and relatively inexpensive it is to recreate her look. 
Here is what I found :)



Squeeze this t-shirt - Truffle Shuffle Slouchy trousers - Topshop Red suede shoes - Office Studded Clutch - New Look

Trendy Biker

 Khaki duffle coat - Polyvore  Leather Pants - ASOS Combat boots - White Blouse - Topshop

Sporty & Cool

Denim Shorts - Newlook White tee - Boohoo Runners - Nike Red beanie - American Apparel

I absolutely love all of these outfits and I am so tempted to buy them all! haha, if only. 
Do you like Cara Delevigne's style? Which celebrity style are you inspired by? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading,
Sinead x

30 Day Snap #16 | For Dad

16 Jun 2013

This post will be dedicated to my dad in the spirit of fathers day.
This is the card I got him today. It is him to a tee. He spends most days outside either making or fixing something and then likes a nice cup of tea and a biscuit in the evening :) He is the best! this year he thought me how to drive, payed for my official lessons, and he pays my insurance. He never wants to see me without anything. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, done with me, or thought me how to do, I love you and will forever be your little girl.
Sinead x


30 Day Snap #15 | Tweet Tweet

A bit late I know! But hey if Louise herself can be late then surely I can too :)
This is a picture of my nieces little canary called Prince Charming. Amazing name choice I know! The little bird looked so happy tweeting away that I had to take a picture, if you look closely you can see his mouth was open as I snapped him mid-tweet. Hehe. Do you have any pet birds? Would you like one? Let me know in the comments!

Sinead x

Ps. My snap #16 will be up be up later today :)


Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas

14 Jun 2013

Since Fathers Day is just around the corner I started looking online for interesting things to make or buy my dad (yes I'm a bit last minute) Turns out I found some really cool things which I thought were brilliant, so I decided to share them with you all!

1. Yankee Candle 'Mmm Bacon!' This made me laugh so much when I saw it, I think its hilarious and I'm really intrigued! I want to see if it actually smells like bacon. Hehe.

2. Custom Made Picture I thought this was such an adorable idea! so simple and cheap but yet something any father would love from his kids! It would be gorgeous framed.

3. Birchbox I never knew they did male versions of this, but they look pretty cool. You could subscribe him for 12 months or just buy him one! Perfect for the man who likes to take care of himself.

4. Personalized Sweets I love this idea too! very simple yet thoughtful.

5. Doughnut Cup I just thought this was so cute. Perfect for Homer Simpson eh?

6. Blender Charger When you use this blender you can plug in your phone and it charges it! amazed. I want this myself. Perfect for the foodie/techy father.

So they were the slightly interesting things I found on my browse :) What do you think of them? Is there any of these you think your dad would like?

Thankies for Reading,
Sinead x

30 Day Snap #14 | Mums Buns

My mum is always baking, whether it be buns, apple tarts or bread. Here are some buns she made for my cousins who came to visit. Everyone LOVES them, apparently they're the best buns ever and I will admit they are quite yummy :)
Do you or someone in your family like to bake? Let me know in the comments! Also let me know if you are taking part in Sprinkle of Glitter's 30 day snap challenge, I love to see peoples glitter snaps :)

Thanks for reading,
Sinead x


6 things in my bedroom

I saw this tag going around and thought it was a really cool idea (mostly because I'm super duper nosy) I thought it was cute and said 'hey, why don't I do that' so I'm doing it. Hehe. Here are some completely random things to be found in my bedroom -

1. Jewelry Stand: I love this. I think it's super cute and unusual. I got it years ago in a Christmas hamper from my cousin. I find it really handy for holding bracelets as it's quite small!

2. Peppa Pig: This is kind of a private joke between me and my boyfriend. He got me this teddy for our 6 month anniversary almost 3 years ago (it came with a little book too) I gave him George from 'Peppa Pig', so we have matching boy-girl teddies in our rooms, yes, I know you're all being sick in your mouth now haha. Also the silver bracelet around its neck was part of the corsage he gave me on our debs/prom. 

3. Tigger Cross-stitch: I have this hanging in my room on the side of my closet. I made this as part of my Home Economics class for Junior Cert when I was in my second year of secondary school, so I was only 13/14. It's a nice little memory to keep :)

4. Kazuo Ishiguro 'Never Let Me Go': I read this book before Christmas for college and I loved it. It is quite heavy and intense and some what depressing but I find it amazing. Would highly recommend it if you're into the more 'intelectual' read. Otherwise, you should watch the movie adaption starring Keira Knightly! It's on my bedside table because I am reading it again :)

5. Little Lantern: This has been in my room for as long as I can remember, my sister had it here when I shared a room with her. I beleive it was a gift to her from our granny (who passed away when I was 3) I think it's really cute and sweet.

6. Sister Frame: I have a few photos in my room but I thought I'd share this one as I love the slogan as it is so true.

Now it's your turn, yes YOU! I want to see a couple of things in your room, so I tag everyone who reads this :) Oh and if you do this please leave a link to your post in the comments just in case I miss it! Yay! 

Thanks for reading,
Sinead x

30 Day Snap #13 | Getting in Order

13 Jun 2013

Today I took out all the clothes I plan to take with me to Salou. I really don't want to over pack and just want to take what I need. Also, I didn't want to go spending money on more summer clothes that I would never get to wear if I didn't necessarily need them. I think I have almost everything now, but I would like another 1 or 2 pairs of shorts and a few tops because I feel like all of my outfits are one pieces. Aaaahh it's so stressful! do you have any advice on essentials for sun holidays? Please let me know! Also if you are taking part in Sprinkle of Glitter's 30 day snap please leave your snap in the comments :)

Sinead x


30 Day Snap #11 | Irish Dancing

11 Jun 2013

To be honest, I don't think this picture needs any explaining!
What did you get up to today? Let me know in the comments.

Sinead x


Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum | Review

I'm not really one for fragrances, I find many over powering and sickly, however, this Jimmy Choo creation is an exception as it is one of the few perfumes I actually like. 
When I first sampled this in the store I didn't like it, I found it overly fruity and obnoxious. As time passed though, I kept smelling my wrist and noticed how amazing it had developed on my skin, it had left a wonderfully rich afterglow
It smells of sweet toffee and Indonesian Patchoili which I would describe as a sweet-spicy smell. It is very clean, fresh and natural, like you just got out of the bath tub. In my opinion it is neither a childish scent, nor an 'old lady' scent, it has the perfect balance and hence is a very classy smell. 
I find that this perfume lasts throughout the day on me, which is great. Also, if you spray it on clothes it can last for ages. 
I always get so many compliments whenever I wear this perfume, so many people have told me I smelled great, which I have never really experienced before (maybe I usually stink) but that definitely shows that it is not just me who loves this perfume, it is appealing to most people, both men and women.
The only downside to this perfume is it's price, as Jimmy Choo is seen as a luxury brand. A 2oz bottle costs 60.59euro. However because I love this perfume so much I would almost say it is worth it. Or at least definitely worth looking into if you are considering investing in a new signature scent. 

Thanks for reading,
Sinead x


30 Day Snap #9 | Curry Crave

9 Jun 2013

I was a bit sick today but I don't deserve your pity because it was self inflicted haha.
Whenever I feel under the weather there is always something I crave, something I MUST have, something I strongly believe will make me feel good again and it is usually something incredible unhealthy. Today,  I wanted a great big spicy curry so I threw whatever ingredients I had in my house into a pan. This consisted of pork, onions and mushrooms and man was it yummy. I wasn't wrong...I feel a whole lot better now! win!
Do you ever crave a certain food when you feel poorly or am I the only one?
Are you taking part in Sprinkle of Glitter's 30 day snap challenge?
Sinead xxx

Under the Galway Sun

Yesterday was glorious as I hinted at in my snap post my boyfriend Denis, friend James and I decided Nikki Minaj was one wise lady so we upped and went to the beach 'each.

We were more excited than kids to get to ride the double decker bus, but nearly died of heat exhaustion with all those windows!

When we arrived at the beach, the water was clear and beautiful, and incredibly calm.
We can't say the same about the shore, that was thronged with people making the most of the very rare Irish sun.


We eventually found a spot, James got his wetsuit on, Denis got his shorts on, and I dressed down to my bikini and we all splashed into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean. We stayed in the water for an hour, goofing around and playing 'piggy in the middle'. Totally acceptable for people in their early 20's ;)

We then chilled out on the riverside with an alcoholic beverage, or two.

We had many passerby's as you can see!

We then took a walk to the claddagh and lay by the river (further upstream)James had a cigar while I cuddled with Denis as the sun began to set (aww) and i admired how the salt water had made my hair all 'beachy'

The day ended with a big greasy kebab which I was far too busy devouring to take a picture of.

And that was my fun, sunny, and amazing Saturday. What do yo do to make the most of the sunshine?
Sinead xox

30 Day Snap #8 | swimming in the ocean

Today was amazing. I went to the beach with my boyfriend Denis and my friend James, where we had a good splash in the water. I was just a tad hesitant about going out too far because a) the water was freezing b) I don't like the taste of salt water and c) I didn't want to drown haha. Nonetheless my boyfriend decided to carry me out and pull me underwater with him...euugh I hate him haha! Later, I was happily chilling on my boyfriends shoulders when James decided to push me causing me to fall head first deep under the icky water. I can still feel that yucky stuff up my nose, aaaahhh. Apart from nearly being drowned several times, today was epic :)
This is a picture of James all excited in his wet suit.
Sinead xxx
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