Ways to show your love

8 Feb 2017

In my last post I talked about the importance of appreciating and celebrating love and I encouraged you all to do just that this month. I also spurred you on to put in a little extra effort into showing your loved ones your feelings this month. So in this post I thought I would share some simple ways to show your love without having to make too grand of a gesture. Remember, I'm not focusing solely on romantic love, I'm thinking about all kinds off love!

Engage in activities they like

Even if you absolutely hate the activities. Be selfless and think about their enjoyment. Some personal examples of this for me would be going to watch soccer games with my boyfiend. I find watching paint dry more exciting but he is a Man U super fan and when he wants to go to the pub to watch a match I oblige because I know how happy it makes him, and that makes me happy. Another example is going to Bingo with my mother, I find this even more of a snooze fest than soccer but when my auntie can't go with her, I provide her the company because I know how much she enjoys it.

Be present with them

I don't know about you but I am terrible for being in another world when I am with people, that world usually being Instagram! So I am trying really hard to put my phone down, or not bring it with me when I'm going to visit my sister and her family. I want to be there to play with my nieces and nephew, to talk to, and to listen, properly listen.

Surprise them

Most people love surprises, so why not do something nice for them? This can be anything from cooking them their favourite food. Buying them something thoughtful or even just bringing home their favourite magazine from the shop. It's the little things that really show people you love them. 

Do chores for them

Every now and again, do things for them that they hate doing. Sometimes when I'm at my boyfriends house I clean the kitchen because it isn't his favourite job, also because I can't bear to see it get any grosser sometimes ha! Help your mum with the ironing, or cut the grass for your dad. Just doing little things when you can shows them you care.

Be generous with compliments

It is so easy to get in to a habit of complaining about irritating things your loved ones do or point out their flaws every now and again. We often forget to give them compliments, presuming they already know. Well, they don't! Tell your friend  just how much you love their new haircut, thank your mum for being so caring and tell your boyfriend how proud of him you are. 

So they are just 5 simple ways to show your love. 5 things I am definitely trying to do more. There are of course a million other ways to show your love and I would love to hear your favourite ways in the comments section below. Sending love to you!

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Celebrate Love in February

5 Feb 2017

Happy February everyone! So it is officially the month of 'love', when the card company's make a mint and we either feel the pressure to show our significant other how much we love them or feel kinda shitty for being single for the 3rd Valentines day in a row. There are definitely a lot of negatives to this time of year if you let it affect you but at the same time, I can't help but love it. 

In today's world there is so much hate. You can't turn on the news or even open Facebook without hearing about the hate one human has committed to another in some form. Whether it be war, abuse, or neglect, hate gets so much air time. 

So why not take this one month of the year to focus on love? I'm not talking solely about love for a partner, which V-day seems to focus on. That is only one kind of love. There are SO many kinds of loves to be celebrated. 

This month I challenge you to look out for love everyday. 

When you're walking down the street look at the way a mother protectively holds their child's hand as they cross the road.
Watch the way a grown man helps his elderly mother do her grocery shopping.
Notice the teenage girls in hysterics laughing with each other over silly things.
See the way lovers link their arms.
Watch how the guys order their 'too drunk friend' a taxi home on a night out.
In the park, notice the way the man embraces his Labrador when he brings him back the stick.

Look at it, take it in and let it fill you with faith in humanity.

Love is everywhere. It so often goes ignored. Rarely making the news or given much attention, love is seen as the mundane. 

I think otherwise though. To me, love is far from mundane. Love is the least mundane of all emotions. Love is like a raging fire in your heart that sets your soul alight. To me, love is what makes life worth living. Without it, their would be little meaning. Love is the only thing that has the power to fix all pain and all hate. 

So whatever you think about Valentine's day, try to celebrate love this month. Look for it around you and appreciate its beauty. Think about the people in your life you love and put a little extra effort into showing them, because as a wise man named John Lennon once said...
 "Love, love, love. All you need is love. Love is all you need"
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I don't want to turn 24

31 Jan 2017

So the thing is it's my birthday Thursday February 2nd. I am turning 24 years old and this is the first birthday in my life that I kind of don't want to happen. 

Every other age, I was excited to turn. Of course, as it is for most people when they're young, every new age as a kid was very welcomed and I felt more and more grown up as the numbers increased. Above any age I remember, I was SO excited to turn 16. Partly because I was kind of addicted to 'My Super Sweet 16' at the time and it just seemed like the coolest age, I was a proper teenager then. 

Since then I have been more or less welcoming of every age I turned, they were all cool and still young, none of them really worried me. But this year is different because now I am suddenly entering my mid-twenties and that freaks me out SO F*CKING much. 

I look at famous and the most beautiful people like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid and they are mostly all younger than me. This kind of makes me feel like I have passed my prime, that it's all down hill from here. 

Also, I feel a terrible sense of fear that I am not where I should be at this age. Seriously, I keep thinking that I should be engaged, have an amazing career and living in my own place by now. But I have none of those things... I am still living with my parents! Time is going by so fast and I fear I am going to be 30 and still where I am today. I feel so much pressure. Like I got to hurry on and figure my life out. It's pretty darn scary. 

Honestly, these pressures have been playing on my mind this week so much and I've been wishing I was 18 again so I could kind of 'start over' and get to where I 'should' be at 24. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves because of a number? I'm trying to convince myself that it doesn't matter what age I am, I can still achieve everything I want to. I'm reminding myself that 24 is still young, I have time, time I plan to use more wisely going forward because as I get older I realise how quickly it flies by.

Have you ever felt this way on your birthday? Also, all the 'you're still young!' comments in the world would be very welcomed and reassuring, haha!

Sinéad x
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January Favourites

28 Jan 2017

Hey everyone! Can you believe we have come to the end of the first month of 2017? Christmas only feels like yesterday. This month I have been loving so many things. I had Christmas presents and vouchers to buy things with so I had no shortage of favourites to choose from! I have been enjoying so many new things this month and I'm dying to share with you all, so let's get crackin'

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

I'm not a massive fake tan user but when I seen a Cocoa Brown gift set on sale for just €10 in my local pharmacy I couldn't let it pass. I thought it would definitely come in handy at some stage when I'm feeling a little pasty. I started applying this body moisturiser/gradual tanner after my shower in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised! These is super light and moisturising, soaks in quickly, smells lovely and develops a lovely natural glow. After just my first day using it the 'blue' (don't laugh, I'm Irish!) out of my skin was gone and I had a lovely natural streak free glow. It's just so fab. Easy to use and mess free! Now I can look sun-kissed with minimum effort, yay!

Make-Up Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eye Shadow Palette

I got this palette as part of a Christmas pressie from my cousins and I was super chuffed with it! I've never tried this brand before but was often curious about it. This palette has such a great range of colours from browns to burgundies, all so wearable. This are pretty inexpensive but for the price they have great pigmentation and staying power, especially if using a primer. Would totally recommend if you're on the look out for a good all-round budget palette.  

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion

Oh god, I didn't realise how much of a difference eye shadow primers could make until I bought this little beauty (just look at the packaging!) This has been around a long time and is a best-seller so I'm sure most of you know how great it is! I could never justify spending €21 on something that you can't really see but man was I wrong, this makes all my eye shadows look and last so much better. Plus it will last ages so it's definitely worth it I reckon. 

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Another little gem that's been around for a long time and that so many people seem to be a fan of is Estée Lauders Double Wear Foundation. I had heard so many great things about this foundations coverage and longevity so when I had a Debenhams voucher it was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. I haven't used this all that much yet as I prefer a lighter foundation for every day and I am saving this for nights out and special occasions. But from what I have used of it, I love it! It literally makes you look airbrushed and flawless. It's so great to have this to whip out when I'm really feeling I need the extra coverage or I want glam myself right up for a night out.

Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

I have been using this body scrub in the shower all month and I am loving it. I have really dry skin on my legs which are so sensitive and get cut really easily (tmi soz!) but since I started using this they have improved so much. I think it's scrubbing off all that pesky dry skin and revealing some nice smooth pins! Happy days!

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum

Ohhh god, probably my most favourite favourite of the month, I am IN LOVE with this scent. I received this for Christmas in a set with a body lotion. I've been wearing it all month and have been feeling like such a girl boss with it. I'm terrible at describing smells but to me this is kind of floral. very sophisticated and womanly (not girly) I've gotten so many compliments from people saying I smell nice so I think that says it all!

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadow 

So I bought this little cream eye shadow on a total whim as I was looking for something sparkly to spice up my work Christmas party make-up look. I've never heard of these before or anything but I really love this. I got the shade 'crystal' which is a white shimmer. It's perfect for the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them up and add a little sparkle. The creamy formation means they're easily applied and blended with your finger. I've been popping this on so much this month, no matter what eye shadow I have on this always gives it a little something extra!

I would love to hear in the comments what you have discovered and have been loving throughout January. Is there something I should check out in February? Also, let me know if you have tried any of these products too and what your experiences with them have been. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! I'll be chattin' to ye real soon!

Sinéad x

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Being Lonely Together

19 Jan 2017

Loneliness is a peculiar emotion. It can creep in at anytime. It doesn't matter if you have been feeling fine 10 minutes ago or that you are surrounded by people and definitely not alone. 

It's an emotion I have experienced a lot of in the past. When I reflect on my days in university the most prominent feeling I remember is loneliness. But there was a reason for it, I was terribly isolated, spending most of my days alone and God I am so happy my life has moved on from there.

Since then, the feeling has definitely lessened. Nowadays, I rarely feel lonely. I'm constantly surrounded by people in work and there is nearly always someone to talk to there. At home, I have my mum, dad and my brother, plus my nieces and nephew who add a lot of welcomed noise and company to my life when they come 'round. 

But these last couple of days, I have been feeling incredibly lonely again, but this time I don't know why. I feel alone in my body, like I wish someone could come inside my head and hug me from the inside. That sounds very weird, but y'know what I'm saying? Like, no ones company is enough, no one can connect with me enough, no one can truly see things from my point of view or feel what I can feel. Like no one is else is me, or in my shoes and no one ever will be. 
What is perhaps worse than the loneliness is not understanding the reason for it. I have no reason to feel this way. I have a great mum who is always full of chat, I am surrounded by people and friends every day, and I have my boyfriend who is my 'person' who is always there for me. So why do I feel this emptiness inside?

I cannot work it out, but I am trying to take comfort in the fact that this is just a feeling, probably caused by chemicals in my body - there doesn't need to be a reason for it. Also there's a quote from a movie that I find so helpful whenever I feel this way. It's from 'P.S I Love You' and it goes a little something like this...
"The thing to remember is if we're all alone, then we're all together in that too"
I love this quote because it reminds me that I'm never truly alone. There are 7 billion people in the world, out there living their lives. Each and every one of them has most likely felt lonely at some point. People are feeling the way I feel right now, and I take comfort in that fact. The knowledge of that is like that hug from the inside that I need. 

So whenever you feel lonely and isolated and like you don't have anyone who can ever truly know what it feels like to be you. Just remember that sometimes, I feel like that too. And we are together in that. 

Sinéad x
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My Week in Square Photos | Jan 09-15

16 Jan 2017

Week 2 of 2017 is done and dusted. It was a slow easy going one for me, as I was off work all week. I didn't do anything too exciting but it was nice to just take things at my own pace, and have a little freedom. Days off call for breakfast in bed, so the above picture was a regular scene this week. I ate this in my lovely warm bed while the snow fell outside, so much better than having to face out in to the freezing cold when it's still dark! I am so going to miss these days off next week!
I was totally in love with this new shirt I got in Dorothy Perkins so I uploaded not 1, but 2 selfies of it! #noshame. I haven't worn shirts in an age though so I felt kinda sophisticated hehe. They all seem to be so long but this one is the perfect length, I love it! 

I was also trying out my new foundation this week, the Estee Lauder Double-wear. I heard such great things about it and it really is pretty great, flawless and so long lasting!
One of the great things about being off work is having more time to plan my outfits and even take a flat-lay of it haha. Really trying to up my Instagram game as you can see. I don't usually wear pink but I'm obsessed with this knit, from Dorothy Perkins (that shop is killin' it for me!) once again.

Another selfie, what is going on?! I guess that new foundation made me a whole lot more confident haha. This is me all wrapped up for the first snow day of the season, when I say snow day - it didn't even whiten the ground, but was baltic. Those layers were so necessary.
Friday evening prep for a fun weekend. This Make-Up Revolution palette is my absolute go-to because it has all the colours I would ever need! You can't get in the mood for the weekend without a little bit of highlight for #datglow and pumping out some LittleMix. Anyone else love those girls?

A little selection of some books I want to read. Well, I have just finished 'The Sky is Everywhere'  (review coming soon!) and I have read 'The Fault in Our Stars' when I got it first but the rest are on my to-read list! Have you read any of these?
On Saturday, the boyfriend and I went on a little road trip into the 'wild west' haha. Seriously though, I love taking a trip in to Connemara, I didn't get any pictures to do it justice as I was being in the moment. But it is stunning, with tall mountains looming over gorgeous lakes. Nothing but rushes and stone walls. We went for miles without seeing a house, it was the perfect escape.

On our way home we stopped off in one of the towns along the coast in Connemara called Spiddal. We went in to a hotel for dinner and I got the most delicious teriyaki salmon with vegetable noodle stir-fry. If I could have this every day I totally would.

So there we have it, my week through my Instagram photos. I am officially addicted to Instagram guys, there are so many accounts I adore (which I should do a post about!) and I honestly don't know how they do it. I'm so bad at establishing a theme, but whatever, I still love it! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever it is you're up to! Catch you back here on Thursday for a new post.

Sinéad x
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